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Emmie’s First Christmas (11 Months + Catch Up 12/28)


Merry Everything to everyone and Merry First Christmas to our favorite present! We had a lovely first Christmas, even though Alex had to work. I’ll fill you in with the Catch Up!

Did you read the last Catch Up?

Friday Catch Up 12/28

1). Weekend Catch Up

Friday we went for our run and then to Stroller Strides, which was a great class (as always) followed by a fun holiday craft–Emmie made a handprint ornament, and I’m going to get some glitter pens and add some stars and such to her finger trees! Thank you Holly and Nicole for a great craft and class!

Ali and I took the girls to Panera after for lunch, and though it was delicious, having a stroller in the midst of a busy Panera was an exercise in Jenga and accommodation. Also Emmie was at the point of just throwing food, so hooray. Lunch (turkey chili) was so yummy, though. We took the girls to Target after, and of course Ali talked me into some fab looks for Emmie… enabler ;P

During the weekend, we finished up grocery shopping and made Alex’s lunches (Honey Garlic Soy Chicken), did laundry (Alex got home early enough to do that!!) and cleaned up. Alex was able to get home relatively early both days, and the relatively balmy weather + him getting home while the sun was still up = family walks! Emmie and I stayed largely at home during the day Sunday because she had spent so much time in the stroller during the preceding days, so these times outside as a family were much welcomed. Tarascas dinner rounded out the fabulous day.

We had to go back for our third grocery trip in as many days (and to as many stores) to finish grocery shopping done for Christmas dinner–even though I came thisclose to forgetting one of the main ingredients, but I remembered just as I was pressing the elevator button lol. I spent Christmas Eve playing with Emmie and prepping Christmas dinner, which was pretty easy and straightforward. We had leftovers for dinner, and Baileys on ice because it had just been tooooooooo loooong ūüėÄ And then we stayed up way too late watching The¬†Last¬†Kingdom on Netflix.

2) Emmie’s First Christmas

Thankfully, Emmie passed back out after nursing (now her ONLY nursing session of the day–I’ve been wearing real bras since Christmas (merry Christmas to Alex, lol)), and we both slept until 8! HOLY COW IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

We played for a while and then had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and peanut butter (she gets a LOT of PB–equal parts by dry weight of her cereal and nut butter!) then it was time for Mommy to finish getting ready to head out for our Christmas Day run! So gorgeous out!

After the run, I changed and freshened up, and then we video chatted with Grandmommy and Grandpa (in Mexico) thanks to WhatsApp (I have an Android and they have iPhones, so this was perfect). Emmie was super engaged and waving and chatting up and hilarious. But then it was time.for.a.nap. She was asleep in 3 minutes after I put her down, haha.

Alex came home even earlier than we thought he would, and we played at home, talked to my brother and caught up with him, and then it was time to open presents!

Emmie’s very first Christmas present!

Since we are going to celebrate Christmas with Alex’s family this weekend, I was super thankful that my mom sent us stockings and a few gifts to open on Christmas day. I got new running shoes (so prettaaaay) from myself/Alex. Alex and I gave Emmie a big book of colors, ABCs, and words, and she seemed to really like it! My mom and dad got us both Irish Wool scarves during their trip and spoiled us with gift cards, and they gave Emmie two epic presents: a backpack of musical instruments (including egg shakers!!) and two maracas from Mexico!!! BEST GIFT EVER. She literally wouldn’t let the maracas go. We had to let her take one with us on her next adventure!

Which was a family walk through the neighborhoods to see lights and decorations. We talked about our childhood family Christmas Eve and Christmas traditions, about the decorations that we liked and aspired to for when we had a real house, and just enjoyed the twilight and relatively warm Chicago weather (much appreciated after many Christmas’s when it was FREEZING). Then it was time to go back to feed Emmie and feed ourselves!

Christmas dinner was a family favorite, and Alex’s request as his Christmas present: Turkey Cranberry Pumpkin Enchiladas with green beans and cornbread muffins and a really solid Manhattan. This might have been my best batch yet, and we had leftovers for the next night!

A little more playtime for Emmie and then it was time for bed. Unconventional due to Alex’s work, but what a perfect first family Christmas.

3) Emmie is now officially 11 months old! She is walking pretty easily while holding one hand, but sometimes she just stops paying attention and then twists or pitches. But generally she is great at it! I’m sure having her Irish Sheep Clover with her helps lol. #SafetySheep

She is getting yet another tooth! Her 3rd in the past 3 weeks. When this comes in, she will have the top four and then 3 on the bottom. She is chewing better and better, but she is also getting more and more picky and finicky with what she will eat. Some days, she loves sweet potatoes, other days, she literally throws them. Rip avocado is pretty much the only thing that she is consistent went. She decided that she was DONE with almond butter by the time she was towards the bottom of that jar, but PB she is all over. Milk is still largely a miss, but she is getting plenty of fats from avocado and nut butter + vitamins from her multivitamin.

We are down to 1 nurse a day! A week ago we were still at 3. But then she ate a ton at D4 and went to bed without nursing. Then I honestly forgot to feed her after she woke up from her nap, and she was largely fine with it. She hasn’t pushed me away, and sure, she is getting a little plucky with her foods, but that is to be expected. My only worry with regards to continuing to wean is in stopping her morning nurse. She generally wakes up too early to start the day in order to nurse (and girl is hungry, trust me–if you leave her, she will wake up every 15 minutes because she is hungry, and then she really does nurse), but then she goes back to sleep after. I don’t know what to do in lieu of a bottle (which she won’t take) or boob during that time that will encourage her to go back to sleep. Any ideas?

4) I’d love to say that the rest of the week was filled with Stroller Strides and laundry, but I forgot my wallet for the bus that would have gotten me to Strides on time, and then the next bus wasn’t for 20 mintues, so I just had to call it. And then I just didn’t do laundry. Period. I am going to try today for Strides today and for laundry after.

The days were more filled with me trying to keep up with Emmie, who was a wild woman! She wanted wto walk walk walk walk walk, and it was adorable. She had to have my hand in one hand and one of her stuffed animals in the other hand. Occasionally, she would do something totally hilarious, which was to stop, go into a half squat, drop my hand, and swtch her friend to the other hand, then take my hand back (with the new hand) and continue on.

She was a little too crazy crawling, however, and had afew face plants, including one that cut her inner lip. She is/was totally fine, it just upset her.

5) Today we are going to Strides and then Ridley is getting picked up to go to boarding. Tomorrow morning, we are going to try to fit a run in before we head to the airport. Then we will get to spend the next few days with Alex’s family and celebrate another Christmas! Emmie and I will be wearing the exact same outfits, lol.

I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas, should you celebrate, and if I am away until next Friday, happy New Year!

How was your week? 

How many holiday celebrations do you participate in?

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