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The Easiest Part of My Life (Four Years + Friday Catch Up 5/26)

What is the easiest part of your life? My answer is still the same four years later. Don’t miss this Friday Catch Up!

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Friday Catch Up

1) Well, you guys, it was another 4 post week, and I have to say that it felt right. Wednesdays are just kind of all over the place, so being able to totally decompress when I came home rather than feel like I had to try to force something out was really freeing for me. And there is still plenty for me to do Thursday morning during my usual blog catch up time, so I still get to feel connected to the world but without the same amount of pressure. 

Sure, it might “hurt my numbers,” but you know what? I’m counting going down to 4 posts a week a true success because it is the right decision for me!

2) I went downtown yesterday to participate in a clinical research study regarding depression, anxiety and mood disorders and the impact of those disorders on your physical health.

Basically in doing the psychological assessment for the study, I realized that I am a hot mess, and that pretty much the only thing that isn’t wrong with me is that I’m not bipolar, actually psychotic, suicidal, or a drug/alcohol user. And I am very well aware of the fact that I am a hot mess. So at least I have that going for me. 

3) In food news: Yesterday, I ate an entire pint of blueberries on the way home from the store. I had intended to have a few, but give a mouse a cookie an on sale pint of organic blueberries…. This week has restored my faith in wedding cake and then rewarded me with yet another AMAZING cake opportunity Tuesday night as we bid a coworker adieu. #chocoholic…. I’m back on the collagen peptides train and loving life!

4) I’m obsessed with my new Spyder tech pants. The jogger silhouette is back in and they are so darn comfortable! Plus, they are stopping the wind like a champ when I’m walking Ridley (so long, summer). Looking for a lounge/gym/juice bar/bomb around town pant? YOU NEED the Wyse Tech Pant!

Also, the Spyder x Shape Take Tahoe blog post went live on Spyder’s blog yesterday! Go check out more pictures!

5) Friday Five: Four Year Wedding Anniversary!

So, this is Friday Five, right? Well, I guess you could say that I take liberties with that sometimes. But today? I am going to finish my five points of the Friday Catch Up.

1) Four years ago, I was getting married to my best friend and love of my life. There is literally nothing better than being married to someone who is not only your best friend, but who makes you your better self, who loves you more than you love yourself and helps you to love yourself more. Alex challenges my outlook on life in the best way. 

2) True love is someone who lets you eat all their food and doesn’t get mad or try to take your food.

Amazing old fashioned cookies and cream oreo ice cream from Old Town Alexandria! @suzlyfe

Case in point

3) These lessons.

4) Tonight, we are going for what is perhaps our first officially official anniversary dinner since we have been married! We made plans and are going to Oyster Bah for a real date night after 3 weeks of crazy. But the real fun starts in a week and a half when we got to NOLA!!!!!

The French Quarter in New Orleans is completely enchanting! Especially after Mardi Gras, with the beads hanging from balconies! Find out more about my trip to Nola at

We haven’t been on a true vacation that is just the two of us since the start of chief year, and to boot, this trip will be the official end to his administrative year! No (fur) kids, no parents, no friends; just us. Our one splurge!

5) Some people find their career path to be easy and straightforward. Some people never have to worry about money. Others have perfect health. The easiest part of my life is my marriage. It isn’t bragging, it is simply a fact. In the midst of all the crazy that is my life, Alex and our relationship is the easiest part of it all. And I am so thankful. I don’t used this word often, if ever, but I am very blessed with having found him, especially so early in life.

PS if you want to see pictures from our wedding, check out our first anniversary post!

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What is the easiest decision you have ever made?

Favorite type of cake?

Are you a hot mess?

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