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Easy Post Holiday Healthy Eating with Hello Fresh


Thank goodness for Hello Fresh Meal Kits for making post holiday healthy eating easy! Eating healthfully during the season is hard enough; a healthy eating meal kit like Hello Fresh can help you pieces after a season of parties and traveling.

Post Holiday Healthy Eating Made Easy with Hello Fresh

This post is sponsored by Hello Fresh, who also provided product for my review. As a pre-existing customer of Hello Fresh, be assured that all opinions are my own. 

I knew that when we came back from our epic Thanksgiving Extravaganza, we would a) have no groceries to speak of, and b) we would be craving some less over the top eats that were still grade A delicious (I mean, the bar was set pretty high the week before). So I set up a Hello Fresh Delivery the day after our return from South Carolina, leaving Alex and I only to fend for ourselves for one night and to focus on getting ready for the week, rather than scrambling to meal plan or grocery shop.

And thank goodness we did. Between laundry, Alex prepping for his class, my prepping for clients and blog work, and general cleaning up, our Sunday after arriving home was packed! Or unpacked, I guess you could say 😀 

Nail your post holidays healthy eating with Hello Fresh! Hello Fresh healthy meal kits are a life saver! Everything comes in a single box ready for you to make something delicious. Check out the review at @suzlyfe


Why I Love Hello Fresh Healthy Meal Kits

I’ve used Hello Fresh a number of times in the past, and I should say that the fact that I have continued to return to them over the other meal kit delivery services that I’ve tried should vouch for my feelings on the matter!

I prefer Hello Fresh for a variety of reasons:

  • The Variety: each week, 10 different meal recipes are developed for your selection. Meaning? You always have options. There are plenty of vegetarian meals, meals for families, meals for kids!
  • The Nutritional Value: Each recipe is developed by an in-house dietitian and a group of in-house chefs. Thus flavor + nutrition are at the forefront of the minds at Hello Fresh! Unlike a few of the other meal kit services, Hello Fresh doesn’t rely on butters and oils but instead on healthy fats while giving you the option to add butters and oils as you like.
  • The Satisfying, Healthy Recipes:  The healthy fats that they supply with complete proteins means that you get a meal that still satisfies without extraneous calories (for those watching their weight). Also, they give you a proper portion of protein (say that 5 times fast), which was an element lacking in the other meal kits. 
  • The Speed and Ease of Creation: I am a good cook, but I am not amazing. I have a certain amount of time, and I am not the most patient. Hello Fresh meals are devised so that ANYONE (seriously, anyone) can cook them from start to finish in 30-45 minutes (at the most).
  • The High Quality Ingredients: I love that they send you Sir Kensington’s condiments and Peanut Butter and Co packets (as they did for the peanut dipping sauce!). I’ve actually discovered new favorite companies from the ingredients in the boxes!

My one critique of Hello Fresh? As you know, I am a BIG FLAVOR person, and sometimes, the meals can err on the side of caution when it comes to spices. This is understandable, as many people don’t have a variety of hot sauces on hand (I actually keep Cholula packets in my car), and also, the refridgeration of the dried herbs might rob the flavor a little bit. Thankfully, Hello Fresh prefers fresh herbs, but it is something that I’ve noticed. If you are getting a package with dried herbs, I suggest that you pull them from the boxes and let them warm up before you use them! But, as with butter and oil, you are always free to add to meal kits as you desire. The main components are there, but you make it your own.

Hello Fresh healthy meal kits are a life saver! Everything comes in a single box ready for you to make something delicious. Check out the review at @suzlyfe

And that is another thing–you know that I always make it my own! As you will see, I tend to move some ingredients around to better suit our purposes.

Hello Fresh Recipe Review

Thai Beef Skewers with Peanut Dipping Sauce from Hello Fresh Healthy Meal Kits! Check out the review from @suzlyfe

Thai Beef Skewers with Peanut Dipping Sauce

We had the Thai beef skewers the Monday after Thanksgiving. The high quality of the ingredients really make this dish sing: top notch beef and PB & Co PB for the sauce. Simple, delicious. As you all know, I’m not a huge white rice fan, so I had mine with wraps.  But I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Autumn Quinoa Salad from Hello Fresh Healthy Meal Kits! Check out the review from @suzlyfe

Autumn Tricolor Quinoa Salad

I utilized the majority of the quinoa for the eggplant stew, so we used the ciabatta that came with that stew for sandwiches that we had alongside the salads. I will say that this was the recipe that I was least impressed by–I am not a huge walnut fan, so the amount of walnuts that came with the salad was a bit overkill for me. I would have liked to have seen another roasted vegetable in there along with the eggplant, like a squash, or even sweet potato.

This Sicilian Eggplant Stew from Hello Fresh Healthy Meal Kits is AMAZING! Check out the review from @suzlyfe

Sicilian Eggplant Stew

What I loved most about this eggplant stew was the fact that. Alex loved the pork, and I served it over quinoa (we saved the ciabatta it came with for a sandwich, lol). It was a deliciously hearty meal, and it got better and better the longer it sat. I am already planning a slow cooker version! I added extra red pepper flake to it to kick it up a notch.

Take care of your post holidays #healthy eating with @hellofresh! Check Suz's review and WIN #ad Click To Tweet

One aspect of Hello Fresh that I have really loved is the fact that it makes healthy eating accessible for me again. I have loved reviving some old and learning new techniques–from 5 ingredient sauces that are the star of the show, to how easy it is to make a stew with just a few things on hand. 

Want to try Hello Fresh for yourself? Use this link, and get $40 off your first order! (And if you use that link, I get a little bit off my next order as well, so please use it and help feed Yoshi!

Hello Fresh Giveaway!

Though Hello Fresh provided for this post, the giveaway is run of my own accord! I am so excited to share Hello Fresh with you!

I am giving away a Hello Fresh meal kit to TWO Suzlyfe readers! Get yourself set up for healthy eating following the holidays and take the guesswork out of the week’s meal prep as you recover from forced family fun or you New Year’s Eve festivities! US Only, Ends Tuesday 12/20 at midnight.

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Have you ever used a meal kit service before?

Do you have trouble coming up with meal plans and healthy eating after the indulgences of the holidays?

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