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Oven, Stove, Fridge, Freezer (Embryo Transfer Week in Review)

All sorts of creations going on up in here! From stocking my uterus to stocking the freezer, let’s look back at the days before and of my embryo transfer Week in Review style!

Thank you to the epic mamas: Meg of Clean Eats Fast Feets for hosting Week in Review, Katie for Marvelous Monday!

Week in Review and Weekend Recap

As you all know, this weekend was our Embryo Transfer, and I was definitely feeling the tension and nerves. I didn’t sleep super well, especially those last few nights, and the night before I hardly slept at all and sweated terribly. But let’s back up, and then we will go through.

During the Week!

This week, I spent time working on one of my book projects! I am finishing out the sections that I have titled (aka that I know I need to talk about), and now I am about to start figuring out the spaces between and how to connect them. I’m hoping to have this out before fall marathon training season starts–so it is time to buckle down on that!

Speaking of buckling down, after having my epiphany about how much the ADHD is still really impacting my life, I have felt so much more at ease with the whole thing and far less judgmental towards myself. It really explains so much of my behavior over the past few years. Knowing that I am still struggling with it is giving me more grace but also helping me to proactively approach the issue. It isn’t going away any time soon, so best figure out what to do now!

I got my margarita at Tarascas (no, I didn’t drink it all). 

I made kale hummus as well as another upcoming recipe on Thursday and ruined my appetite for sushi that night… so we “ate” at home (I had something random) and I got my favorite beer as my last drink for the next 10 months, hopefully.

Friday, I did my walk, I feel like I did some productive things (though I don’t remember what). Oh, I know! I went and shopped for some white plates for my recipe that would NOT have looked good on my current plates and then I shot said new recipe (I know you guys aren’t huge on my recipe only posts so don’t worry–each recipe post will come with life tidbits mkay?). I also dumped recipe on floor. Luckily, this is the kind of recipe that can take that, and we ate it for dinner Saturday night (you understand later). 

That afternoon, I headed to Sbux and sat and brainstormed recipes and figured out what I would need to make them.

Friday night was a different story: I was a blithering idiot, so really, the only thing accomplished was the aforementioned strength training dabble-age and deciding on dinner after going back and forth and back and forth (seriously, don’t ask to see the text messages). We had a great dinner, we shared 2 delicious beers and crack fries, and all was well.


The Weekend in Review

Then I sweated like the 80s that night. Really weird anxiety dreams. 

And then it was Saturday. Originally, our transfer appointment was for noon, but they asked to move it up to 9:15 (the same time as the river dying, which was kind of funny to witness as I headed downtown), so my day was a bit different. I felt like… um, just know that I felt terrible from lack of sleep and stress, so when I woke up, I headed upstairs and treadmill walked it out first thing.

Doing my walk first (rather than walking downtown like I sometimes do) gave me the added benefit of meeting Ridley’s friends at the park to run her exhausted. Mission Accomplished, thank GOODNESS.

Oatmeal and breakfast, bus downtown, meet Alex, get coffee, head over for appointment.

Got Transplanted. We had one blastocyst for implantation, and the other were in a stage called a “morula” aka implantable but not freezable. We would have to wait another day to find out about those developments. We transferred the blastocyst…. AFTER THEY FOUND MY UTERUS. Which was hiding. First my veins, now my uterus! They used a different ultrasound and found it, and the lining looked awesome!! Yoshi 2 went in, and we are now in the waiting game.

Because I was supposed to rest but also needed to go grocery shopping for my projects that day, so I agreed to go back to Alex’s office for a bit, where this time I listened to him (unlike after my retrieval), and I lay down on the couch and ate chocolate for 45 minutes. I consider that an accomplishment 😀

Groceries for the blog projects (and a few goodies for me :D) and then I returned home!

Over the next few hours, I created, prepped, cooked, and took initial pics for 2 new recipes and made another batch of the Kale Hummus because it was so damn good. 

This Lean Green Kale Hummus is vegan, gluten free, high in protein, and perfect for your St. Patrick's Day Party or any time you want a superfood boost! @suzlyfe

By the time that I was done, it was “lunch time” and so I made a salad, had some popcorn… and then had a pint of Arctic Zero because I freaking felt like it. I had gotten plenty of healthy fats and protein from my recipes (you will understand when you see them), and dude, it was treat yoself day so I did what I wanted.

The afternoon was a haze of Ridley being crazy while I lounged on the couch and watched TV like a good girl! In the midst of her little attention grabbing moments, she was indeed adorable and sat on her egg/blastocyst.

Alex and I had a dinner of new recipes, and they all got a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR thumbs up from us both. I went back for another serving… I had as much as Alex! I’d already had my ice cream, so I had a protein bar and cereal later on. 

Sunday, the clocks changed but Alex’s bedside table alarm clock didn’t so he was late… this is why I use a phone. 

Not as much got accomplished on Sunday, but I did take the dog out, got Alex’s necessary groceries, and worked on some posts. I made some dates with friends for this week as well!

I finished out the night making some my allergy friendly cauliflower crusts, riced cauliflower (both of which went to the freezer), and then defrosted some Italian chicken marinara to have with some stovetop chickpea flatbread I made. 

One in the oven and one in the freezer? Find out what that means! #WIR #sweatpink Click To Tweet

So probably more than you ever needed to know, but I felt like rambling, lots of things occurred, and now we have something in the oven, things cooked on the stove, ingredients and recipes in the fridge, and a few already in the freezer. 

What is currently in your oven, stove, fridge, freezer?

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