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A Damn Good Week to Follow a Damn Good Weekend

I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to post for today. I didn’t feel like I had much to say, and I don’t want to post for the sake of posting. I don’t have anything informational to say, no major words of advice, or 5 ways to do whatever with whatever. My brain right now is completely overwhelmed with several new things that have recently been put into motion. I’ve been working really hard on new projects (part of the reason that I’m down to the wire with posting) and the possibilities of possibility to come. I hate all this vague blogging that I am doing right now, but I just can’t talk about these things yet, so all I ask is that you send good energy my way. (you know I’ll send it right back!). 

So if you came to the blog today for a major epiphany, I’m sorry, I just can’t give it to you. I just want to kick it old school today, and talk about my Friday Favorites so that I can remember a week that was pretty damn exhausting, emotional, and great.

And you know why it was great? It all all the best parts of my life.

Sleeping. HARD

I dunno why, but I’ve needed it this week! And when you don’t tend to sleep very well, let me tell you what, you appreciate it!


Well, the week started off with running with Alex for the third (?) time ever!!

Running with Alex on the Lake Front Path

I have had two of my best solo runs in a long while this week. I did have to stop for the restroom during both of them (in Mo’s phrasing, to prevent “my stomach falling out of my ass”), but I was able to just pick up and rev it back after. It felt good to go fast again, even if both runs started with me being a bit meh about it. But you know what? I got over myself and took that first step.

Get Over Yourself in Running and Life Suzlyfe

Also, I went up in my lat pull downs, which I had to regress since PT when we realized my lats weren’t engaging properly. GETTING BIG.

Suz in Brick Betty Girl on Fire Tank


This picture explains it all. I torture them, and they love me for it.

The New Wall Art

The New Wall Art

New Opportunities

Speaking of, I’ve recently taken some pretty big steps in my own life and set into motion new opportunities for my future. What made it even better? I got to share it with some great friends and blends in my life. And when I asked for help, they stepped. up.

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

This week, I became the Editor and Community Manager for I Love To You know eBibs? Same guys. Well, we are getting the blog and articles going for the site as well, so my first act as ECM has been to curate posts–expect to see many of your favorite bloggers and friends contributing to I Love To Run! Like us on Facebook for updates! And make sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute yourselves!


This week was a great week of lunches with friends, some of whom I’ve not seen in a very, very long time.

Suz and Erin Nike Run Club #RunwithHart Chicago

I had a great, long lunch with Erin at Lyfe Kitchen. We talked about all the crazy that is going on in both of our lives (which is quite a bit) over healthy food (making us feel better about ourselves, lol).

Our first meeting.... awwww

Our first meeting…. awwww

Sara Update! I got to have a long, long overdue lunch with Sara at Protein Bar. I haven’t seen Sara since Ragnar, and I’ve missed her terribly. She’s doing great! Sara isn’t running at the moment–she seems so much happier and content than she did in the weeks following Ragnar. Running was just proving to be too much for her body, and she found that every time she ran, she had to deal with pain for days after. And that pain just robbed her of the joy of it. So Detroit Marathon is off, but she is ok with it–she is just happy to still be able to Sproing and SoulCycle! We all know it is about respecting your body and doing what is right for you–and she is doing just that. For those (ie all of you) missing her blog, she is planning to reboot and come back in the next few months! Girlfriend just needed a break.

Photo by Chelsea Patricia

Photo by Chelsea Patricia

I currently have one of my best friends staying with us (and for the weekend). Courtney and I have been friends since first year of college, she was one of my roommates, she helped get me through grad school, and she was one of my bridesmaids. To think that I haven’t seen her in person in several years is just unconscionable! Luckily, she has already been introduced to Doc B’s (Alex’s insistence).

That brings us to….


Because you know I need to talk about it.

Honey, I cooked (again).

Buffalo Burgers!

Buffalo Burgers with Sriracha Hummus, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Multigrain Buns Suzlyfe

Alex was so jazzed about the pork chops from last week that he requested them again! I obliged, but I didn’t get a good picture, and I’m going to have to–the rub and dressing that I made for it was BOSS.

Pic from last time, but similar idea, only the chops were WAY bigger this time!

Pic from last time, but similar idea, only the chops were WAY bigger this time!

And I Zoodled!!

Zoodles with Mustard Balsamic and TVP (Vegan and Gluten Free) Dinner Suzlyfe

Lyfe Kitchen and Protein Bar with my Girls

Lyfe Kitchen Chicago Kale Caesar Salad with Mahi Mahi Suzlyfe

I tell you, Alex is obsessed with Doc B’s. 2x in one week. OBSESSED I TELL YOU.

Black Tiger Shrimp Salad + Wok Bowl

Grilled Chicken Salad + Alex’s Tennessee Hot Chicken (also an Internal Affair)

Doc B's Internal Affair Margarita Chicago

Doc B’s Internal Affair Margarita Chicago

Time with Alex. 

It has been lovely to feel like I’ve actually seen him this week. We’ve had dinner and been able to spend time together throughout the week, and, especially on the heels of our 7 years together this past weekend, and with his retreat into the hospital forthcoming, I am so glad that we got to have the time together.

And I have to say, ironically, the day that I posted my In Defense of Summer…. it was 67 deg in Chicago. Point taken.

A Damn Good Week, following a Damn Good Weekend. Here’s to hard work, dedication, and play. Thank you to Heather for helping me to remember the best parts of this week!

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Best part of your week?

For those that are married, when was the last time that you saw the members of your bridal party?

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