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Dealing with Injury (Running Coaches Corner)


I spent a great deal of the past year and a half dealing with injury, and in honor of my one year anniversary since being diagnosed with a sacral stress fracture and being put on crutches with no activity. Join up with Running Coaches Corner!

First of all, thank you all so much for you incredible love and support yesterday as I began my discussion of my infertility treatment. I never had any trepidation putting those words out there because I knew that you all would have my back!

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Perfect for today: Don’t miss my guest post for Laura explaining How to Navigate Training during the Holiday Season!

Dealing with Injury

Dealing with injury? Learn how to protect your body image, help your friends support you, and more. Join the Running Coaches Corner Link up!

Oh, goodness, I’ve written a thing or two on dealing with injury. Today, I am looking back at posts that cover the mental side (and some physical aspects) of coping and dealing with injury.

What CAN You Say to an Injured Athlete?

So often we are told what NOT to say to an injured athlete or injured runner, but what CAN you say to someone who is dealing with injury. How to actually connect with an injured athlete, support them, and help them out in a way that doesn’t make them want to throw a chair at you.

Dealing with Forced Rest without Going Crazy

Last year, I was ordered to take at least 2 weeks of complete rest (and I am going to be doing the same before too long!). After going from marathon training, to starting to run, to still being able to do the bike every day and walking (even though I was in pain), to…. NOTHING. How to deal with one of the most infuriating parts of dealing with injury: forced rest!

Fueling for Injury Recovery

Nutrition is SUCH a critical component of an athlete’s training regimen. Nutrition is also incredibly important for injury recovery. Take a look at a day in the life of my eats during the most critical part of my injury recovery.

Protecting Your Body Image During Time Off

One of the most important posts I’ve ever written, in my opinion. For active individuals and athletes, taking time off from fitness due to injury (and not just because they desire a change or break), can threaten their healthy body image because they are so used to seeing themselves in a strong, capable light. Find out how I protected my positive and healthy body image when I was not allowed to workout.

What I learned From Injury and Success

Bringing it all together, putting the scope of injury and recovery into perspective. The lessons that I learned from a year of injuries as well as major successes. Spoiler alert: you CAN live without running.

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If you are dealing with an injury, know that you are NOT at the end of the road. Yes, you might have to take some time off, and that might be days, it might be months. But at the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to get back out there in some way. Attack your recovery like you did your training, but with the learned eye of knowing what you did to get yourself there! Reach out to professionals–a good physical therapist who can help you deal with muscle atrophy and activation can help keep you out of PT in the long term. Talk to a running coach to help you come back conservatively and avoiding re-injury!

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