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Racing for Donuts: Friday Catch Up 8/11

From racing for donuts to trying to keep the animals sane (who is running the asylum?), it’s another fun edition of the Friday Catch Up.

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Friday Catch Up:

1) I don’t think I have mentioned this, or maybe I have, but they have finally begun construction on our bank of balconies. Aka they are actively doing construction right outside our bedroom and main room doors, which are sliding glass. They have made considerations for our privacy by putting translucent plastic up (lets light in), but it is just a pain in the BUTT not having access to our main outdoor space during the nicest part of the summer. Also because they haven’t even started work on our column of balconies–they are working on the second column first! 

The disaster that is my kitchen. FML

Hey, at least it isn’t this again…

Oh, and Ridley and Zoe are suuuuper enjoying this. Ridley literally flipped when they were first doing work and actually visible (before the plastic) outside and on our balcony. She’s going through a bit of territorial phase anyway, so this is really getting her goat. 

2) Alex and I have had dinner together once in the past 10 days between his schedule and my schedule. The nights that he is actually getting off early, I have work, and vice versa. He also wakes up before me now, so we don’t have morning time, either! And I need all the sleep I can get. We FINALLY had dinner together on Wednesday when I went back downtown to meet him at D4 for our favorite dinner that was a regular when we lived one block over!

Chicken fingers, the BEST sweet potato fries, and the kale and grapefruit salad, plus a wheat beer (for him, don’t worry). Feels like hooooome.

3) I am getting a new phone! I took my phone to the AT&T store and they suggested a master reset, but I knew that wasn’t going to help anything, and luckily, I have phone insurance (my phone is out of warranty). So I am getting a new phone! It was shipped to us Thursday, but of course I wasn’t home, and today I am working a double, so I think it is going to have to wait until tomorrow for me to pick it up. Which sucks, but at least I can have a little time to play with it. FYI it is the Samsung Galaxy S8, the new version of my phone. I’m not excited about going to a phone without headphone ports or a home button (been there, done that) but I ‘m not going to sneer. I will (hopefully) have a working phone.

4) I am STILL obsessed with the show Sweet Home Oklahoma on Bravo TV. If you watch Real Housewives but wish they actually were funny haha, actually had consciences, and actually liked each other, you will love this show. I am super sad that it is over, but I am very hopeful that it will come back for another season! 

Seriously, I love these crazy women and their hijinks!

5) I am running a race tomorrow that gives you donuts at the end. And not just any donuts… STAN’S Donuts. They are my favorite. I am pretty. freaking. PUMPED. Sadface though is that Alex can’t go anymore–of COURSE he has to work. It is some sort of orientation thing that everyone has to do, and they let him know last week. I tried to find a friend to run with, but everyone is running longer or out in the burbs. 

So, donut for me, donut for Yoshi, right? #GOYOSHIGO

That’s all for today. I am working a double today, so I’ve gotta go and get Ridley to the dog park for her exercise (it is my rest day!). She has been such a trooper with as much as she has had to stay in, she deserves it. 

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Favorite type of donut?

Who else misses their first cell phones (that lasted forever)?

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