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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Eat Dance like nobody’s watching. I have a new approach to one of my #lifegoals, all thanks to Punjabi dancing.

Before I forget (like I have the past few days), I was featured this weekend over on Thoroughly Thriving. I’d love it if you would check out my interview! 

Also, today would be my grandfather’s birthday. Love you and miss you, Grandpa.

Dance like Nobody’s Watching

This weekend, I accomplished more than just one of my #lifegoals and#goals when I wore a sari and got goofy. I let my hair down, I ate, laughed, and danced like nobody is watching. And it has inspired me to take a new approach to my #lifegoals. 

Alex and I at the Barrat just before the traditional Hindu ceremony. Loved my sari! @suzlyfe

One of my favorite parts of the entire Indian Wedding extravaganza from this weekend was the dancing at the Sangeet (the first night). Yes, we did plenty of dancing at the reception, but the first night was totally revolutionary, surprising, and extraordinary.

Maybe it was the fact that I was amongst people I didn’t know. Maybe it was the traditional dress (and flats, not the heels I wore at the reception). Maybe it was the caffeine or the whiskey. 

Dance like nobody's watching. I have a new approach to one of my #lifegoals, all thanks to Punjabi dancing.

Not the wedding we were at, but you get the idea.

All I know is that I danced like I’ve not danced in a long, long time. And I think I owe it to all of the above but also to the music and style of dance.

You see, Punjabi dancing (at least in my mind) is free of judgments. There is none of that “they’re together” nonsense that happens at American dances and clubs. You just dance and jump and flick your wrists and put your hands in the air like you don’t care. And you don’t, not really. 

Give yourself a pep talk! You are a badass bitch!

Of course, I know that this is my westerner’s perspective–there are choreographed dances that are highly expressive, evocative, and illustrative of emotions, situations, and relationships between people and the world. But there is western style dancing like that as well, so I think that I am ok in saying that sometimes, dancing is just dancing and moving your body around in the way that feels good.

And so I did. I am so grateful that my back was healed in time to have this experience, because the experience brought me back a piece of myself that I thought was long gone: the carefree, high energy, outgoing, and happy about life Suz that so often loses out to the serious, quiet, tired/reserved, and introverted side of me. It isn’t that that side of me never comes out, but it happens in spurts and isolated instances rather than sustained periods of time.

On second though, maybe I shouldn't dance like nobody's watching! @suzlyfe

My new #lifegoal? Not just to be less serious, but to find a moment, every day, to be silly, goofy, uninhibited. And hopefully, that focus on creating and nurturing that moment will become a series of moments that I can string together.

Hopefully, I can do a bit more dancing like nobody’s watching. But I might just request that I’m wearing my bangles 😀

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When was the last time you felt completely free in the midst of a crowd?

Have you ever danced to Punjabi music?

Thank you Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

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