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Emmie’s Half Birthday + My Running Future Pt 1 (6 Months + Friday Catch Up 7/27)

So many adventures and appointments this week! Coming at you live from our newly cleaned apartment, it is the Friday Catch Up!

Did you see my post from Monday! It was someone’s half birthday!

Friday Catch Up 7/27

1) I don’t even know where to begin with this week, so much went on! Monday, Emmie and I headed to Big Muscles for Little Babies, but she ended up being the only one, so we got to play around in the space.

Emmie got to take her first swing!

It was heart meltingly cute. 

I’d like to think she had a great half birthday. I mean, she woke up in unicorn jammies,

wore a unicorn shirt,

got a sticker, and rode a swing, so I’d say it was pretty decent.

Because she ended up being the only one at class, they canceled the class and gave us back the credits, so I got on the waitlist for her Broadway and Me music class Tuesday, and we got in!

This time, the musical was Trolls, and it was maybe even better than Tarzan! Furthermore, this group of kids was a little bit younger than that of last week and the space was airier and more open (less closed in), and those factors + a “more experienced” Emmie meant that she opened up a bit more and interacted way more. 

Do you see her giant open mouth? #soexcited

Plus, there was a parachute, which is basically my favorite thing, ever. Tiffy knows this. 

We are taking a break from the full time Pearachute (which is how we registered and paid for the classes) because of cost and while I am healing. We might invest in some credits when I am more mobile, though, because I think that these experiences have been amazing for Emmie, who otherwise pretty much just sees me all day. 

2) Let’s keep to the topic of the Emster, shall we? Wednesday was Emmie’s 6 Month Well Child Visit, and she got an A+!

Such a different kiddo from her first 4 months of appointments. Her 4 Month Check Up really was the turning point for her. 

We apparently have a string bean lollipop of a kid: long, lean, and with a BIG OLE head. 96%tile length, 47%tile weight, 7%tile BMI and once again, 98%tile head circumference. She is literally a lollipop. 

She did great at the appointment, getting a little fussy at one point, but she settled down in my lap. And of course, she didn’t enjoy the shots at the end. 

As usual, we had lots to discuss, with the main topic being weaning her off of breastmilk. As I will get into in a minute, we need to wean her for my health–otherwise, I might just keep going, honestly. I never thought I would think that way about nursing, but there you go. I’m admittedly nervous about switching or attempting to switch her to a bottle and to formula. She eats great, but she isn’t the best with a bottle, and she hasn’t really had formula since she was a newborn in the hospital. 

Eating was the big topic of discussion, but our doc also checked her motot skills and strength and was super impressed! That made me super happy, because like any new mom, I’m always concerned that she isn’t where she needs to be. Especially because she has to lift that big head. Honestly. 

I am just so happy and grateful to be her mom. Tuesday was the one year anniversary of us announcing that I was pregnant, and this week was also the 40th anniversary of IVF. As I said on FB, I am so thankful that Illinois supports infertility treatment, and specifically IVF, that Alex has excellent insurance, and that IVF was an option for us. To think that this little crazy haired nugget might not be in my life…. she is my little treasure. 

3) Emmie had some important appointments, but so did I. For one, today, I have my final infusion of these ridiculous 3 weeks of infusions. This time it is for Remicade, and then I am in the clear with regards to the GI doc until a colonoscopy in August, and then hopefully in the clear for a while after that. 

From Broadway and Me

On Tuesday, Emmie, Alex, and I met with my women’s health bone specialist to discuss diagnosis of my current situation and my future bone health and activity limitations. We actually came out of the appointment feeling much better about the status of things that we had going into it. I was having some discomfort, but not a ton, and ironically, the pain abated after I left the appointment. 

The good news is that, regardless of the diagnosis (unless there is a major fracture or something crazy like that), I won’t be in a wheelchair (something Alex was scared of). I will be on crutches for another week, minimum, in the case of a stress reaction, and likely a total of 8 weeks of crutches (another 6ish weeks) in the case of a fracture. The issue is that my bones are even less dense now than they were in February when we did the DEXA bone density scan thanks to nursing Emmie, as a result, the bones will need more time to heal.

Hard at work

I was happy to hear that, as with a natural/vaginal delivery, my bones should not be the limiting factor in us having another kid–I should not lose sufficient density to necessitate that decision. It takes about a year after the complete cessation of nursing for your bones to get back to normal. We are anticipating waiting that long before we do any embryo transfers (although we may do egg retrievals this fall), so my bones should be good to go. Well, as good as they can be, you know.

We won’t really know the long term prognosis for my bone health until about a year after I finish nursing any subsequent kids (we are only planning on one), and we will wait until then to assess if I need any calcifying agents (like a bisphosphanate) to rebuild density. 

4) The big question, though, is that of limitation of my activity and impact levels. Upon discussion, we all agreed that it might be necessary to put running on hold until I hit that year past nursing the final kid. The fact that I might even be able to run then was honestly a relief to me. I figured that I would be hearing that running was off the table forever. I had always imagined raising an active family and running around with and after my kids on soccer fields, kids races, family 5k’s, and I was already starting to grieve that future. Hearing that I could still anticipate those activities really made me feel better.

But my running career, even for the short stuff, is likely largely over for the next few years. Depending on the results of this MRI, especially. If it is a fracture, goodbye running. If it is a reaction, there might be a little room for negotiation, but very little.

I had gone into the appointment gladly giving up running. Forever. Because I can’t live captive in my house and dependent on dog walkers and living on crutches. My priority is the health and happiness of my family, not running. And as I said, I love walking! I can walk at Stroller Strides, take the kiddos (including the dog) for long walks, I love walking!

But then Wednesday and Thursday happened, with no pain at all (in my pelvis, I had a migraine, so the pain was elsewhere), and those “what ifs” oozed back in. 

I had my MRI Thursday (SHOUT OUT TO HOLLY AND MAX for being a last minute sub and watching Emmie for me)! We will find out the answer today. 

My love language is chocolate. I made these for Holly and Max (kodiak cakes 3x fudge brownie mix)

5) Ok, let’s wrap this up. Other things that happened this week: the apartment got cleaned, I got hopped up on Mountain Dew-esque on migraine meds (Tylenol + Caffiene), and I ate a lot of Halo Top. OH and I made lots of brownies (see above) for Holly and Max to say thank you and for Alex, largely because I was baking. 

Today we find out my MRI results, I get Remicade, and my old friend Courtney is coming for the weekend! We are basically going to have a girls weekend because Alex is working today straight through Sunday (he is picking up tonight for a friend). After this, though, his call schedule should get better, even though he will be back off of this better-schedule rotation and working earlier in the day and later into the evening. So we will be having Ridley walked again until I can take back over. 

Now, I have to go run and make some Slow Cooker Chicken Marinara for him to eat this weekend, or he will go hungry! Have a great weekend, my friends!

Where you a chunky baby, long and lean, or in the middle?

Did you have hair as a baby?

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