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I Don’t Get It : Thoughts From a Music Festival

“I don’t get it.” This thought crossed my mind time and again this weekend at the North Coast Music Festival.

Maybe I’m getting old and not fun, but regardless, I thought I would let you into the various thoughts and observations that went through my mind on Sunday.


Thank you to Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

There aren’t many pictures from that day, and that is a bit on purpose–I don’t care if they care or not, but I wouldn’t want someone taking pictures of my like that (aka agog). So some of this you will have to use your imagination with, but you know that I will do my best to describe the panorama of enigmatic behaviors to the utmost of my ability.

Also, there will be a little bit of drug talk, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I understand. Generally I try to keep it PG – rated around here (though you never know with the rating systems these days what is PG and what is PG-13). But I respect your decision to read on or not with that in mind!

(on the El aka the subway) Those people are definitely going to the festival. The bandana tied around his head as a headband is a giveaway. But why is he wearing a Nets jersey? That just doesn’t make any sense. Also, why would you (a girl) wear flip flops? That is just asking for trouble. 

(getting off the El) Well, that is more police than I expected.

(going into the festival) Surprisingly quick entry. VIP line is longer than the regular lines. 

(Stepping through the gates into the festival)  OH SKINNY POP.


(at the Skinny Pop table) Not hungry, but OMG COCOA DUSTED SKINNY POP??? Totally taking some. 

Well, there is my first drugs sighting (looking from Skinny Pop table to the right, and then to the left) there is the second.

(At the first “performance”) So, this is just DJ’s playing music? Can’t we listen to that at home?

I like the music, but again, did I need to pay to come to this?

OMG WHERE ARE HER PANTS. (looks right) Well, at least that guy is totally dress. Even if he is wearing an Elmo onesie. 

OMG where are her clothes? She is wearing what is essentially a bathing suit, but made of fabric. 

Oh, ok, now that person has a mohawk of feathers. How does she keep them from moving?


What am I supposed to be doing right now? What do I do with my hands?

Why is that person wearing furry boots?

(Act ends, we go off in search of another act) WHOA that is pot. A lot of it. 

Why is there a 50 year old man, not wearing a shirt, baked out of his mind, here? GO HOME MAN.

WHAT IS WITH HULA HOOPING AND RAVES. She’s going to whack someone in the head!

She’s pretty good though. Could give Suzy a run for her money. Damn good workout. 


(Inside the Heineken House)

This is basically a frat party meets a club, but with candy and beer that you have to pay for. And Heineken at that. 

Yup, this is a frat party. Fun music, though. 

(Back outside)

Bathroom time. Good for them for having hand sanitizer. Can I sanitize my body?

Samplllesssss I’ll take some for later.


(Later) Well, I’m having a dinner of Skinny Pop and Nature Valley. (BTW, I had 3 bags of Skinny Pop and 2 Nature Valley Peanut and Sweet and Salty bars. And Luna Bar before hand).

(Next act, this time a real one–Matt and Kim)

Thank goodness these are actual people.

OK We get it, you like to cuss and talk about specific body parts. WE GET IT.

Well, that is something you see every day. I thought that practice died in the late 90s early 00s?

Guess not.

Fun music, at least.


(Next Act)

This is getting to be a little much. I love to people watch, but good gravy.

At what point are you at a store, and you look at 2 bolts of fabric (and not very much to those bolts) and think YES. THIS IS IT. I am totally going to wear that. And I am going to wear that in public. With a fanny pack and combat boots. 

At least she has an amazing body. Must be all the dancing and hula hooping.

Fun music, though.

Gorgeous sunset. I’m going to Instagram it.

Another gorgeous Chicago late summer sunset. Happy Labor Day Weekend! @suzlyfe

Ok, that is all the fun that I can stand. I’m going to blow this popsicle stand.

(leaving the festival)

One more Skinny Pop for the road.

(On the El platform)

Well, I can check that off my list of things to do.


I just don’t get it.


To each their own. Sometimes, we just don't get it #thursdaythoughts Click To Tweet

Now, before you get all up in my business, I will FULLY admit that many people probably think the same thing about the way that I live my life–running, fitness, healthy living. So I am completely saying to each their own

But I know that I will likely be sticking to my EDM at home or in a club, and when I go to another music festival, it will be actual bands playing. 

What is something that you just don’t get?

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