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Emmie’s First Virginia Christmas (11 Months + Catch Up 1/4)

We celebrated Emmie’s first Virginia Christmas and her first ever New Year’s Eve/Day back to back in the past week! Let me tell you about it, and some other MAJOR news!

Did you read my recap of Emmie’s first Christmas?

Catch Up 1/4

Last week we had first Christmas, and Saturday, we packed up the kiddo and all of our stuff and headed to DC for Emmie’s first Lemmer Family Christmas!

1). Let’s get all of the travel covered first. Both mornings (leaving and coming back), Alex and I managed to get in run/gym time before we headed to the airport. It was freezing and gross when we left Chicago, and I was happy for the two days that we ran in DC to be quite balmy and mild, with a day of rain in between.

Unfortunately, our airport time on Saturday was a bit bumpy on both ends. Emmie was great, but we had to stand in line for at least 45 minutes in order to get her lap child pass (um, Southwest, you need more people working the desks!), and then Alex had to rush to get food before we got on the plane. Luckily, it worked out, but you know the stress of it. Meanwhile, Emmie was entertaining everyone at the gate as she toddled around holding my hand on one side and her unicorn on the other and giggling like crazy.

She was good on the plane, but a bit high maintenance because, as became more of a problem on the way back, she doesn’t like to fall asleep in my arms anymore. She will snuggle, but only for a half minute or so, and then she pushes away. Thank goodness Alex and I were both there. I’m already scare of two at once in regular life, much less on a plane!

Then we got to DC, and it was like, “Ok, fine, small terminal, shouldn’t take long to get the bags, right?” WRONG. It took 30 minutes for the bags to make it a tenth of a mile and to one of the two carousels. Then ours didn’t come out for a while, and then the carseat took even longer. Emmie had held it together until then, and then she started to break. Then there is the joy of getting picked up on a semi holiday weekend. Emmie was melting down because I kept taking out her paci while we were in the car (so that she wouldn’t fall asleep and not nap once we got there). Ultimately, we got there, she got her nap, etc, but I felt so badly for her because she was so tuckered.

On the way back, we were pretty early to the airport (Alex was nervous that it would be packed like the other time), so Emmie didn’t have a chance for a nap, and was also being a bit finicky about eating. So it was another all-hands-on-deck experience of entertaining her and trying to keep her busy. Pretty much the same story on the plane, but no big problems. She finally fell asleep while sitting in the stroller at baggage claim, but she couldn’t really relax into it (the smaller stroller), and instead got some 15 minute micro naps.

We spent the rest of that night (upon getting home), feeding the kid, cleaning up/getting organized, putting stuff away, doing laundry, getting the baby down for a brief nap that actually revolutionized her mood, getting groceries and dinner and then watching TV for just a bit on the couch (thanks to Alex’s brother and SIL, we are now hooked on Schitt’s Creek).

2) The first full day in DC, we celebrated Christmas! Alex and I got up for a run (I rarely run back to back days, but it was supposed to rain on Monday), while Alex’s SIL watched Emmie. A great way to start the day! Then we got Emmie in her Xmas outfit and everyone got together to start opening presents.

We were all super spoiled by excellent gifts (Alter Eco Chocolate! City Hippie Granola of the Month Club! Macys and Victoria’s Secret gift cards!! for me;

Emmie got an adorable penguin, a hide and seek elephant, and some fantastic new clothes!).

Christmas with the Lemmer crew is always a treat, both because of the gifts and also getting to have the family together, as well as Alex’s aunt (who was there during our June trip). I always think back to Alex’s nephew being just 6 months old during Christmas 4 years ago, and now he is helping distribute gifts. Pretty soon, that will be Emmie! :O

no idea why this image is doing this…

Later on, we took a nice walk with Alex’s dad and looked at the houses in the neighborhood and then enjoyed a great salmon dinner and sweet treats. We finished off the night watching Birdbox (I liked it more than I expected, but I found a few parts especially hard to watch as a mom).

The next day was rainy and gross, but we managed a walk beforehand, and Emmie managed a hunger meltdown, lol. Once that situation was taken care of, we were good, and a number of solid naps (making up for not enough naps the day before) made for a kiddo with tons of energy doing laps around the house! She slept like a rock that night (New Year’s Eve) while we got hooked on Schitt’s Creek thanks to Alex’s bro and SIL.

Add it to your Netflix queue. LIKE NOW. It is deftly written absurdity. I’m a hard sell on comedy shows, and I LOVE it.

And that is about it for our trip! We will see Alex’s parents again in 3 weeks for EMMIE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY #omg


I have stopped breastfeeding. HOLY COW (lol somewhat ironic). On Wednesday, Emmie was able to get herself back to sleep in the morning, so when she woke up for the day, I didn’t think she needed to nurse. Pluse, I don’t think she gets much out, anyway.

So, we skipped it. Another stumbling into a weaning moment.

We tried pea milk with Emmie while we were in DC because I couldn’t pump enough to have milk for her and didn’t want to deal with taking frozen meal on the plane. We tried Bolthouse out there, and I quite enjoyed the taste, though it was a little thicker (more to a lowfat milk consistency). Emmie drank it, but she wasn’t 1000% into it. The days before we left, she was guzzling pumped milk, and then she didn’t while we were gone, so I think it was the taste (less sugary than breastmilk) or the consistency.

I picked up some Ripple back here in Chicago, and I have to say, on first pass, I personally don’t enjoy it (at least the unsweetened original). It is much more pea-protein tasting than the Bolthouse. Emmie seems a little unsure of it as well, but Bolthouse isn’t available here, and pea milk seems to be the best option for her!

4) Bad Bus Karma has been the story of the past week. Last Wednesday, I missed the first bus by seconds (and couldn’t catch up to it), and then the next bus was 15 min away (because of the holidays) and thenn was late. So I missed Strides that day. This Wednesday, I got there a few minutes before the bus, got right on…. and then one stop later, the bus stopped working. So we waited for the next bus (about 10 minutes behind that bus), and finally got on our merry way… and then got rerouted because of construction. Ultimately, we were about 15 minutes late, but I didn’t have to cancel because….

5) I upgraded to the Unlimited Fit4Mom pass! That means I wasn’t “wasting” a session of my class pack by not getting all of it. It was so nice, because I could still get a workout in, even if it was shorter.

I really want to put more effort into staying fit and healthy, but I don’t think it makes financial sense for us to pay for Fit4Mom as well as the gym. Furthermore, Fit4Mom is benefically physically and socially for both Emmie and myself. Even better, when we start to do the next round of IVF retrieval, I can still get a lot out of Fit4Mom because you can walk and I can just modify with low impact and non-twisty options.

And retrieval might be even in action by the end of February/start of March with Emmie stopping nursing!

What is up this weekend?

Tomorrow, Emmie is having her first swim class! She and Alex are going to be joining Justin and Ryan in their Saturday morning class thanks to my parents! Obviously, I will take a million pictures 😀 and of course she has an unicorn suit, but for this week, she might be wearing a different one for sizing and delivery reasons.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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