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I Don’t Talk Politics

There are a few reasons why I don’t talk politics. And in the time before a big election, well, that choice can be pretty political…

Thanks to Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

Little known fact: I didn’t know which party was considered “right” or “left” until 9th grade. Right = Republican (R and R) like Port = Left (4 letters)

Pretty shameful when your dad majored in government in college….

I grew up in a family that didn’t talk politics. This stemmed from my mom’s upbringing, where her parents both had very strong political views very much in opposite directions, and to top that off, my grandmother had quite the opinions but the world (read: midcentury South) was a man’s world and so you get the picture. 

In 3rd grade, I just knew that people liked Clinton and that he was less creepy than Dole or Perot. But about the actual issues? I had no clue.

I appreciate politics because I think it is a beautiful thing that people can speak their minds and be involved in the direction the country is going in, but, that said, I also think that much of our country is misinformed about half of the information, uneducated about the other half, and ignorant of the impacts of decisions that don’t directly benefit them. 


If that makes sense. And I’ll admit: I am one of them. But the difference is that I know that I can be ignorant. That doesn’t make me better (I’m still ignorant), but it does change the way that I approach these elections and my own discourse on politics. 

Which is to keep my mouth shut when people are “talking politics,” with the occasional asides here and there. 

I have to say, this election scares me. This election is dirty. We have to have FACT CHECKERS for debates, people. This election is dredging up even more ignorance than usual, and so much hate. It is bringing out the worst in people.

I think that is why I don’t talk politics. 


Talking politics leads to talking at people, rather than listening and conversing. Talking at people? Leads to ignorance because you stop listening. Instead, we should consider discussing politics.  Let us hear each other, consider the validity of the points that are made, and then let us consider our own opinions in response. 

Let us think, discuss, grow, and maybe make the world a better place by considering that we may not always be right.

You know I love a good discussion; if you would like to discuss politics, then sure, by all means, let us discuss politics. Maybe my mind will change, maybe your mind will change. That is what discussion can do.

But talk? That is one dimensional and one sided. Talk doesn’t mean you also listen. 

Meanwhile, this is what I am dealing with...

Meanwhile, this is what I am dealing with…

Politics tends to lead to a lot of talking, not much discussing #thursdaythoughts #politics Click To Tweet

I’m not the most informed voter out there, and I will accept that. But I will listen and consider what you have to say. 

Will you do the same?

Do these types of election years scare you?

Did you grow up discussing politics in your family?

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