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Desk Job Fitness: Combating Digital Eye Strain with e-Polette Glasses (Review)


I was provided with the opportunity to try Polette glasses in exchange for a review of the product. All opinions and thoughts are, as ever, my own.

Desk jobs. They are killing us. We know this. From the fluorescent lights to the computer screens to the perpetual sitting, there isn’t much about a desk job that is gentle to your body. My two largest battles with the desk job life? Digital eye strain and sitting Thankfully, I have just been introduced to two products that are helping me fight the fight! Today, I am going to talk about how I am deal with Digital Eye Strain.

Digital See

Office Problem 1: Killing My Eyes with My Work and Social (Media) Lives

Now, I am lucky; I don’t need corrective lenses, but I do have astigmatism and I spend more time in front of a computer than you can shake a stick at. I went through a period in high school where I wore glasses because of eye strain and a few months ago, I realized that I was having similar issues–my eyes getting tired, letters getting a bit more fuzzy, and headaches–after 8+ hours in front of a computer screen and underneath fluorescent lights. It was then that I started thinking about trying to find a solution. After seeing Polette on Ange’s site and learning about their e-Polette line, I immediately wanted to learn more. 

e Polette Digital Eye Strain Glasses Review Suzlyfe

Polette is a company that takes the middle man out of the equation and provides frames and lenses direct from the manufacturer to the customer. In so doing, Polette is able to provide specs at nearly 80% off of the typical mark ups at optical shops: Frames range from $10-$50 and lenses from $10-$90. The frames come in a large variety of options, from hipster chic to streamlined cool, but all are manufactured with high quality materials: as the company’s website states, the purpose is to make style available to everyone. (and you know how I feel about accessibility of information!). Even those with terrible eyes (they also have a huge range of single-vision and progressive lenses).

e-Polette Digital Eye Strain Glasses Review Suzlyfe

E-Polette lenses aim to protect your eyes from computer screen light (the artificial lights and blue rays that emanate from your laptop, tablet, or phone) aka prevent digital eye strain. These lenses are slightly tinted and polarized in order to reproduce natural light, thereby reducing screen glare and the corresponding eye strain and migraines. 

The e-Polette frames and lenses are $20-$40 and come in a variety of male and female “geekie yet trendy” options. I am not quite cool enough for some of them, but I thought that I would look rather dashing in the e-Brooklyn.

E-Polette Computer Eye Strain Glasses Brooklyn Style Suzlyfe Review

Not bad, no? My first thought upon wearing them was that they were very comfortable and light on my face. That hasn’t changed, and I’ve yet to experience the must-take-off-glasses-and-press-bridge-of-nose sensation. 

With regards to my eyes and the effectiveness of the lenses, I so far have been very happy. If I do the on/off test, I can really tell a difference in the quality of the light that comes through–the glasses temper the glare of the overhead lights and have really helped my eyes already. I’ve also worn them outside in the glare of an overcast day, and they helped even with that. The first few times I wore them, I felt my eyes need to adjust a little bit (just to the fact that my entire world was slightly different) but now I am a happy wearer and actually rarely take them off!

The only issue is a fault of my face: My ears are uneven, and as the frames are not made of metal, they can sit a little uneven on my face unless my hair is up. But that has been a problem all my life. #likeaSuz

In all, I think that these are a great option for those of us who log serious hours in front of computers and electronics! For those that also need corrective lenses–shoot them an email and see if they can accommodate you! And if you are curious about the glasses and going to BlogFest (ONLY A FEW MORE WEEKS!), come and find me and you can try them on!

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For those of you with desk jobs or who spend tons of time on the computer, have you noticed these problems? How do you combat them?

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