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Discovering The World Beyond

When was the first time that you realized that there was a larger world, a world beyond your little bubble? 

I am fascinated by how Zoe has acclimated to our new apartment. She LOVES it. Zoe is so much more active, is eating more, and is just generally more engaged–sometimes with us, but often on her own–than in the old apartment, where she generally just sat and watched us from the bed (like a creeper). 

But the spaciousness of the new apartment, and the novelty of the world beyond the screen (door or window) has literally revolutionized her world. She has discovered the world beyond her little bubble. The sights, smells, sounds, I’m sure even the tastes of the air, everything is new and different and fascinating. 

Zoe is discovering the world beyond her little bubble, and she is captivated

It isn’t like she hasn’t looked through a window before. 

But now, the world beyond that window is tangible; that world exists. She doesn’t know specifically what it is, or what she should do about it, but it is there. And she wants to know more.

I understand how Zoe feels. I was comfortable in our old place. I knew my world, I existed in it, and I didn’t know better. But I feel like even though I am not in that different of environs, I have had the door opened. I think the screen is still there, but, like Zoe, I am tasting, smelling, listening, and seeing. 

I’m excited to see what happens when the screen is totally opened. It is a scary world out there; I wonder what I will find out there–to my knowledge, I don’t have anyone keeping me in but myself.

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Who’s keeping you inside? Or are you keeping yourself inside?

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