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Desk Job Fitness: Combating a Sedentary Lifestyle with DeskCycle

I’m still trying to get caught up with everything, but please stick with me! And there is more to come from Blogfest–best new products and takeways are posts that are in the works!


I sought and was provided with the opportunity to try the DeskCycle under-desk exerciser in exchange for a review of the product. All opinions and thoughts are, as ever, my own.

Desk jobs. They are killing us. We know this. From the fluorescent lights to the computer screens to the perpetual sitting, there isn’t much about a desk job that is gentle to your body. My two largest battles with the desk job life? Eye strain and sitting Thankfully, I have just been introduced to two products that are helping me fight the fight! Today, I am going to talk about how I am deal with Office Problem #2: Sedentary Lifestyle.

Office Life Problem 2: Sedentary Lifestyle

Desk Job Fitness Combating Sedentary Lifestyle with Deskcycle (Review) Suzlyfe

While my eyes are getting overworked, my legs always feel like they are underworked and underpaid stiff after my morning workout and then sitting on my bum for several hours. The next morning, I wake up with DOMS from not getting enough movement the day before. 


Plus, I have the specter of killing myself by sitting all day. There are many proven benefits to exercise at work, from increased calorie expenditure and better health to happier, less stressful employees. I would love to get a stand up desk, but those are $$$, and I would still have the issue of throwing my body off by standing off to the side and putting all my good work at PT to waste. I would love to just pick up and leave–much of my work can be done via laptop anyway–but I have to stay for the darn phone. 

What are my other options? Is there something out there that is better than a stand up desk? Something that won’t compromise my joints (which we know I have to preserve) or overwork my legs (also, preservation) but that will keep me from sitting like a bump on a log all day, only to go home and sit like a bump on a log there?

Deskcycle Review

Enter DeskCycle. DeskCycle is just what is sounds like: an under-the-desk cycle that helps keep your legs moving while your fingers type away. At 10 inches at its height (the lowest of any other cycle on the market), the Desk Cycle fits under any desk that I can think of, and because it uses magnets rather than friction resistance, the Desk Cycle is silent and smooth. Work harder or keep it easy with multiple resistance settings. Pedal forwards or backwards, so that you legs don’t get stuck in one pattern of motion as well as to work opposite muscle groups (the difference between pushing and pulling).

The website is a treasure trove of information: from calorie counters (for those looking for an additional opportunity to lose weight) and a few different exercise suggestions to help you if you really want to make a workout of it. For me, I am already getting my pointed workout done, but this helps me work towards the equivalent of 10,000 steps. Added benefit for me? My office is always freezing, so the continuous movement helps keep me warmer! 

I was Cold Meme

Since using the DeskCycle, my legs actually do feel looser, and my back is less twisted because I am sitting straighter in my chair. The one issue that I have had is that I have a rail underneath my desk that means I can’t be as far forward as I might like (and closer to the desktop), so if your desk has a mid -line support, you may also have similar issues. Luckily, the DeskCycle is compact enough that this isn’t the biggest issues, but it is still something to keep in mind.

Otherwise, the silly looks I get from people are the only other “drawback.” And by drawback, I mean that they are just jealous. SUCKAS.

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So while they are killing their legs softly/slowly/faster than you would believe, I am all business above the desk as well as below. Cue jealous stares. GET YOUR OWN DeskCycle PEOPLE! DeskCycle can be procured from Amazon (affiliate link below).


Would you feel self conscious pedaling away at your desk? Or would you feel empowered?

Deskcycle or stand up desk?

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