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Emmie’s First Weekend Catch Up! (1/29)

I thought I would check in with a catch up/recap of Emmie’s first weekend apart from her birth story!

I have her birth story coming, but I decided that rather than making it a week long affair covering my recovery as well, that I would just section out the experience.

The first part of Emmie’s Birth Story is here at her 40 week Friday Catch up!

Since I wrote that post, here is what we have been up to!

1) We ended up getting out of the hospital WAY later than we had planned on due to a snafu with my Remicade infusion. Apparently, something was wrong with the valve of the IV, so only about 30-40% of my medication infused (thank you to the nurses for double checking!), so we had to redo the infusion that afternoon/evening, keeping me at the hospital until 6:30. But then we were on our way home, looking very parental official.

Again, thank you so much to the entire Prentice staff. You all are AMAZING.

We got home and had some leftovers from my parent’s dinner from Basil (so you know it was good), some wine that my dad had gotten (RED WINE YAAAASSS) and then my in laws arrived a little bit later to meet Emmie and have a champagne toast with the good stuff 😀

And we got to use our wedding flutes!

I was crashing, though, so after her last feeding, we went to bed.

And that is where the fun started.

2) Poor Ridley. She loves this baby, and is absolutly NOT frightened of her. But she thinks that Emmie is her puppy… and after several nights away from Alex and me, the introduction of this new member, and then all the grandparents? Her brain short circuited. And she whined and wimpered and cried all night long. Which kept Alex awake, then I was awake feeding little one, then we all moved out to the couch, and I was sweating every time that I fell asleep (I took 2 showers). 

I want to make it VERY clear that not once did Ridley seem aggressive or belligerent towards Emmie, otherwise it would have been a very different situation. I think her brain just couldn’t figure all of this out. She just couldn’t stop sniffing her and wanting to be close to her.

3) Our first day home was a mix of survival and feeling like real people. I felt ok, but I had done nothing but sweat… and my milk came in super fast and my breasts got ENGORGED. I now understand what having implants from the 70s felt like. OW. And Emmie was like MOM FEED ME and I was like, um I have knots in there. Mom helped me at least get things working to an extent, but I was still not doing so well. I chose to lay low and napped and talked to the nurses at Prentice for advice, and finally got some relief later, but it took time and some major doing.

We also called the vets to get some help for Ridley. Which turned out not to do enough (she had another very rough night even though she did better during the day), and we called Alex’s SIL (who is a dog trainer) on Saturday for advice. 

Our night finished out with with yummy picked up dinner from a nearby place + champagne + Belgian Chocolates that my dad picked up. With my parents leaving early the next morning we said goodbye to them, then I fed Emmie and we hoped for the best with the dog. Which didn’t happend, but I had an ok night even with a 2 hour cluster feeding extravaganza with Emmie. 

4) Saturday I woke up feeling like a real person for the first time! I had actual breakfast, fed Em, we got organized, and then it was time for us to go to our first Pediatrician appointment!

It was gorgeous outside, and after nearly a week of being inside, the fresh air felt amazing, plus I was so happy with our little family. Also, the BOB stroller is AMAZING. AMAZING I tell you!

We took our time walking (my body was like WTF are you doing), and then arrived right on time. Emmie got an A++ on everything, and I loved the doctor we met with! We decided to walk home (we had enough time before the Duke UVA game) and then had lunch (thank you in laws!) at home from Potbelly’s before I let them freak out over the game while I talked with my brother and then responded to some emails and worked on this post with Emmie and the cat 😀

PS, we just won the game and as Alex and my MIL were yelling, Emmie stretched up like YAAAAAAAAY. Total coincindence, but YAAAAAYYYYYYY

5) Sunday was a bit of an adventure. After being awake and HANGRY for 4 hours straight (Alex and I kind of took shifts of it), Emmie finally fell asleep in my arms at 3 AM ish. I somehow got a pretty decent block of sleep and woke up needing to get my #momlife on. So I made coffee, ate, and then made muffins (we had some bananas that needed using) plus tried to clean up a little bit. I also called my mom and talked to her for a long time about my concerns for Ridley and just other things going on.

Then I ate another breakfast courtesy of my FIL. Why not?

I miiiiight have had breakfast thrice thanks to Frances’ Deli. Worth it.

The rest of the day included some personal rest and later a walk with Ridley (just her and I), a visit from Landon, and a heaping helping of my slow cooker chicken marinara!

Oh, and a poo-splosion, but a minor one on the poosplosion scale, as I am led to believe, and somehow Alex caught it with a puppy pad lol. #itsgood #reflexes

Reeeeeally hoping for a better night for all!

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Probably far too much info, but you know me 😀 More updates to come!

Do you all want to know about things that I’ve found helpful with regards to post pardum or whatever care? Or what I think of certain products, like Rob the BOB? What type of updates? Just general ridiculousness? I plan on talking about whatever I feel like, but if there are things that people are just going to find boring, I won’t bother putting them up here. 😀

Mommy’s out there–how did your animals do when you brought home baby?

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