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Need My Elastic Pants (Friday Catch Up 6/22)

Hey there kids! Welcome to another Friday Catch Up! It has been a great week, I can’t wait to share it with you plus some other updates on the goings on in my life. Like how I wish all pants were made of elastic.

Friday Catch Up 6/22

1) I’ve decided to just let June be my vacation month, blogwise. I needed a break in so many areas of my life, and I just haven’t had much to say, honestly! I hope that the reintroduction of some older posts with the life updates has been a nice break for you all as well. I know you are busy during the summer! Maybe we all needed a break!

With that said, here are the posts you might have missed this week!

2) I’ve had no idea what day it was this entire week between Alex’s Aunt Peggy visiting, the big changes in my gym schedule, and some shift swaps I made this week. Tuesday was Saturday, Wednesday was Monday, who knows what day Thursday was. After having a regular gym schedule for over a year with minor changes, the shift in my hours of call are going to take some serious getting used to! But I can also tell you that I’m already feeling better about not having to spend so much time in the car, fretting about whether or not I will be late to my next appointment, and other aspects.

I’ve had to tell several of my clients goodbye, and that has been hard–the majority I’ve had since the gym opened (well, more or less). Lots of sweaty hugs were given, promises of coffees and walks to come. I hope that I keep to those promises. 

3) FOOD FOOD FOOD Well, in true Visit Chicago style, we treated Peggy (and ourselves) to quite the selection of feasts this week. We started with Pastoral on Sunday night, Alex and Peggy went to the Gage while I worked on Monday, we ate all the things at Summer House Santa Monica Monday night, Frances’ Deli on Tuesday for brunch, Alex and Peggy went to Howells and Hood for dinner that night (I had work), Alex took Peggy to Roti while I worked on Wednesday and we all went to Basil Leaf for dinner Wednesday. Between this weekend and Boka last Thursday… how am I still fitting into my work pants??? Pants are stomach prisons right now.

Oh, and did I mention that MY family is coming in two weeks? I’ll need that long to prepare my stomach for a new onslaught, lol!

4) Probably because I am walking a ton! With my mornings freed up and Alex on vacation, we have been taking Ridley to the park to run around with the other dogs followed by a long walk every morning. We are exploring all of these neighborhoods (and I am getting total house envy!!), spending time together, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and wearing the pup out. Win win win win!

5) CSA update! I’ve been taking salads with me to work everyday and am almost through the beautiful lettuces and radishes as a result. I made kale chips from the kale, and Alex and I are going to use the bok choi either for a saute (with the scallions) or for burgers ( like these awesome pesto burgers I made last year) on Saturday. One of my friends at work randomly asked if I wanted to give up that shift, and Alex and I jumped at the chance to have the day together. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the cilantro because there is so darn much of it, but we shall see. And the garlic scapes I have sauted and added to salads and am going to roast per the advice of a friend. 

Again, I know the June has been pretty chill, but I have some really great food posts coming up this July–new products and opportunities for you all to get your hands on them!

Suz gives the best food tours of Chicago! I want to visit her! #sweatpink #chicago #yum Click To Tweet

Have a great weekend, everyone! Alex and I have plans for a serious Game of Thrones and Chill day tomorrow, then we are both working 12 hours straight on Sunday. At least we were able to coordinate our schedules! 

Have you ever had to unbutton your pants because you ate so much? 

Weekend plans?

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