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Trying Out a Cushioned Running Shoe : Mizuno Wave Sky (Coaches Corner)


With as much time as I spend on my feet, I decided it was time to try out the Mizuno Wave Sky, a cushioned running shoe. Find out the results of my experiment and why I think it might be time for you to try a plush trainer on today’s Running Coaches Corner!

Thank you to Mizuno and Fitfluential for making this post possible. All opinions are my own.

Different Running Shoes for Different Training Cycles and Stages of Life

Do you rotate your running shoes?

For the longest time, I bought and wore multiples of the same shoes. I liked what I liked, but also, when I would rotate shoes, I would keep getting hurt! Turns out, I was doing it wrong…. until a few years ago, when I discovered how to properly rotate shoes for my training cycles in order to get the most from my training and the most from my shoes!

Last year, as I came back from my sacral stress fracture, I tried to rotate shoes a bit, but my hips, legs and feet were still a bit too fragile to rotate between shoes of different heel to toe drop, so I ended up sticking with only 1-2 models of shoes before really settling into the Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

These shoes were perfect for me at the time–consistent but relatively light daily miles (for me), not trying too hard on speedwork (my soft tissue still isn’t so happy when I do speedwork). I didn’t spend too much time on my feet outside of my runs, so the fact that the shoes were a little flatter and comfortable, but not plush, wasn’t a big deal.

Trying a More Cushioned Running Shoe : The Mizuno Wave Sky

The new Mizuno Wave Sky is the perfect neutral cushioned running shoe to add to your running shoe rotation. Get @suzlyfe's Review

Fast forward to now: I am spending a TON of time on my feet outside of my daily workouts + as the weather gets warmer, Ridley’s daily walks are getting longer and longer. And guess what? My feet and knees are starting to feel the fatigue. 

On days that I run, walk Ridley (and these are shorter distances), and work a dinner service, I am getting upwards of 30,000 steps. I will talk about how I am keeping my legs feeling fresh with all of this time on my feet next week, but my feet are definitely in need of some TLC. 

When I started considering what shoe might be right to introduce to my running shoe rotation, I narrowed down a few criteria for my shoe search:

  • Greater cushioning for more foot comfort
  • Even with the greater cushioning, still light feel and responsive ride
  • 10mm drop (The Wave Sayonara has 8mm drop, and I decided a little more lift would be nice as a place to start the shoe rotation practice again. The Nike Pegasus I used in the past are 13 mm drop, so they were out)
  • Neutral running shoe as I have custom orthotics
  • Look at Mizuno as my feet are currently very happy in Mizuno

Enter: The Mizuno Wave Sky.

The Mizuno Wave Sky is Mizuno’s new plush neutral trainer, and these shoes are the answer to my prayers!

First off, out of the box, I was super excited by the colors. They may or may not match just about everything I own, especially my Spyder gear. 😀 #winning

The new Mizuno Wave Sky is the perfect neutral cushioned running shoe to add to your running shoe rotation. Get @suzlyfe's Review

My next thoughts had to do with the profile of the shoe: the shoes were obviously more cushioned, but I was pleasantly surprised by how streamlined the Mizuno Wave Sky was, seeming to bridge the gap between the workhorse like feeling of a Nike Pegasus and the lighter and faster Mizuno Wave Sayonara. I was also REALLY happy with how light the shoes felt in my hands.

I switched out my insoles, and put my feet in.

Wearing the Mizuno Wave Sky

First thought with them on is that the toe box is a bit more narrow than the other Mizuno shoes I have worn. I also at first thought perhaps I had ordered a size too big, but upon standing, my feet comfortably fit and I appreciated the extra space with the slightly narrower toebox. 

Next thought was that my feet immediately felt comfortable in the shoes. Unlike some of the other shoes I have tried, from Mizuno as well as other companies, the arch of these shoes is in just the right place for me, and my heels felt nicely cradled. 

Also, big fan of the laces. The Wave Sayonara laces are honestly the bane of my existence–I have to retie my laces at least once a run. These laces are different, and I don’t even have to double knot them!

Okay, so let’s get moving! Both the Wave Sayonara and the Wave Enigma are a pretty stiff feeling shoe. The Sayonara opened up and got increasingly flexible as I have worn them, but the Wave Sky felt ready to go immediately. The foot feel was solid and steady on the ground, my arch felt supported but not where I was noticing it, but the real kicker?

The new Mizuno Wave Sky is the perfect neutral cushioned running shoe to add to your running shoe rotation. Get @suzlyfe's Review

Dude, I feel like I’m walking on clouds. Each step is so.freaking.comfortably. Like walking on one of those foam mats after standing on wood or concrete for hours. I tried them out with a long walk with Ridley, and I honestly didn’t take them off after until I changed for work! 

The inaugural run confirmed the love: cushioned, comfortable, responsive. These are my new favorite shoes! I still love the Sayonara, but I am going to let them be for shorter miles (I would say faster miles, but we all know that is a lie, lol). The Wave Sky are going to take me for recovery runs and longer runs, and especially when my joints are feeling tired. I think the Mizuno Wave Sky is going to be the perfect complement to the Sayonaras!

Why does Suz love the #WaveSky as her cushioned #running shoe? @mizunorunning #ad #fitfluential Click To Tweet

Do you rotate your shoes?

Do you have a cushioned shoe in your rotation? What do you wear for most of your miles?

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