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DC Family Reunion 2018 Highlights + Weekend Catch Up 6/11

And now to finish recapping our big 2018 Family Reunion in DC! Highlights from our trip and some other fun things.

I already covered the trip with regards to Emmie–so check that out if you want to know how she did!

DC Family Reunion 2018

1) So, as much fun as the trip was, it almost didn’t happen. We literally almost didn’t leave Chicago. Saturday morning, we got up, got ready and made sure that we had everything, got Emmie all situated, took a Lyft down to Midway, got out, got the stroller etc unloaded, waited in this long line at the Southwest counter to get Emmie’s boarding certificate (as a lap child)…. and when we got to the counter, we were informed that our plane had been canceled. Outright.

Now, to Southwest’s credit, they had sent me an email that morning at 8. I just didn’t get it until we were at the airport because my phone hates me, apparently. 

But, yeah. Plane canceled, not even delayed, due to weather in the DC metro area. We spent the next minutes suggesting all the other alternative airports that we could fly into (Richmond, Dulles, Baltimore, even Philadelphia), and none of them had flights other than a few layover flights that would get us in at 9 that night (our original flight was supposed to take off at 12:30, it was 11ish at the time). Our next option was to book ourselves onto the 5:45 AM the next morning. We took that just to have something, and I went to the Delta counter, which only had flights that connected through Detroit and ran about $750 a person at the least.


We called an Uber to go home and started checking flights out of O’Hare. Alex found a nonstop United flight that left at 2 PM, so, if we were able to get there in time, we could still get to DC in time for dinner.

And avoid a 12+ hour travel day with a 4 month old. Who was still on hunger strike off and on.

One $90 Uber ride + a poopsplosion + complete change of clothes + eating of our emergency snacks later, we arrived at O’Hare, got through security, got food, and Emmie had a complete meltdown and refused to eat. Alex ultimately got her to fall asleep in his arms, and we boarded our flight to DC.

2) Lunches were the foodie star of the show (though dinners weren’t too shabby!)

Alex and I got our solo lunch in Old Town. 

My family and I went to a delicious lunch at Virtue Feed and Grain. I don’t have pictures, but I got an awesome Tuna Poke Salad, a fabulous mezza platter, and some great sangria (it does exist in VA after all!)

The star of the lunch show was the lunch at The Warehouse with my fam. A bottle of red and rose for the table, a great and super attentive waiter, and this: LOBSTER COBB SALAD

2 hours later….

3) Monday afternoon/evening, Alex’s brother’s in-laws hosted us for a super fun pool party and grill out. Emmie was still being super finicky about eating, but we had a great time and the weather was perfect. Tyson even went off the diving board with Uncle Alex’s help!

4) Emmie meeting my little (who was my MoH at my wedding and I was a co MOH at hers.

5) Not to be outdone by Emmie’s physical triumphs, Alex and I had some fun physical outings as well! We ran with Emmie on Sunday on the GW Parkway and then by ourselves on Wednesday–my first 5k since last summer and then a strong 4 miles, respectively! Alex also did his longest run in a long time: 7 total miles (he did 4 more after running with Em and me on Sunday).

I also went to a gym for the first time since I stopped training people last summer and used machines and weights over 5 lbs for the first since…. last May? And a spin bike for the first time since then? I kept everything moderate with regards to intensity–I didn’t want to risk injury. The hardest part was the mental game, honestly! Yes, you can push through that, that is a GOOD burn

Some Randoms:

I had a more-than-slight soda obsession while we were there. I’m going to back off of it slowly, but it got a little out of hand!

It literally rained. all. day. long. on Sunday. Monday… the clouds parted and it was gorgeous the rest of the trip!

Halo Top Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough exists. And it is maybe the best thing that I’ve ever put in my mouth. Yes, TWSS and THAT”S WHAT I SAY!

So that wraps up my posts on our fabulous DC Family Reunion 2018! I hope we can make this an annual thing! I am so happy everyone has now met Emmie, and we made plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well 😀

I have so many more pictures, but I don’t want to post them without people’s permission and want to respect their privacy. But let’s just say a great time was had by all!

This weekend

This weekend was pretty busy as well! Alex had fellowship graduation (he wasn’t graduating) and then Emmie and I got rained out of joining him for the liver walk on Saturday morning. 

Ellen graduated, and my little clan headed down to Hyde Par I’m to help them celebrate aka Alex and I ate and other people watched the child. I’m going to miss Ellen so much!


Sunday was frustrating because Emmie was difficult eating again and it is getting to me. I’m going to talk to the doctors about the situation this week because she’s been acting like this for 2 weeks now. I want to make sure nothing else is going on. 

I did take a nearly 2 hour nap while she napped, though. On her floor. Using a unicorn as a pillow. And then we went to Alex’s co fellow’s house to catch the tail end of his son’s first birthday party. Which translates to us hanging out and eating their food.

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