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Delicious Denver Eats WIAW

Are you ready to hear about our Denver eats?? I know you are. Because you know that I like to eat well, and it is easy to do that in Denver!

Linking up with Jenn, Arman, and Laura for WIAW! Sadly, some of the pictures just didn’t come out right, and I couldn’t use them. I don’t have high standards, but I do have some standards, people. So bear with me!

We had some seriously amazing Denver Eats! Find out where and what to eat in Denver, from date night to brunch! at

Delicious Denver Eats!


We arrived to Denver HANGRY, but giant taco salads from La Casita took care of us.

La Casita Taco Salad from the Denver International Airport. Get more Denver eats at

Love that they have a whole wheat tortilla shell option! Mine was romaine and mixed greens topped with pulled chipotle chicken, sautéed veggies, pico de gallo, jalapenos, red salsa, and pickled radishes with a touch of queso fresco.  #demolished #likeaSuz

Hibiscus Lemon iced tea from Maui Wowie in Denver Colorado.

When on vacation, hibiscus-lemon tea and Pinkberry Original Tart soft serve just felt right. And yes, we knew that we would be eating a large dinner (s). WORTH IT

Yummy Pinkberry swirl on vacation! Original tart frozen yogurt cone!

Alex and I met up with Tara from Treble in the Kitchen and her husband Brian at Avanti Food and Beverage Hall near Coors Field. The concept is essentially grown up (very grown up!) cafeteria—almost like going to a permanent food truck hub. The servers bring you drinks, but otherwise, you are up to your own devices for food! Alex started with an old fashioned, while I went with an elderberry mescal mule, which I LOVED. Just the right amount of sweet and acidity!

Avanti Food and Beverage Hall in Denver has amazing pizza (like this Brussels sprout and bacon pizza and chopped salad! Get more Denver eats at

Dinner was scrumptious—Alex and I shared la Caribe arepa (salmon, avocado, plantains, and more!) and the special pizza (Brussels sprouts, bacon, goat cheese, and a drizzle of garlic infused olive oil) and Italian chopped salad (who knows what was in it but it was delicious). #Diedandgonetoheaven

The le Caribe arepa from Avanti Food and Beverage hall in Denver is AMAZING! A must eat in Denver! More delicious dishes at

The arepa was pillowy and savory and then sweet  (from the plantains), the pizza was airy and light but still packed a punch, and the bacon was tres magnifique. The salad (with a Mediterranean honey mustard) was the perfect fresh and crisp compliment to everything.


After riding Friday, Alex, Saana, her husband, and I went to a café called Toast (can we talk about how their URL is ToastyGoodness? LOVE THAT), and it was HARD to choose what we wanted. I went with a veggie omelet (you know me) and Alex got some Pulled Pork Chilequiles. I really, really REALLY wish that my picture of Alex’s dish had looked in any way appetizing, but the picture was terrible and the meal was AMAZING. Pulled pork, jalapeno, pickled red onions, roja salsa, and a fried egg on top to ooze all over it. It was food porn indeed. Just not the way I took a picture of it!

We definitely licked our plates.

Eggplant and quinoa rollatini with marinara and veggies

The food at the rehearsal dinner was fine–I ended up with the dairy/gluten free option of eggplant and quinoa with tomato sauce which was simple but actually quite tasty (and then I stole some of Alex’s shrimp). The real star of the show was this dark chocolate cake. Now THAT was a chocolate cake!

Amazing chocolate cake from the rehearsal dinner!


After our original brunch option fell through, we met Heather at a breakfast place called Syrup in the neighborhood of Cherry Creek. I totally recommend this place for brunch! I was a cute and quaint café with a line out the door (but it moved, so we weren’t waiting long), and they know how to keep their audience: they put out a tray of fresh sweet cornbread muffins for you to eat while you are waiting. WHY IS THIS NOT A THING. Also, why did I not take a picture??

Veggie omelet from Syrup Cherry Creek in Denver! A fantastic place for brunch in Denver!

The food was fantastic—all three of us got omelets. Heather got one that had Aztec in the name and was covered in pork green chile, Alex got one with jalapenos and bacon, and I didn’t leave a spot on my plate as I downed my veggie omelet. SO GOOD.

That afternoon, we went out with our friends to a local place called North County that specializes in seafood and tacos, and yum yum yum.

Queso fundido from North County in Denver is awesome and filled with delicious fillings!

The table shared queso fundido (chorizo and all the fixings) and salsa, and Alex and I had a margarita and a mezcal Old Fashioned (YUM). Alex got a trio of tacos (two different fish tacos and a cumin slow roasted pork, while I got the shrimp and octopus ceviche, which came with jicama wraps, which you all know I am obsessed with.

Shrimp and Octopus Ceviche from North County is AMAZING! A must get in Denver!

Basically, if we lived by this restaurant, we would be broke and very, very full at all times.


Egg white everything thin sandwich from Einstein Bros is the perfect breakfast sandwich. Gotta add jalapenos!

I picked us up egg sandwiches from Einstein Bros for breakfast before we headed to the airport. You know I went with an everything bagel with egg white, lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos (and some ketchup because I am classy). For lunch we returned to la Casita for round two! This time I didn’t get the taco shell because of trying to fit it in a takeaway box, but I had the wheat thins from Southwest as a nice substitute.

I know we only scratched the surface of what Denver has to offer. I remember going to Breckenridge Brewery for lunch with my family when we would fly into Denver before going to Vail for Spring Break, and I hear so many good things about the Denver food scene. I am just glad that I got to have so many amazing meals with some truly remarkable company!


When can we go back for round two???

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Have you ever been to Denver?

Ceviche or tacos? Arepas or pizza?

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