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Emmie’s First Birthday (12 Months + Catch Up 1/25)


How is my little girl a year old?? I’ll tell you all about her first birthday and some other fun goings on!

Find out about our weekend and other hijinks in the last Catch Up

Catch Up 1/25

My oh my, I can’t believe Emmie is 1! To back up a little bit first, though:

1). Alex is on vacation this week, and Monday was a holiday, which means that Stroller Strides was a family calss and Alex got to go! He was quite impressed with the workout! I did my run that morning, we went to Strides and got Potbelly’s, and then came home for a good nap for the little one. The last of my chili was on the menu that night.

2) Tuesday was a lot of Daddy-Emmie time because I was downtown for most of the day! I had Remicade that morning and Psych that afternoon (I came home between), so Alex had Emmie mostly to himself all day. They worked on coloring and honestly just staying warm in our freezing apartment.

3) Wednesday was the big day: Emmie’s first birthday! I went upstairs for my run pretty much as soon as I woke up, so Daddy fed Emmie her breakfast (oatmeal, nut or sunflower seed butter, banana, and pea milk) before he left for work (an emergency cover). Emmie and I had fun, but it was soon evident that someone needed a nap. We had planned to go to Strides on her birthday so that she could see her friends, but homegirl just kept on sleeping! She finally woke up after Strides had already started!


But Alex came home early from his mini-shift, so it all worked out (other than feeling a little stuck inside). We had lunch at home, opened presents,

and then I made her some special dairy free banana bread muffins! I stuffed them with some sunflower seed butter in two and pb in two, one plain, and two mini loaves so that I could make her cake from them if they were successful.

no idea why it has this orientation

Soon, it was time for swim! She got a little fussy (was a little tired), but it ended up being her best session yet. Perhaps it was because there were fewer people at the center, and there was only 1 other person in her class (the last person/kid shoed up very late). Either way, she didn’t wildly love it, but she tolerated being taken under water as well as actually held her own in the canoe and didn’t have any breakdowns! She came home and fell right asleep.

For dinner, Alex and I had considered going out, but after she woke up and was a little fussy, we knew we needed to stay home for everyone’s sake! Alex went out to grab us some take out, and meanwhile someone (not me) lost her cool. Two (!!) muffins came to the rescue! Girlfriend was double fisting them!!

We will do an official “smashcake” picture at her party. This was about survival, lol.

Some fries from our shared coffers rounded out her meal before peanut butter + milk, brushing toofs, and then bed! I got to read her first story before Alex took over.

4) Thursday was another big day! It was super productive and also very busy. Alex and I cleaned up and out the the apartment, donating lots of clothes (mostly Alex’s as well as a few that I had remaining), throwing away tons of dead weight (stained placemats, old insoles, to remain a few), scrubbing and vacuuming and swiffering and putting #allthethings in the dishwasher for a good scrub.

Emmie even needed an extra rinse herself before her big 1 year doctor’s appointment, lol. Let’s just say that girl had lots of oatmeal and pb in her hair from breakfast.


We headed out to a toy store by her pediatrician first so that Alex could get her a present. We chose a stacking and sorting pyramid for her.

Fishies at the doctors!

Then it was time for her appointment, and she did great! 20.5 lbs, 30 inches, 47 in (aka big) head. She is growing and developing great! Not the next #genius, but that is just fine. She is doing exactly what she needs to do, and she ia good natured and sweet kiddo who is learning who she is and wants to be. The only sadsafe part of the appointment was triple shots/pricks between the vaccines and her hemoglobin/iron test. Traumatic, indeed!

She got plain almond milk yogurt (lower in sugar that way) and she was ALL about it!

Yogurt face!

She did AWESOME at dinner that night–eating lots of broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes as well as a half a muffin and lots of milk. She devoured that broccoli! After a cuddle on the couch it was time for some pb and milk then her first time using toothpaste and a bristle toothbrush (she has 8 teeth after all!) and bed!

My family landed around the time that we put her to bed. We ordered dinner for them and hung out for a bit before everyone went to bed!

5) This will be another big weekend!

Alex’s family arrives today, and between wanting everyone to enjoy time together as well as the fact that it is supposed to be a single digit day, we are probably going to lay low beyond picking up some party supplies. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Emmie’s party, and then we have no plans for Sunday beyond hanging out! But you know that we will be doing brunches and dinners, and Emmie will have some sore legs from her shots, as well as be one overwhelmed baby. At least she has her cake!

I can’t believe my little nugget is one year old. That one year ago, we were doing this. And that we are going to be trying to do it again before too long…. one at a time, please!

Have a great weekend!

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