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Daddy’s Home (34 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 9/21)

Daddy’s been home quite a bit this week thanks to a research rotation, so we’ve been soaking up the time while also trying out some new routines. Friday Catch Up time!

There wasn’t a Weekend Catch Up this week, but check out last Friday’s Catch Up!

Friday Catch Up 9/21

1). Migraine

I didn’t plan on skipping out on the Weekend Catch Up for Monday, but I went to bed Friday night knowing that a migraine was in the works. I was proven correct overnight, and even though my headache improved by Sunday night, I just decided to raincheck until I felt better. My headaches always last about 50-72 hours total, so it wasn’t until Monday night that I felt pretty much back to normal.

I’ve described my headaches before, but what has been really interesting to me is that since Emmie was born, there has been an additional layer of nausea added to the migraines. The one I had after giving birth to her was awful and very painful, but since then, the pain hasn’t been *as* bad, but the other symptoms have gotten worse. Now, I find that smell affects me more greatly (try being around diapers….), and I get much worse nausea.  

I was still able to enjoy the weekend, however, thanks to caffeine and Tylenol (used sparingly) and Alex being home. It really sucks when I get migraines during the week and not only do Em and I have to stay home but I also have to find a way to play with her when I feel like my ear is bleeding (it is a very weird sensation). 

So even though you would think that having a migraine on the weekends would suck, it is a better scenario, or at least it was this time. 

2) Events from the Weekend

I was able to push through well enough to take Em up to Taco Fest in the Southport Corridor. In classic Lemmer fashion, however, our travel was a comedy of errors as Emmie and I 1) missed our bus by 30 seconds, 2) my bus card wouldn’t work and I was short 5c–thank you nice man for your dollar!–and then my bus card STILL wouldn’t work after Alex reloaded it while he was on the El on the way to meet us, 3) the bus driver blew past my stop even though I pulled the cord but stopped between stops for us, 4) I missed my connecting bus by 15s because of the snafu, and 5) we had to walk alongside Wrigley with a stroller right before the start of a Cubs game. 

I can’t make this up. 

We met up with Alex, Ali and fam, and Sarah (Em’s sitter and Ali’s SIL-to-be) and her friends at the Lululemon, where my old friend Sara (a kicka$$ RDN and chef!) was serving up guac to celebrate her cookbook Taco! Taco! Taco! We caught up and then milled about before heading out into the crowds. 

The highlight of Taco Fest for me? Emmie drinking a 3 oz bottle in one go!!! Cue choirs of angels!!! 

The heat started to get to me thanks to my head, and so we left after about an hour. Little one needed a nap as well, and by the time we got home, we both felt like (or were starting to) cry. 

The only other big event from this weekend was the GI Fellows BBQ that we went to last year when I was 5 months pregnant and just before I got put on crutches! CRAZY There were so many babies/kids this year, it was pretty adorable. We stayed juuuust long enough to get food, and then Em started to lose it, so we headed home with one of the other babies (who is just a few months older than Em). By the time we got her home it was straight to boob and bed, even though she had eaten some at the barbecue.

3) This Week’s Activities

This week, we have hit up Stroller Strides x2 and I’ve had 2 great runs as well. The weather has been fantastic–that early fall loveliness–for the most part, so we have been staying late at the Stay and Play after Fit4Mom and hanging out with friends! 

Oh, and last week, Em started her session of Broadway and Me with Grease, and it was so adorable. She was PUMPED this week, and kept waving her arms excitedly throughout. They are doing Frozen this week, and Alex and I will BOTH get to go!

That is because Alex is on research! So this week, he has been going in to the hospital in the mornings and working/in clinic/moonlighting, and then home for dinner and bedtime (except for his moonlighting shift). It has been great for him to have so much extra time with the Nugget, plus we get to do things like go to Tarascas on a Monday. 

4) Emmie Updates

And Tarascas is getting even better, because since giving in at Donut Fest and having some soy and dairy that day without any reprocussions, we are reintroducing both of those into my diet again! I’m still be careful and not going #crazy, but over the past 2 weeks she has gone from no soy in her/my diet at all to dabbling in things cooked with soy, soy lecithin, and finally, a big test, soy protein isolate (from Alex’s Kashi), soy sauce + soybean oil (in the peanut sauce I made for Alex), and even some tofu! I don’t do these on the same day, and not in huge amounts, but if she was sensitive, we would definitely know.

Dairy will be next. I’m going to start with dairy baked in things and then yogurts, then butters and.. GASP… dairy ice cream! I don’t really drink cow’s milk anyway, so we will just confer with the doc about if we let Emmie just try some.

Emmie is game to try things, though. I got these silicone straws after she cut her lip on a plastic straw (plus, I’ve been wanting some reuseable straws). I gave her the straw with it still in my smoothie, and next I knew she had slurped some up! That’s one way to introduce foods!

Since she doesn’t really seem to have much interest in actually crawling (she wants to move forward, but more through willing it so than doing the work), we are currently working on going from seated to belly. It was going better and better (Mama needed a win) until Thursday afternoon, when she tried but fell forward. Right on to the ridge of one of her stacking cups. 🙁 She and her buddy Ryan (who got attacked by a block + the floor last week) are quite a pair. 

Bottle drinking is going pretty well. Big meals from the bottle still aren’t happening (3 oz is our record, and we need to be hitting 4-6 oz at a time). Distraction is a big issue with it. But it is getting better with regards to her acceptance of it.

5) This Weekend

This weekend will be chill by our standards. I am going to a Shred/Stretch class on Sunday, and that is all that is scheduled (I know, who are we). Next week will be very busy, even though Alex is on vacation. We have the dentist, fertility appointments, Alex will moonlight one of the nights, Ridley needs to get shots, and I might take Ridley to day care and let her get her ish out one of the days. At the end of the week is another Emmie physical class and then Fall Fest Stroller Strides at the Zoo!

Oh, and right now my parents are living my mom’s dream trip in Ireland. This picture had better be their Christmas card….

What’s up with you guys?

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