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December and Christmas 2019 + New Years 2020


Let’s get caught up with the happenings of Christmas, December, and New Years! It was a month filled with family, friends, and friends who are family, with a dash of illness for good measure 😀

Did you read about our Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving! Another adventure!

December 2019

Coming back from being gone for a week is always an adventure in and of itself. We picked the dog up on Sunday and lordy, she smelled special. So we treated ourselves to a dog wash (and shedding) during the week. NECESSARY. We also headed to the grocery store and started prepping for the Christmas season to come.

Which means BAILEY’S. Yeeeeeaah, girl.

We put up a few Christmas decorations. Quite literally, we put up a few. I have a nearly 2 year old who I would like to see turn 2 (and many other years), and I have decorations that I would like to use again. So the tree went up with lights and on a high shelf, the wreath went up, and our little sparkly trees (which, to be honest, could easily be weapons) went up. Luckily, Emmie had Christmas/wintry themed pajamas.

Holly hosted the second annual Fit4Mom holiday party and present swap, and it was a smashing good time. Ali and I left the girls in the capable (?) hands of their fathers for the evening. She and I went to dinner before the party and the boys took the girls to Zoolights and dinner. All survived, most had fun, so the mission was a success!

If you look, you will see an Emmie sandwich

We got some extra special time with Ryan and Ali during December as we got them on the Story time train and went over for play-dates and breakfast before. Ali got some extra special Emmie time when she watched her during my Remicade!

Again, all survived and most had fun, so the mission was a success. And Suz got a little extra sleep, her extra labwork done, and the all clear for something very important in the spring!!

A few weekends into the month, we got a rare visit from Alex’s brother and family (remember, we had just seen them over Thanksgiving, but it is rare for them to come to Chicago) as they visited for Alex’s sister-in-law’s twin sister’s PhD graduation. We had dinner with them both nights that they were here, and Emmie got some amazing play time with Tyson. Remember how I said that she now refers to her basketball as “Tyson Ball”? #originstory

The following weekend was a bit adventurous. Poor Ryan had been diagnosed with pneumonia during the week, and then poor Emmie got her father’s cold virus during the week. She was fine… until she wasn’t. Friday night, she started burning fevers of 102.4, and those fevers lasted until Wednesday (Christmas) midday. All were lucky that the fevers were responsive to Tylenol, but it meant that we had to change up a bunch of plans.

Luckily, we didn’t have to change our holi-date with Ali and Justin for dinner and a concert! Although none of us, save Alex, are into Christmas music, we went to see Brett Eldridge’s GLOW tour, (a bit of mistake, we thought it was a normal show and discovered after but decided why not go). We ended up having a great time the entire evening, with the exception of some anxiety during dinner as Ryan started having some issues with her temp and her breathing (remember, pneumonia). But she recovered, and we were able to finish enjoying our awesome dinner (Pizzeria Portofino, y’all. GO. Get the fried macaroni balls, the fries, and the pepperoni pizza) as well as the show! Even for the Scrooge-lite that I am, I had fun. 😀

Emmie with a triple dose of her comforts (a Blankie covered Jelly pillow and Wubbs)

We owe our night out to our awesome friends Katie and Ben who are a) awesome people and b) awesome people who are undaunted by a toddler with a fever. WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU.

Christmas 2019

The week of Christmas was actually a great one, even with Emmie’s illness. As previously mentioned, Tylenol/Motrin nipped her fever in the butt, so as long as we stayed on top of it, she was able to operate at 90%ish at best. Thus all the fabulous videos and pictures from the week (if you follow Insta).

Alex ended up only really having to work 3 days, and that includes the Saturday following Christmas, so we also got some amazing family time, made even better because the weather was nearly spring-like and rather warm! Consequently, we were able to take Emmie outside and let her sickness dissipate into the air rather than imprison all of us in the apartment.

Making sure that dolphin sees the double buses

We were also able to take her to the Aquarium (I bought the tickets the afternoon where she became febrile during the night), as we felt confident that it wouldn’t be crowded, we could contain her, and I have a doctor as a husband who assured me that I wasn’t endangering society (I didn’t want to be *that* mom taking her sick kid places and spreading things).

NEWS FLASH If you want to go to the Shedd Aquarium, go on Christmas Eve and buy your tickets in advance. You will sail through any line that might be there, and there was NOBODY there. Emmie had a decent time, but she was a bit ornery and tired after about an hour and a half, thanks to the illness. But that was ok because it meant we could go home and have Christmas holiday brunch!

I made my Panettone French Toast, and because I got the sampler kit from Whole Foods, we had Lemoncello the first day, tradition on Christmas Day, and the chocolate chip a few days later. AMAZING. Even sicky-picky Emmie, who had been super choosy with her food, was into it.

I made my holiday enchiladas for dinner, and we let Emmie have a few new toys for the evening.

Christmas Day proper, we did it up with present unwrapping, and Alex won present giving this year with this card:

We have since packed it away, thank you.

We had Christmas brunch and spent the rest of the day enjoying each other, chocolate/Baileys, and the warm weather outside.

For Alex’s last day off, we went to the zoo and then had dinner with Ryan, Ali, and Justin (we had to cancel going to their family’s Christmas dinner because we didn’t know how Em would feel).

The weekend between Christmas and New Years was part of my present, with my mom visiting! After the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, she needed some actual one-on-one time with Emmie, and I needed some time with her, and we got all of that. Mom also finally got to meet Ali’s parents, which was LONG overdue.

It was a fantastic weekend, and my daughter keeps asking for GheeGhee when she wakes up 😀

That brings us to New Years, which I guess I will tell you about because it is short and sweet.

New Years 2020

Alex had to work New Years Eve, so Ali and I did a swim make up class with the girls. Later, Emmie slept late, so I picked Alex up from the hospital and we headed up for dinner with our besties! We went home after, but dinner was awesome. Then we went to bed. The end.

Alex had New Years Day off, but nothing is open until late (they assume that we were all boozing and staying up), so we made our own fun and took Emmie to the mall downtown to kill time before brunch at D4.

Let it be known that Alex doesn’t really understand which things little kids should be allowed to touch. Ornament kiosks are one of those things. A broken ornament and $11 later… he took her to Nordstrom and she dumped a pot of glitter on the ground. Because the makeup area is where toddlers should play. NO, Alex, they should NOT have had it sealed shut because it is a SAMPLE.

On a positive note, Emmie did correctly identify O and M in the Nordstrom sign!

Brunch was amazing. I miss you, D4.

OH I forgot to mention. Ridley had her BEST NIGHTS EVER while my mom was here because she got to sleep on the sofa bed with us. She would position herself between Alex and I at the start of the night and NOT.BUDGE. the entire night. Sunday/Monday I realized I was being punchy with Alex and then realized that I hadn’t gotten my oxytocin-infused nighttime cuddle/me clamping onto his arms for warmth. Because of the dog.

Good Old Lemmer Zoo.

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