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DC Family Reunion 2018 Emmie Recap (19 weeks + Friday Catch Up)

Hellllooooo,  poppets! I feel like it has been forever since we last spoke. In reality, only a week has passed, but so much has happened! Let’s get right into our DC Family Reunion with the Friday Catch Up! 

And you’ve already been warned, this is going to be a long one!

Edited to add: I’m going to split this up into two posts. The first will be all Emmie stuff, so if you aren’t interested, TTFN.

June Family Reunion Catch Up

1) First of all, Emmie did SO GREAT on the plane and with all of the craziness. Yes, she definitely had some meltdowns–including in the Chicago airport and some mini ones on the plane–but they were relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Her biggest fusses/meltdowns revolved around eating: she is still being difficult with regards to nursing. But we are learning to roll with it and just let her figure it out. She always ate enough, ultimately (I keep track), and she always had a few sessions that were without fuss, but we had lots of 3-5 minute and then done bouts. 

Teething on Dad’s face

I think that her fussiness is due a) to being 19 weeks and b) to the beginnings of teething. I had suspected as much last week, but when she finally started to just outright gnaw on Alex’s finger one time, we knew. So I’m just giving her grace and trying to be understanding!

We have re-introduced the pacifier to her to give her something to gnaw on. She needed it. I’ll cross the bridge weaning her off of that when she doesn’t have bones coming through her gums.

On the plane, we basically just tried to keep her as entertained as possible. She did nurse a few times (some more successful than others), but mostly we played with her. Crinkle paper, her unicorn Sir Flurf, and the cover of a magazine were big hits.

She was fantastic during her second flight home! Then she slept in the Uber on the way home. 

2) Overall, Emmie was a ROCKSTAR with all the hubbub and being passed around to everyone. It was actually a great brain week for her to be so stimulated–she developed so much mentally during the week from different types of play and different toys. Cousin Tyson (4 years old) was so sweet with her and shared with her and introduced her to new things! 

During the week she did some really cool things, like prop herself up in a sitting position using her arms (I sat her up and then leaned her forward). She also got to play in a stand up activity gym, which she was VERY into. I even ordered one for her!

3) We had some minor regressions as well, like the aforementioned reintroduction of Wubs, letting her nap in the rock n play, using the stroller to get her to sleep, and not letting her work through some nighttime wakings (like when she obviously wasn’t hungry). Honestly, I was going to pick my battles, plus I didn’t want her waking up Tyson or the rest of the family. She was also way off her napping schedule (which is loose but I try to get 2-3 naps a day for her), but she had also been off it the previous week, so I couldn’t very well do anything about it.

She was so tired from all the stimulation–Monday and Tuesday she FINALLY napped–and even took a nearly 3 hour nap while we had lunch and walked around Old Town with my family after a 1 hour nap that morning! But we were all proud of the little nugget, and I felt like all the grandparents and aunts and uncles got some really good, highly interactive time with her.

4) She is loving avocado and getting better and better at it! If only she’d eat what ACTUALLY gives her calories lol. But we are working on that. 

5) Some things we did to make her travel easier:

*We packed our own audio baby monitor, her sound machine, and her “travel” blanket (the one that we use with the stroller), and I am so glad that we did. Those things + the swaddle (which we keep her arms out of) really helped her feel more at home. The sound + smells + security were instrumental in getting her to sleep!

  • Favorite toys that are highly interactive to mix in with wnew toys and people: rattles, crinkle paper (aka baby crack), Sir Flurf (the unicorn), and the reintroduction of Wubs

  • We kept to our time zone–We didn’t try to shift her an hour forward and then an hour behind or whatever. Honestly, it made things easier!
  • Tried to feed her in quiet places that smelled like us: our room/bed (like when she was a newborn and I nursed her in bed) mainly

  • Reverted back to some sleep “crutches”–allowing her to sleep in a rock n play or in her carseat

  • Kept an eye on her with regards to when she was getting overly stimulated and tired to intercede before she lost her marbles.

Overall, I’m super duper pleased and pumped with my kiddo. Plus, I’m not going to lie, it was pretty great to have other people to entertain her all day, lol. Now, what am I supposed to do with her? She’s probably saying the same about me!

I’ll be back with some more highlights from the trip!

Looking forward: Ridley comes home this morning! Alex has fellowship graduation (he isn’t graduating, but supporting our friends) tonight. We have the Liver Walk tomorrow morning, brunch with friends after, and Ellen’s graduation party tomorrow night. We might be going to a kiddo birthday party on Sunday, but it will depend on Alex’s schedule (he might have to pick up a shift for someone).

Did you travel much as a kid?

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