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Emmie’s Birth Story


Alirght, time for the novel of Emmie’s Birth Story!

As we had a pretty unimpressive weekend (basically all I did was feed the baby, bounce the baby, burp the baby, let the dog in, let the dog out) I thought that today would be a great day for Emmie’s Birth Story (3 weeks late). I wrote it just a few days after her birth, so the events were still fresh. It is long, but eventful, as per usual in my life 😀

Emmie’s Birth Story

I wanted to write this as soon as possible, while things were still pretty clear in my head. Emmie’s birth was, by many metrics, very easy, but it still doesn’t matter–birth is a serious matter, and I still had complications. And plenty of Suz moments.

Read the first part of her birth weekend extravaganza here,

And find out about the days after leaving the hospital here!

So we are going to back up to Monday, Jan 22, the day before her due date. 

Monday Jan 22

After the scare the day before that also gave us some hope that maybe labor was on its way, I was both happy and a bit frustrated to find her moving like normal (medium crazy) and without contractions of any kind the next morning. Alex went to work, and I went about life. I remember walking the dog, I think I did some work of some sort, and I tried to continue to keep things in order around the house (or my version of it, which is slightly ahead of filth).

I did something around 10 or 11, but I remember that around that time, I started having some contractions that weren’t exactly the same as the day before but not the same as what I had been having for a few weeks (the classic Braxton Hicks). By 2, I realized that things were starting to get a bit more involved, and a bit more regular, as well as longer in length, so I went for a walk with Ridley to see if movement changed anything. Things continued to be irregular, but they also continued, so I started talking to the various people (moms and Alex) to let them know what was up–that I was feeling things, they were continuing, but who knows.

At 5, I went for a walk, and that is when I started having regularlized contractions (5-6 minutes) but I could still walk through them. Alex, of course, right as he was about to come home, got another patient and had to stay. Around 6:30, though, I was in enough discomfort to call him and request an eta, and that is about when things started to get real and I moved to the bed and tried to zone through the pains. He Ubered home, and we called the on call doc, who wanted us to wait a bit longer (until I was regular and between 3-4 minute intervals). So we got out the trusty timer on Alex’s phone and started timing the intervals, feeding Alex, and he finished up his patient notes (he left one for the end because I requested he come home). By 8ish we were focused on the situation at hand, or the pain that I was feeling and trying to will the contractions to be close enough together that we could go in. 

At 10, I had finally had enough pain and contractions close-ish enough together that we decided it was time. I don’t remember if we paged the doc again, but either way, we got our stuff (all of it, which was at the time a bit ludacrious to have carseat and diaper bag as well as our stuff) and Ubered to Prentice. I contracted on and off during the ride and, of course, as soon as we got there (literally, as they were trying to walk me through triage).

Back to triage, we hooked me up, and I was SQUIRMING with pain. At 1115/30 they did a cervical examine, and that is when the fun started. YES I was 4.5 cm dialated but I also had a contraction during the cervical examine, and the pressure from all of the things basically overwhelmed my body and I started to overheat and pass out, a reaction that Alex immediately recognized (Vasovagal Syncope, or when you start to faint from pressure on your vasovagal nerve), so he was able to help start the intervention by putting me in proper position and warning the nurses.  I spent the next few minutes on the brink of passing out, with my eyes rolling back in my head, and turning a lovely shade of ashy.

When I was stable, they took me up to the L+D room, and I met Ashley, our awesome nurse who go us through thr night and Emmie’s birth!

The epidural team was with us shortly, and that sucker was in within 30 minutes of me being taken upstairs THANK GOD.

Ok, so here is what an epidural feels like (or how it felt for me): You don’t really feel things from ribcage to mid thigh, and then you legs feel like you are just stepping in to a jetted tub: warm and slightly effervescent.  AWESOME

I went from a 7 out of 10 pain scale to able to sleep for a few hours. With Pones, of course.


A post shared by The Lemmer Zoo (@lemmerzoo) on

For you nerds out there, my Unicorn pillow that Mom gave me is named Epona (Zelda: Ocarina of Time reference), and we call her Pones. She has been a constant companion through my last trimester and is now a great Boppy for nursing Emmie!

Tuesday Jan 23


When I woke up, I felt better, and all I could feel was Emmie moving around a bit and every now and then guess that I was having a contraction by monitoring her movements. 

Then things got a little hairy. 

There’s the hotness8

About 2:30 AM, they gave me my second dosage of Penicillin (I had tested positive for group B Strep) as well as some Pitocin to help stimulate and encourage contractions. Apparently I have a “lazy uterus.” LOL

Around 4 AM, we started to notice that my blood pressure was rising. Before pregnancy, I was usually 80-90/50-60; During pregnancy, I was 110-120/80-90. At one point, we looked up and my blood pressure was 140/100, and then 186/120.

After exactly 9 months, I was getting Preeclampsia at the finish line of the whole pregnancy! They gave me meds to bring down my BP, but it never really got back to “normal” and would go back up on its own.

So, I had a lazy uterus and old placenta. Charming.

At 6, we decided to proceed with vaginal birth and see if my BP would come down after because Emmie was basically trying to make her entrance that way already, I was nearly fully dialated, and really, the only cure for Preeclampsia is birth, anyway. 

My water broke in the MOST HILARIOUS FASHION around 6. Did someone drop a water balloon? #mostsurprisingthingever #mosthilariousnoiseever

Active labor lasted from 6:30 to 7:04, when little Emilia Clare Lemmer came into the world.

Now, I had a short interval of pushing–the women that have to push and push and push and push? I don’t know how you do it. HATS OFF.


I tore inside a bit (but not outside, thankfully), but Emmie needed to get cleaned up and looked after because there was some meconium in my water aka amniotic fluid and we needed to make sure her airways were clear. Meanwhile, I got stitched up, then Emmie got an A++ clean bill of health, and they brought her over to me.

Where was Alex during all of this? Holding my legs up for the delivery, right by my side, crying with kiddo came out, and checking on her over at the warmer before bringing her to me. BEST HUSBAND EVER.

That first moment holding her. There aren’t words, won’t ever be words. She just melted into me and I into her. 

The next 30 minutes are a bit of a blur. We got a new nurse (our nurse was off at 7, so Emmie had great timing!), and they went back to monitoring my BP (still too high). Alex got skin to skin time with Emmie, and we just rested.

The OB’s switched off, and coincidentally, my OB was next on, so they decided to treat my Preeclampsia, but less aggressively than they might have otherwise, by giving me a 24 hour magnesium drip and another BP med and watching me.

Soon we went to our recovery suite, where I spent the next nearly 3 days. 

Oh yeah, and I was on complete bedrest for 24 hours as they checked my blood pressure and vitals over and over again. Magnesium makes you woozy, dizzy, and unstable, so I was in that bed for everything. Peeing too. Yay bedpan. And then the migraine started later that day. 

The fact that I didn’t eat from 4 PM the day before until 12ish the next day probably didn’t help, but I kept throwing up water, so there you go. 

The next few days are a bit of a blur of vitals being checked, peeing into a bed pan, taking laps around the floor, getting breastfeeding and kiddo advice, eating eggs and turkey sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies and Sprite Zero, feeling weird and not getting enough sleep, but most importantly, we got to see my GI, some of our friends, and my parents. 

By the time that we left the hospital after Remicade, I was feeling better (like a solid 80%), and I was excited and nervous to go home.

And that brings us to Emmie’s First Weekend Recap!

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Yes, I told you all the details, but I needed to write them all out. Giving birth is a magical thing!

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