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#FlatsFriday Lyfe Thinking Out Loud

You Dream of ME NeNe #thinkingoutloud

After all of this structure bull crap, I need to get some randomness off my chest. You’ve been warned.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

  • Last day to enter my Chicago Inspired Office/Life Survival Kit! Again, this is being tailored to the winner (with regards to respecting nutritional/allergy demands) so don’t hesitate to enter if you have certain dietary restrictions! Included will be Jolly Oaks Almond Butter Granola, Chicago Mix Popcorn, and a few other necessities and nonsense to help you get through the day.

jolly oak granola banner

  • Also, tomorrow is #flatsfriday! LET’S SEE THOSE TOESIES, PEOPLE! What on God’s Green Earth Is #FlatsFriday, You Ask? Well, it is exactly as it sounds. It is a celebration of our dedication to our future goals. Many of us log our longest runs/biggest workout sessions of the week on Saturdays, myself included, so on Friday, we wear flats to save our legs and feet so that we can go even bigger the next day.

flatsfriday 2 suzlyfe

  • Now, for something TOTALLY random. Yes, even for me. GASP. I was watching mindless television this past weekend, and Bravo was rerunning I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. Well, you know how she has to go with a new event planner? NENE AND I USED THE SAME COMPANY. Tony Conway is the founder and president of A Legendary Event, the same company who did the floral, catering, decor, and cake for Alex’s and my shindig (Michele is Tony’s right hand woman).

View More:

Ours did not cost the same amount. And Tony is hilarious in person.

  • This weekend is the momentary finale in the craziness of Alex’s and my lives since May, with the exception of an event mid next week (but only if I can make it). This weekend, this kid is coming to visit. I am about to split my wig I am so excited. Cara (YES I AM GOING TO SAY YOUR NAME) was my Maid of Honor, my Little in my sorority, and is one of the most hilarious, whip-smart, and ridiculous people that I know. She and her boy-toy, Alex (a good name, by the way!) are coming for the entire weekend, and it is going to be AMAAAAZZZZING. I am so freaking excited; I haven’t seen her since the wedding last year. Luckily, this is a cut back week, so a shorter long run Saturday will allow for proper shenanigans.

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Can we talk about how she caught the bouquet with wine glass in hand and didn’t spill a drop? Taught her everything she knows. Proud life moment, right there.

saanas bridal shower

  • I hope everyone caught that strawberry lemonade scone recipe on Cait’s blog yesterday! If you didn’t, go there and make it for your July 4th celebrations–it is a great make ahead, chill, and then pop into the oven the day of recipe. Plus it has everyone’s favorite summer flavors, great colors, and is so, so delicious. And the microwave lemon curd, well, that stuff is the bomb and goes on absolutely everything. Trust me.
This was a far better summertime look for you, Chicago.

This was a far better summertime look for you, Chicago.

  • I’m really over Chicago’s “weather.” White out fog changing (if we are lucky) to goodness knows what every dang day is not weather. That is just pure and utter laziness, atmosphere. Get your ish together. You owed us all a good spring/summer/fall after the 180000 polar vortexes. You are the weakest link, good bye.
Preach. Even though I don't like Sheree

Preach. Even though I don’t like Sheree

  • Speaking of, Alex and I went to D4 on Tuesday and even though the weather forecast promised us 0% chance of rain, it poured down during our meal. We were also sitting outside. Luckily under an umbrella, and a big one at that, so things were ok and we just kept on keeping on. But WTF??? At least I we had a fantastic meal, as per usual. Return of the jalamango marg. SO good, if a bit spicier than last time (maybe even a bit too spicy, actually, but we’re game). #worthit

d4 jalamango bbq chopped salad suzlyfe

  • Also, it is so weird seeing myself in make up during yoga practice. Like, looking in the mirror during tadasana and seeing a face with concealer and mascara rather than bare. I actually find it a bit distracting–I’ve found that I spend way more time during my practice thinking about my appearance when I have make up on, which I think is really interesting, from a psychological stand point. When I am not made up, I give very little thought to it, and focus more on my practice. Of course, this is an experiment with very little data/testing, but I’m curious, does anyone else find that when they work out with make up on, they spend way more time thinking about their superficial appearance?

namaste right here

  • Well, I’m glad that Alex is getting over his summer cold, just in time for me to feel not great. I think that all of these weeks of excitement and go-go-go and ramping up in training are just catching up with me, or at least I hope. I will be pushing through this last weekend of shenanigans (thank you, caffeine and adrenaline) because you can bet your PATOOTEY that there is no way I am going to let feeling a bit off mess with my time with one of my best friends in the whole world.


Today is loooonnnnggg haaauuulllll Thursday, ie where my day doesn’t stop from 5:30 AM till 10 PM. Rise-eat-blog-stretch/warmup-workout-shower-go to work-eat-work-eat-work-eat/work-home-change-yoga-clean at yoga/eat(ish)-home-food+ice cream-sleep.

K. I think I had something else hidden in my gourd to tell you about, but I think that is enough for now. I’m going to go and face plant into something like my girl Jenni.

jenni fitzalaWorkout-makeup-more superficial awareness-does this happen to you-go!

Any one else have a random celebrity connection/I WAS THERE FIRST NENE story?

Pumpage for #flatsfriday, and are we/are we not going to bedazzle Mike’s boots?


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