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Emmie Goes to Georgia! (24 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 7/11)

SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. Just a quick catch up on events from last week before I tell you all about Emmie’s First Trip to Georgia!

Friday Catch Up 7/6

1) Emmie’s Eco

The good news is that Emmie’s heart ultrasound (ecocardiogram) was totally normal! The pediatrician called us Monday evening with the news. It was (obviously) a huge sigh of relief, but not totally unexpected that this was an “innocent murmur” (which some of you suspected) as she hasn’t had any other issues growing or keeping up with life. But still, you never know, and I was very very happy to know right away that my little girl was ok, at least until the next thing!

Emmie did great during the test–she had actually been a bit grumpy beforehand, so I was a little apprehensive that the grump would continue. But then she lit up and was super giddy and giggly, to the point that I basically had to hold her down, haha. But TV (which she doesn’t get much of), Wubbs, and me restraining her did the trick.

Learning to triage worry over here!

2) Fitness

We were able to get some great family runs in this week–from our family run over the weekend and then our family run on July 4th (because Alex had it off!). I also ran Emmie down to her eco after we did Stroller Strides.

I know I’ve been saying this, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve officially taken my last yoga class from my favorite instructor. She isn’t teaching on the weekends anymore, and then she will be moving, and Wednesday was a gift of a weekday off for Alex. By chance, we did two of my favorite poses — Birds of Paradise and Titivasana (Firefly) — so it was the perfect send off! 

I’m going to leave it at that and launch into my recap of my weekend with my family!

Weekend Recap 7/9

We are going to pretend that it is Monday. Deal.

1) Traveling Solo with A Baby

Emmie and I had our first big solo travel expedition! She did so well! The only thing that kind of went a little bit awry was that the plane to Georgia was delayed after we had already boarded, so we had about 30-45 minutes of being slightly uncomfortable before the engines came on.

She got increasingly hungry and tired and agitated during that time, but I was able to feed her and rock her to sleep after a while. She ended up sleeping the first 45 minutes of the flight, which was a godsend, but I was actively holding her up that whole time–I’m amazed that my bicep didn’t cramp!

After her nap, she was much better, just a little fussy when she needed a diaper change and then just was ready to be done. But otherwise, she was great!

On the way back to Chicago, I was actually able to keep her in the carseat because there was enough room on the plane, and it made the process SO FREAKING EASY. The only snag was that I though Emmie might sleep, so I got my Kindle out and put it in the seat in front of me and left it on the plane. So Mommy messed up, but Emmie was great!

I checked my bag, even though it is a small rollie, and while it added on a little time after the flight to pick it up, since it is free to check on Southwest and we have to go to the desk to get Em’s boarding pass anyway, it was a no brainer and worth it. I also switched to a backpack so that if I was holding her on my side, I wouldn’t have to worry about shoulder straps.

2) Catching Up with Old Friends!

Returning to Atlanta, I knew there was someone that I had to see: Laura. And there was one place I really wanted to visit: Ponce City Market. So I kicked off our time in Atlanta knocking off two big to-dos in the best way possible–over food! 

We went to Fish Market and got a selection of dishes (see below), but the company was where it was at. Laura is just the bomb, dinner was delicious, and PCM was everything that I dreamed it would be and more.

Fun Fact: I almost worked on the PCM project. Long story short, but my internship fell through at the last minute. But it has always held a special place in my heart.

Saturday morning, Emmie and I headed out to the farm so that she could meet one of my dearest old friends, Brian, and our amazing friends that take care of him (and our other horses). First we caught up with the family inside (it had been far too long since I had seen them!) and then we headed outside so that Em could meet my big boy. 

Even after all these years, He still trots to me! He’s 30 years old, his joints barely work, but he still trots to me 😀

Alas, I didn’t have any treats, and Emmie was getting tired (she hadn’t really slept, will get to that in a minute), so it wasn’t as picturesque as him meeting the bump. Regardless, Bri was a perfect gentleman and so gentle with Emmie, and she reached right out to pet him. I’m hoping that maybe next summer she can ride him around a little bit!

Saturday afternoon, Emmie had another critical meeting–our long long time lake friends. We were the 3rd or 4th house on the cove, and they were the first or second, so they have known me since I was 2, and they have been staples in my life and are truly part of our family. Emmie did great with them as well (finally taking a little nap helped).

It was just a really cool day of really special people getting to meet my kiddo. 

3) Fun with Family and Cool Moments

There were so many great moments over the course of the weekend, but I have to share a few.

The first was my brother flying solo with Emmie! Yes, he’s gotten to meet her, but he’s always been surrounded by people when around her. This time, he not only got to play with Emmie one on one, but he got to take charge of her! I am so proud of him as an uncle, and she already loves him. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop 😀 He is the reason I loved the Yoshi character, so he is in charge of introducing her to that character and making sure she can beat her cousins at Smash Bros. 

I was also really happy that my dad got lots of one on one time with Emmie. When she was newborn, well, there wasn’t much to do with her. Then in June, he got to hang with her, but not really play with her. This was a great trip for them to play, and he even got to introduce her to the lake! Next summer, we will get to actually play in the water 😀

One of the best moments, to me, was when he kissed her forehead when I took her to go to bed. #idied

And of course, Mom got some great Emmie time–and we finally got to put Em in the “riding” boots Mom got for her as soon as we knew her gender! I thought I would hate the pink ones… but I actually dug them. FINE MOM YOU WIN.

And yes, she is already scheming how to get Em horse crazy. We are doomed.

We went for a final lunch at Gaby’s, the lakefront restaurant at the Ritz Lodge. It had been a few years since Alex and I were there for Mom’s birthday, and it was a great cap to the trip. Emmie also got to wear her new swimsuit top, so she won best dressed. 

She also fell asleep on the way home. Cutest boat baby ever.

4) Fun little food moments

Bulk Candy at the Airport (with ingredients listed so that I could check for soy!) You know I love my bulk candy.

Dinner with Laura: Fish Market at Ponce City Market: Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, Wedge Salad, Crab Cake, and Smashed Cucumber Salad (unfortunately ended up having a soy dressing so a no go for me).

Lunch with Chris: Kona Grill at Avalon: I GOT YELLOWTAIL. I didn’t need no soy. And yes, I got extra ginger because I eat it by itself. And a fountain coke zero yaaaas

Snack plate!

Dinners at home with the fam: we kept them easy, and because we made them, it meant lots of fresh veggies and proteins and things that I can eat!

Champagne with our lake friends: Yolie made a delish fig spread as well

Lunch at Gaby’s: The watermelon gazpacho was surprisingly good (I usually dislike gazpacho)! And the fryer was soy free, so YAS

At the airport: CHICK-FIL-A WAFFLE FRIES with BARBECUE. Unfortunately, the chicken was off limits because the seasoning has soybean oil, but the fries are soy free and fried in canola. AND we were traveling on a non Sunday. WINNING. 

No, I do not agree with their politics (though I like thier emphasis on family and supporting their empolyees) but I grew up on these fries and they are my favorite. And soy free. So throw me a bone.

Snack kit at the airport!

5) Sleep? NOT FOR EMMIE (or me)

Honestly, the only challenge of the weekend was Emmie’s sleep regression. She slept like a champ at Chris’s place, but she didn’t sleep at ALL (ok, fine, that is an exaggeration) at the lake. She was even in her old bassinet! She was up every 2 hours overnight, and then Sunday night she was up every hour after midnight.

She slept restlessly, demanded to nurse, resisted naps, and generally just was #nosleeptilchicago. All of our tried and true self-soothing went out the window. I was/am worried that she would continue this pattern into a full blown sleep regression, but she sleep super well in her own crib and took a great nap the morning after we returned. So the jury is still out. 

5.5) Fitness

Other than a 4 miler on the treadmill on Friday morning (while Chris watched Emmie) NONE. Last week, I started being able to feel my hip–no pain, not even true discomfort, but it was there–and after my injuries, I decided that pushing it just wasn’t worth it, so I am taking the next 2 weeks off from running to be safe. I cannot and will not be on crutches again. Running just isn’t worth it. I love running, but I know that I can live and love life without it. Plus, with Stroller Strides, I don’t have to run to get a workout! 

I did get super lax on all things fitness over the weekend, so I need to reinstitute my pushups and planks this week. 

This week is about getting my iron infusions done, and hopefully Emmie sleeping properly.

I’ll catch you all up on the rest of this week on Friday! Thanks for sticking out the long post 😀

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