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Daddy Time + New Tricks (24 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 7/16)

This weekend was all about Daddy Time for Em (and for me, too!). And lots of Emmie updates in this one, because she learned some cool new tricks! Weekend Catch Up Time!.

Did you catch my recap of our trip to Georgia and then my short and sweet Friday Catch Up?

Weekend Recap 7/16

1) Daddy Time was desperately needed this weekend. Alex didn’t see Emmie the weekend before and only saw her minimally during the week, ending up with him staying at the hospital on Thursday for call. So Em and I packed up his lunch and the Kodiak Cakes Brownies I made (did you see my Instagram stories?) and headed down to bring him lunch and see him for all of 5-10 minutes. But it was so worth it to see her face light up when she saw him!

He unfortunately got home a little later that night, and Emmie needed to get to bed early (more on that in a moment), so it was ALL about Daddy time Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be honest, it was nice to have someone to help me with her–she gets tired of me, lol. 

We did lots of play with the kiddo, and we went out to an early dinner at Gaslight and got the hummus and guac platter because it is AWESOME. Emmie got super overheated, though, and I ended up just holding a glass to her head! It made her so much happier, though.

The major bummer of the weekend? Our obsession with Frances Deli is at an end. There is (99% likelihood of) new management, and a new chef, and he is doing things a bit differently. Not that his way is bad or worse or whatever, but our favorite dishes have changed in ways that mean we aren’t as likely to crave them. I’m happy for the business that they are doing new things (and as someone who has worked in and around restaurants for years, I understand), but it just means that we will be saving money. Which is probably a good thing. But still….


2) Emmie updates!

We ended up not going to the class on Friday because she wasn’t old enough for it. The age listed on the booking website was different than the class title, and when I got the reminded email and saw the discrepancy, I called and decided to wait. But we will likely go in a few weeks!

We are DEFINITELY entering another mental/physical development phase. My super happy baby of the past month is becoming more ornery, whiny, and is needing a lot of sleep. Nursing is becoming a bit more contested like before, but I am much better prepared to deal with it. I just stay calm, give her some time, maybe give her Wubbs/Nubbs to neutralize her, and then we try again. 

She turned herself from back to front for the first time this weekend! That was super exciting, and I was really happy that she didn’t get upset after (because she was on her tummy). She also managed to get herself back over from tummy to back, which was doubly exciting because she has been having issues with that. She was SO impressed with herself 😀 Honestly, we have her love of her feet to thank because it all starts with her grabbing them, lol. She is starting to actually use to arm and leg to push/kick over as well, a major change and something she and I have been working on. It isn’t a lock, but she is doing great. 

I’ve introduced a lot of new “toys” to her this weekend to encourage her to use her hands and to reach and explore. Toys like (child safety locked) pill bottles, no-slip headbands (thank you Sparkly Soul!), necklaces, binder clips, my hat (cutest pictures ever from that!), and more. Just household items that she can wave around and explore. 

We’ve had lots of fun with her in her new booster seat! I’m wedging her in to keep her more secure. She’s siting a lot between my legs and in the Boppy (like I mentioned last week). I’m trying to encourage the use of her arms to prop her while also giving her some options (and keeping her from knocking herself out).

Sunday she sat by herself totally unassisted, and for a long time!

Oh, and we are now having to bathe her in the shower because she LOVES the bath and splishy splashes like CRAZY!!! It is too funny!

3) Emmie + Eating Update!

She has made some MAJOR connections with regards to eating this week! The incredibly unsuccessful grean beans of a few weeks ago were a total hit this weekend, as were the carrot and butternut squash purees. She got so excited about the green beans that she was just opening her mouth as wide as possible and asking for more! I even had to follow it up with avocado after! It was also cool to see her realize that she had to transition her eating technique and chew the avocado after swallowing the puree. That was seriously cool. 

I know. She is the cutest.

She seriously gets so excited about the spoon and is connecting it with eating and it going into her mouth… but let’s just say that her aim is off, haha! Sometimes it hits her forehead, sometimes her cheek, but that will come with time. We also started to explore the textures of foods with her hands. At first she didn’t know what to do with avocado in her hands other than to squeeze it, but after we helped her bring it to her mouth, she wtared trying to do that more (and ended up with it on her forehead, even). 

When Alex and I went to Gaslight, we brought along some banana so that she could “eat with us,” and it was a huge success as well!  

I’m still making sure that she nurses first and then eats real food, but we will likely really start some Baby Led Weaning after I check in with the pediatrician at her 6 month appointment (OMG NEXT WEEK). 

With all of these synapses firing, no wonder she is so tired and cranky! She’s actually waking up more at night, but she is actively hungry when it happens. In the mornings, she might wake up, but she acts differently if it isn’t for hunger, and she is able to get herself to sleep (often) after 10ish minutes. She is nursing for comfort, and to clm down for sleep, but she is also demonstrating that she can self-soothe, so I’m trying to balance the two. 

4) Fitness and Hip Update

I’m staying off of my hip. Period. No running for a while, and I’m keeping walking pretty much to just inside the apartment. Thankfully, Alex was home this weekend to walk Ridley, but I’m going to be outsourcing that for a while. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I have sneaking suspicions about it (and I unfortunately tend to be right about those). Going to the doctor next week to hopefully get some answers. 

But that said, since I cannot work my legs/but/cardio, I am dedicating this time to really keeping up with my upper body! That means my 100 daily pushups, and more and more of those are full full pushups! Now up to 30! I used to do all 100 as full pushups prior to pregnancy. I then do a forearm plank for a minute (and I need to start increasing that). Then 100 triceps dips off the ottoman. I’m modifying with bent knees and flat feet, but I’ll get back to my old ways of lifted feet and straight legs. 

Next I”m going to add in biceps curls and other exercises with my resistance band! I also want to do more core work. 

5) This week!

This week is a full one and next week will be, too. Alex is finally off of his crazy GI consult rotation and back at the VA for endoscopy, which means that he will be commuting more but having better hours, so he is going to walk Ridley in the morning and hopefully be home for dinner etc at night. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so I am hoping for plenty of al fresco dinners!

We start with turkey burgers al fresco on Sunday. I make an amazing turkey burger, if I do say so. And I do 😀

I have 3 more iron infusions this week and then a full weekend of visitors (and Alex being off). Then next week both Emmie and I have doctors appointments, plus ANOTHER infusion (this time for Remicade), and then Courtney is coming to visit! Luckily for her, the apartment is getting cleaned before she comes 😀

I know, so many updates, but it was a great weekend! Here’s to a great week ahead!

How are you making the most of your summer?

Anyone else craving chocolate like WHOA? Or is it just me??

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