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The Comment and Sprinting On –Thinking Out Loud

WHAT? ANOTHER GUEST POST????? You would think that the last one taught me well and good to stay away from such business! But nope. Today I am guest posting over at A Glimpse Into Eryn’s World.(PS. The link will go life 10 AM Eastern I believe). If you enjoyed my post on my past life riding horses, you will definitely enjoy this one. Or even if you didn’t enjoy it, shut your face, do the right thing, and go over and support a sista. The post is about how the things that I learned around my 4-legged friends have transferred to my life now as an athlete and a quasi-human being. So for extra Suz, head on over there.


Also, get thee to Mike’s Blog to find out more about his writing process!!



I like options.

I like options.

I don’t think I can express appropriately to you all what your response and comments have meant to me following Tuesday’s foray into my Writing Process and Wednesday’s What Nourishes You? discussion. I never, ever doubted that you would be anything but supportive, but you really need to realize that I do not naturally expect people to gather around me like that, or to express that type of love for me. It’s not that I think I am unlikeable (though, let’s face it, I can be a real….bag of fun at times) or undeserving or that I am not a good friend or whatever, it’s just that it doesn’t occur to me. So thank you. Just. Thank you. And know that I think that you are all so, so incredible. I haven’t yet regretted my decision to start this blog, and you all prove to me why this is the case every day.

Last bit of serious business, and then we shall return to the nonsense for which I am known.

The comment. I am going to keep this short and to the point. The comment left by “Kim” told me that based on my appearance in the pictures from my warm up post, and what she could tell from my eating and the amount I exercise (brief side bar, but I rarely talk about how much or often I exercise. So I don’t know what she is talking about. Other than running my mouth, I run 3 times a week. That’s it), that I clearly had an eating disorder. I want to very briefly explain why this upset me so much, and it might not be why you think.

This is how I explained it to Mike (who wrote a great post yesterday about the lack of interhuman respect that tends to happen):

It wasn’t so much that I was touchy about it for my sake (duh, I’m thin), but it pissed me off because:

a) this is my first how to post,
b) this is the reason that I don’t put a lot of pics of myself out there
c) she literally said “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you closely” NO SHIT SHERLOCK–if you took 3 seconds to look around you’d know why I do what I do

d) people don’t know the effect that comments like this have on people with a condition such as mine. When things are beyond their control. You might as well make a “getting pregnant is easy” comment to a person that has PCOS.

I want people that read my blog to feel comfortable in this space, that it is no judgments. Because that is what I want to feel when I go places. I have literally had people (yes, random people) ask me in grocery stores if I eat meat. Or “I wish I had your figure” as they gesture at their healthy bodies. Do they know what that does to people who have illnesses like this? 

So was the comment a HUGE BIG FREAKING DEAL? No, not really. It didn’t impact my life or my day, necessarily. But it could have really, really upset someone who came to my blog for a gluten free, lactose free recipe, who just wanted to enjoy a simple pleasure in life that they may not otherwise get. THAT is what made me so mad. Just email me next time. Oh, and use an email that works. Coward.

forrest gump

And that brings us to nonsense. WWWWWWWWAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

I’ll keep it a little zipped up because of all the other things going on, but I figured it was the least I could do 😀 As always, YOU ARE SO WELCOME.

1) (I had this in all caps but then realized I needed to chill out, again, you are welcome) I did speed work for the first time basically since marathon training (last year) on Tuesday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought! Not my fave, I prefer the lazy route of just nailing a pace, but still. Oh, and Tina? Don’t think that I was exempt from any wind.


The strongest headwinds (thanks Chi-Town) always hit with about 100m to go. Middle. Finger. To. You.

1b) I am the most inept sprinter ever. I’ve had this discussion with Alex before, but I don’t “sprint.” I basically just extend my stride and cover more ground. But I wouldn’t call it “sprinting.” I’ll video it (some how) sometime so that you all can laugh at me and someone can make a hilarious (not mean 😉 ) comment about my ineptitude.

1c) For unknown reasons, my booty muscles would NOT engage all that well. Basically, it felt like my glutes were waltzing about of their own accord.

Happy dance version, not post-spin version.

So different from my run on Sunday, when they felt dialed in.

1d) (last running one, I promise) My mom didn’t know how to properly run when I was growing up. Our person trainer finally taught her. When she was training for her first half (So I was in college). She did pointe until she was in her early 20s, so she would run as if in toe shoes. No joke it was embarrassing. Remember the deet-deet-deet thing that I referenced in my Ride the Downhills post? That was her. At all times. No lie.

2) Zoe has been ridiculous (well, as usual) recently. She has decide that we are friends again, apparently. Thus we are not to be left alone.

zoe suzlyfe collage

3) I am going to put together a fashion post (yup more pictures of this too thin body!) coming up because I have so many new and awesome clothes to show you. I really need to stop, but having a paycheck is soooooo much fun!



None of the clothes in the following picture are that exciting or that new, but it was the first time I had done that combo.

business casual suzlyfe

4) Alex has 2 days off in a 3 day span. After a run of 10 days of work. THAT IS DUMB.

5) I kind of want to take him to Lulu yoga this weekend (like I went to with Sara). I don’t think he is ready for CPY. Not because it is too difficult, I just want him not to feel like he has to commit to anything or that he is invading my territory. Also, it was so awesome being in that area of the city. And I will need yoga, as per usual.

I shall leave you with that for now. Don’t worry, I will haunt your dreams, as per usual.

Fashion post: yay or nay?

Anyone else feel like sometimes their booty muscles just kind of wander off and need to be wrangled back and told to work?

Any other hilarious sprinters out there?

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