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Easier Health with Zarbees Natural Vitamin Drink Mix (Giveaway)


Joining Smitha and Erica for Wednesday Giveaways!

This post is sponsored by Zarbee’s Natural Products via my position as a Sverve Influencer. I was send product to review, but all opinions in any way are my own.

If you have followed my blog for any time, you will know a few important things about me:

  • I have a chronic illness (Crohn’s Disease)
  • I love running and fitness, and I am a coach and personal trainer
  • I take incredible care of myself and am very careful about my nutrition, but I am not perfect
  • I have been under quite a bit of stress lately, even leading to an anxiety attack, and it has impacted my sleep, among other things
  • Though I do take a number of medicines to regulate my illness, I do not take supplements

And to cap it all off, I and my trainees are entering that last few weeks of training for the Chicago Marathon. This coming weeks we will be doing our longest continuous runs of the training season, and then we hit taper time (!!!). 

happy panda

I talk to my trainees all of the time about the importance of nutrition, particularly during these most important weeks of training, when the body is at risk for breaking down the most, and then whilst it is rebuilding and recovering before the marathon. And I do my best to follow my own advice and lead by example–you have seen my breakdown of an excellent long run weekend of nutrition–but like I said, I am not perfect–I also told you about the following Tuesday night’s shambolic “dinner” of sorts.

The anxieties that I am dealing with are affecting not only my waking moments but also my sleep. I spoke this spring about the incredible impact of stress on my body, which is so sensitive to hormonal changes. As a result, I tend to have intense night sweats and anxiety dreams as a result, even when I think I am doing well! Unfortunately, lately, those night sweats and anxiety dreams have been occurring on the days when I need my sleep the most–the nights following my long runs. I even had one this past Saturday night, and I ran 13 miles on each Saturday and Sunday

Magnificent Mile Half Marathon Start

Lastly, to add to all of these little pieces of the puzzle, Alex and I thought that perhaps part of the reason for my weird sleep might be due to when I take my meds, so we changed the timing. But that has resulted in my forgetting to take them every now and then! 

Bottom line?

Suz needs help. No, I don’t need another medication, or an intervention (well…), but on those days when I know that I am unable to take care of myself the way that I would like to be, I need help. I know many of us do! 

Enter Zarbee’s Naturals.

Zarbee’s Naturals and Healthy Vitamin Drink Mixes

Developed by Dr. Zar Zarbock as a natural, wholesome and drug-free alternative to cough syrups and cold medicines for kids, Zarbee’s Naturals has since become a full line of vitamin packed products that deliver help to the immune and digestive systems without any of the drugs, alcohol, gluten, and artificial flavors, sweeteners, and dyes so prevalent in the “go-to” brands. 

Zarbee's Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes for Health Review Suzlyfe

When the company first reached out to me, I was a bit hesitant–I don’t even take Emergen-C because I find the amount of vitamins and daily percentages to be just downright silly–packing your body with that much stuff doesn’t really help, as you can only absorb so much at a time! And would Zarbee’s be considered a supplement?

Zarbee's Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes for Health Review Suzlyfe

Then I took a closer look at Zarbee’s and the products that they offer, and I instantly felt at ease and realized that these drink mixes could really help me.

The Zarbee’s Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes

Zarbees Naturals Vitamin Drink Mix Suzlyfe

  • Immune Support (Natural Citrus Spice Flavor) with Elderberry and Honey
  • Multivatimin with Prebiotic (Natural Orange Flavor) with Orange, Honey, and Chicory
  • Calming Blend (Natural Lemon Mint Flavor) with Chamomile and Honey
  • Invigorating Blend (Natural Lemon Ginger Flavor) with Green Tea, Ginger, and Honey
  • Antioxidant Support with Honey (Natural Apple Spice Flavor) with Honey, Apple and Cranberry
  • Multivitamin with Antioxidant (Natural Mixed Berry Flavor) with Mixed Berries and Honey

All of the natural drink mixes are specially formulated, proprietary blends sweetened with honey and other natural ingredients–not additives. Mixes range 10-35 calories per packet, and certain blends are recommended to be served at particular temperatures for best flavor and impact. The greatest number of ingredients that I saw on any of the mixes was 8 elements such as honey, organic coconut sugar, stevia, and beta-carotene. There is nothing that you cannot pronounce, nothing that is scary, and all are gluten free!

Zarbee’s Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes Review

I have been enjoying the Multivitamin with Prebiotic and Multivatimin with Antioxidant (both have 100% of many of your major vitamins, B12, and folic acid) on those morning when I realize that I’ve forgotten my meds and not taken my daily vitamin. I might actually switch to it after I’ve finished out this bottle of vitamins! It’s like having your daily orange juice or fruit juice, but without all of that sugar. 

Zarbee's Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes for Health Review Suzlyfe

The Invigorating Blend has become my go-to in the afternoons when I am flagging on energy and concentration. The green tea is just enough boost and the lemon ginger flavor has always been a favorite of mine.

I’ve just started trying the Calming Blend to see if it helps improve my sleep. I know it can’t fix everything, but I’ve been happy with the results so far!

Where to Find Zarbee’s Natural Vitamin Drink Mixes

The Healthy Drink Mixes are available exclusively at Target (making them even MORE convenient!) and the little packets are perfect to keep in your desk, in your purse, wherever you need them. Visit right now to get a $4 off coupon for each mix, and see for yourself what else Zarbee’s Naturals have to offer in the way of natural health remedies!

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I am also really excited to offer you all the chance to try out the products for yourselves! Three (3) lucky winners will each win sampler packs of each of the new Zarbee’s Naturals Vitamin Drink Mixes. Don’t forget, they are all gluten free, though not vegan due to the honey. The contest will be open for one week (ending 9/16) and is open to US and Canada 😀

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Have you ever realized that you simply can’t take care of yourself the way you wish you could?

What gaps have you found in your own self care?

When you are training and putting extra stress on your body, how do you fill in the gaps?

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