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Emmie’s First Birthday Weekend (12 months + Catch Up 1/28)


Emmie’s first birthday weekend was just… incredible. Simply incredible. Start to finish. There isn’t any part that I would change!

First Birthday Weekend!

1). Thursday Night

Well, the celebrations started off a little bit rocky because Emmie woke up at 11:20 PM Thursday night (into Friday) and was crying and couldn’t be consoled beyond being in my arms for 2+ hours. We assume it was becuase of her vaccinations during her appointment on Thursday, but either way, I stayed up with her (I was already wide awake) and we did a lot of cuddling and trying to get her back to bed only to pick her up again. Finally, she went back to sleep in her own crib around 2 with me asleep in the nursing chair.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the night’s festivities. I woke up around 2:30 with a migraine. I thought it was coming, but I didn’t want to believe it, so when I took the sumatriptan (my new med), it was too late to abort the migraine completely. I couldn’t take any Tylenol + Caffeine during the night for fear of not being able to sleep, so I tossed and turned until the morning.

2) Friday

The day was a little rough because of my head, but things have been worse! I doubled up on Tylenol + Caffene in the morning and that night in order to be able to be social, and a full cup of real coffee (I NEVER do that!) at lunch got me through. I ran in the morning (a brief reprieve), and Mom and Dad brought over Stan’s Donuts (always dangerous).

Alex’s parents arrived midday and everyone sans my parents (who had to go to a bank at a specific time for a business appointment) went to Yolk for brunch/lunch!

Emmie showed off by eating all of her veggies and her toast! Seriously, the server was super impressed (as was I, honestly!). She was so well behaved and such a good sport in the freezing cold and flurries that we subjected her to after when we went to the grocery store to get goodies for her party.

That afternoon/evening, I tried to rally, but I almost wasn’t able to because of pain and nausea. Alex convinced me to take another dose of Zofran (anti-nausea) plus the Tylenol + Caffeine even though it was late, and I’m glad he did, because we were able to go to dinner at Tarascas with everyone and have a stellar time.

She likes chips like her mama

We had everyone back to the apartment after for champagne and conversation, and it was just a great night.

3) Saturday

Saturday was party time!

I was so happy to wake up Sunday feeling better. I still had a little shadow of a migraine but nothing bad. Emmie slept much better than she had and actually was conked out for 12 hours, woke up, ate, and wanted to go back down for a nap 2 hours after waking up. She had a super solid nap and woke up ready to go for her party!

The moms ran final errands to pick up balloons, sandwiches, and non dairy topping (#highmaintenance) and we all met at the party venue, George’s Ice Cream and Sweets, to set up and celebrate our little unicorn.

The party was PERFECT. She was surrounded by people who love and care about her + her baby besties, so she had a great time. Plus, she got to walk all over the place with everyone and then got her own cake!

The smash cake I made her was a total success. She HOUSED it. I took the new recipe that I had used to make her muffins and had made her mini loaf cakes which I then made into a layer cake with strawberries and sunflower butter in between and cashew butter drizzle and non dairy whipped cream on top (we had friends with peanut allergies so I wanted to be respectful).

Before: SO UPSET that I wouldn’t give her the cake


My mom has a great video of her getting into it, and it is totally hilarious. Only sad part was that the bottom layer dropped on the floor, but she was still super happy.

And I was happy because I also got my ice cream! The flavors “This Just Got Serious” which is salted caramel with cashews and fudge and also “Raspberry Rhapsody” which is raspberry with fudge and chocolate raspberry cups.

There isn’t a part of the party I would change. The birthday girl had a great time, we had a great time, and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

That night, we went to Basil Leaf for our final whole family dinner. My great friend Macie from the restaurant that I worked at while pregnant is now a manager there and took care of us, which was perfect. The food was stellar as always, service was amazing, the wine was SO good, and we all left with full bellies and full hearts.

It was an earlier night because we were all exhausted, but no evening when you are celebrating is complete without a little bubbly and some amazing chocolate chip cookies from the party!

4) Sunday.

Sunday was a bittersweet day as we knew that everyone was leaving. Alex’s parents and my mom and brother came over early (my dad was still dealing with some problemmatic people) and, after Alex and I had both gotten the chance to run upstairs, we opened Emmie’s presents.

For her party, we had requested gift cards and small format gifts (because we have a tiny apartment), and our friends were so amazing with their generousity. Emmie had a great time with unwrapping her new friends and adorable clothes and Mom and Dad will have a great time getting her new fun things to play with! First on the list are new eating utensils for her!

Unfortunately, Mimi and Papa had to go right before lunch, so we said goodbye. Then we had a feast of leftovers from the party and decompression time on the couch/floor (as well as naps for several of us!).

The only frustrating part of the weekend came after our naps, when I went to store and, instead of being in and out and on with my life, I spent a total of an hour in lines between two groceries stores and a grand total of 20 minutes shopping in both stores combined. So I only got to spend a little bit of time with my brother before he had to leave after I arrived home.

After he left, I took Ridley for a walk and then started on dinner for Alex, myself, and my parents! I cooked pork tenderloin with green beans, sweet potatoes, and a mix of cheddar and regular cornbread muffins. Paired with an excellent Bourdeaux, we had a fabulous meal. Grandmommy and Grandpa got to see Emmie have her bath before they had to leave, and now we are on the couch as Alex plays video games and I type and Ridley is snuggled in tight!

I told Alex that, next to our wedding weekend, this was one of my favorite weekends ever. Other than my stupid migraine and getting stuck in insane lines, there was not a negative to be had. And really, the medication (even though I had to take 2 doses) did abort a full 3 day course of the migraine that I typically have, so that honestly was a success!

So here we are, with insanely full bellies, full hearts, lots of extra party favors (people didn’t realize that they were for everyone), and a child that is going to be VERY bored with mama tomorrow lol.

She was the bestest nugget ever this weekend. She is the bestest nugget, period. I love that kid so hard.

5) In fun Emmie news, she is really pointing and learning new sounds in the past week! “Oh” with whole face as if she is sucking a straw, is a current favorite, and she is really getting into bye/hi. She has also been OBSESSED with her walker, and over the past few days has gotten really really good at turning it to go where she wants to go. IE: if hs is heading towards the wall, she will correct, or if she wants to turn completely around, she will pull back and turn until she is headed the direction that she wants. Kind of like when she was little little and couldn’t wouldn’t roll one direction, so she would just turn herself on her belly until she was doing what she wanted.

She loves her banana bread, and is now drinking from a Miracle 360 cup for her water.

Pretty soon it will be a wine glass!

This week is going to be freezing, as we have likely all heard. Neg 10 degrees during the day on Wendesday, so Strides is likely out of the question. But we are going to try to go today (if the snow doesn’t prevent it) and maybe Tuesday to make up for the lack of it and also having to stay insidefor the majority of the days. Thursday, I am signed up to take her to Broadway and Me, and Friday, I am really excited to go the CCRM #LetsTalkFertility brunch, which will discuss new advances in infertility treatments. Check out my Instagram for more news on that during the week!

(and now I have to do images, lol)

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