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Daily Serving : Nutrition Simplified Dietitian Created Snacks (Tried it Tuesday)

Thank you all for your birthday wishes for Alex! His day didn’t quite pan out the way we hoped it would–he had to stay late to save the world. Don’t forget about my Jessica’s Natural Foods Gluten Free Granola and Organic Syrup giveaway! 2 winners! And use code SUZLYFE for $5 off your order now through April 15!



I’ve been sitting on telling you all about this company for a few months now, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. I mentioned Daily Serving snacks briefly in February when I discussed my favorite nutrient dense marathon training / fit life snacks. I met Austin at the Equinox Sweatworking event in January and had lunch with her a little while after, but she asked me not to tell you all too much about DS yet, as they were redeveloping a few of the snacks and would be re-releasing the product line in March. Well, FINALLY I get to spill the beans! 

daily serving recover defend fuel review

But, perhaps they are better equipped to tell you all who / what they are! From the website:

Daily Serving is more than just a food company – we deliver personalized health solutions through the natural power of food. Discover the ways you can achieve your health and wellness goals with advice from our team of expert Registered Dietitians.  We take the confusion out of what to eat and why to eat it. Finally, nutrition has been simplified!

While most foods provide energy (calories) to the body, the term “functional foods” describe foods that have additional benefits. Beyond just something to munch on, functional foods can improve your health and influence the way you look and feel. Increasing amounts of research point to fruits, vegetables and nuts as a natural source of vitamins anad nutrients necessary for improved energy, immunity, focus and more.

It’s important to make an informed decision when choosing the foods you put in your body. dailyServing products are made with functional foods full of natural goodness and selected with the trusted advice of a dietitian. Each product is designed to deliver a personal nutrition solution that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.Snack your way to a better you!

How do they do this?

By taking the guesswork out of fueling your fit life by offering your pre- and appropriately portioned snacks (all 6 oz and available as single juices or snacks or the juice + snack combo) that are tailored to your needs. Cold Pressing for the juices the preserves the integrity of the nutrients while also providing superior taste (think cold-press coffee). Everything is non-GMO, organic, gluten free, and vegan (except for the chocolate).

Review of Daily Serving Snacks

daily serving defend review

Cold and Flu Season? Defend has got your back, and also was my absolute favorite of the pairs: Cold Pressed Kale and Orange Juice (which I will tell you, looks not so good but was delicious!) readily hand over Vitamin C and Vitamin A to your immune system without overwhelming it. For all of you Emergen-C adherents, you do know that your body can only absorb so much Vitamin C at once, right…? For your snack? Dried carrot chips, pine nuts, crystalized ginger, and rosemary. OMGOMGOMG. I intended to just try a bit of this (because I was tasting them all), and then I tried it, and well, yeah. That was gone an hour later. Even after I put it up to discourage my consuming it. The carrot and ginger are perfection, and the rosemary is just enough to perk up your senses. The pine nuts are the perfect nutty foil to others. I could eat this all day long!

daily serving defend nutrition facts

Hard workout on the docket? Reach for Fuel: Cold Pressed Beet & Apple Juice paired with Cashews, Golden Raisins, Green Apples, with Sage. Why these ingredients? . The Nitric Acid of the beets promotes oxygenation and blood flow to decrease muscle fatigue. Cashews provide protein and good fats, the apples and raisins provide carbs and help to re-energize you, and sage acts to reduce inflammatory responses. And yes, they do provide the research to back up their claims!

Ok, so you’ve worked out. Now reach for Recover: Cold Pressed Pineapple and Turmeric Juice. Turmeric is the “new” magical spice out there, it seems, but dietitians have been promoting it for years for its anti-inflammatory properties thanks to curcumin (long used for pain as well). The Bromelian enzyme within the pineapple juice and stems further promotes anti-inflammation, and the natural sugars help to refuel! For a snack? Roasted Edamame and Tart Cherries dusted with a little of ginger for protein, natural sugars and powerful antioxidants (tart cherry juice is used by many athletes for recovery!), and salt for electrolyte balance. 

daily serving boost nutrition facts review

Not in need of a juice and snack, but still need something to munch on and get going again? How about Boost: Coconut, Dried Strawberries, Almonds, and Ginger for medium-chain Triglycerides to promote fat burn, sugar for short term energy, fat and fiber for long term energy, and ginger to reduce inflammation. Or just put it on ice cream. Which is what I did (reeeeeally good on chocolate ice cream, by the way).

Other than the Defend Snack, my favorite was the Ignite: Green Apples, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate and a light dust of Cayenne. Ignite promotes brain function through caffeine (in the chocolate), natural sugars, and Omega-3s and fatty acids. Just spicy enough for a kick (wakes you up immediately) until the chocolate kicks in and then the fruit and nuts for longer and longer term energy. That was another snack that had a very short shelf life for me. As in was gone almost immediately. Thank goodness it is pre-portioned!

daily serving product collage

Don’t believe me? The Daily Serving website has links to proven research to back all of it up. Furthermore, though not every employee of the company is a registered nutritionist, dietitian, or has a background in nutrition or dietetics (though I Katie and Austin are!), this is NOT about reading some pamphlet and then regurgitating information, as I have found to be the case with many companies. The employees truly do live, breathe, believe, understand, and practice what they are preaching, from the ground up. 

This is a company that I 100% stand behind. Everything is small batch made and certified (you will even see the sharpie marks on the lids, lol). And they are upfront with their research. They take their product and mission very seriously, and they are filling what both they and I perceive as a real void–smart nutrition, function food, but accessible. And the ladies themselves are just gems! Their goal is not to preach about their product, but create the very best product they can and then to let it do the talking. 

daily serving boost review

At the moment, Daily Serving is unfortunately only available locally in the Chicago area and at certain expos (like Expo West). But part of the reason that I wanted to tell you all about it now is to let you know that such products do exist, and also to help them figure out where the demand might be as they start to expand! 

So tell me: 

What do you think of Daily Serving? Would you be interested in seeing something like this in your area?

How important is it that a company works to make sure each ingredient works for you?  

Are you into juicing? Would you do the double or the singles? And which one looks best?

Sure, I was able to try the product thanks to Daily Serving’s generosity, but that was after I was introduced to them and hunted them down myself. These are my opinions and I do adore them!

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