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Currently at the Start of October #thinkingoutloud


Whewf. There has been a lot of fitness and running talk of late–but you all seem to be loving it! Even so, I thought that I would take a break from all of that for this Thinking Out Loud Thursday! There are lots of “Currently” surveys going around, and I’ve yet to do one, so I thought that rather than get embroiled in another super serious post, I would take a breath and tell you all a bit about not what I am doing but what I am about these days!


Listening to: I am pretty much married to a few Spotify and Pandora channels. During training, I tend to listen quite a lot of country–it is very easy to run to–and if Alex is using the Spotify, or if I don’t feel like being very discerning, I will turn on my “Rewind” (The Rascal Flatts song) station or “Ready Set Roll” radio. What is nice about these stations is that there is a mixture of more upbeat and more chill, but still rolling, beats and great harmonies as well as some more rock-type country. If I’m on Spotify, I love the song “I Want it All” by Natalie Taylor, so I will use that to dictate a radio station. Florida Georgia Line is another favorite radio starter.

spongebob music headphones

Watching: All sorts of things, as per usual! In the background at work, I have Person of Interest on (as I’ve finished all of the SVU that is available!). I’ll be honest, half of the time I have no idea what is actually going on because I’m only paying partial attention, but it is a nice little distraction when I need it. Otherwise, you know that I’m loving my Ladies of London. I love Brits (yes, that includes you, Dannii and Neil!).

Reading: I’ve moved on a bit from my Scandinavian murder novels, mostly because I went through just about all the free ones. I have since transitioned to memoirs, first on American upper class in the early decades of the 20th century, and have since picked up (by way of American heiresses marrying into British society) memoirs and stories of British aristocracy, stories of the help, and now, the British royal family.


Maggie smith Downton Abbie Woman Contrary

I just finished a fantastically interesting and well written memoir of one of the last to live in Leeds Castle as well as another incredible expose of the Queen Mother, written by her equerry in the 1990s. With as much as I loved The King’s Speech, as well as growing up with her, it was a great read. I’m currently reading about Princess Alice, and this book is a bit more slow going, but still fascinating. I love the look at both the era (the transition out of the Victorian era) and the people themselves. But I’m super cheap, so I pretty much only read the books that are on Kindle Unlimited! Except for the one on the Queen Mother, which I paid for (but it was on sale, lol).

Dealing with: Zoe, laying on my arm, as usual. She is also trying to “touch” the computer screen. Also: the incoming chill in the air. I’m going to switch out my clothes this weekend!

cold weather

Excited about: Lots of little excitements! Yes, I’m excited for the marathon, but I’m more excited for my trainees than anything 😀 I’m also really excited for all of my friends running this weekend to realize their goals and dreams, whether they hit their times or not. I’m excited that Alex will have the weekend off after he gets off nights this Saturday morning, and let’s just talk about the fact that in 9 days I get to see my mom! Now THAT is exciting!

Indulging in: Pumpkin Beer, Pumpkin Spice Puffins, Caramel Apple Pie Greek Yogurt, and Love Grown Oats Chocolate Power O’s. I love when things are on sale 😀

O Fallon Pumpkin Beer is one of my favorites! Suzlyfe

Eating in Spades: See above, and then add zoodles, delicata squash, and Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo to the list!

PS: follow me on Instagram for all of my updates on what is tasty in life!

Putting off for no reason at all: Taking some things to the dry cleaner, getting some new jeans hemmed. Cleaning up and out my life!

Working on: Lots and lots of freelance work! Some sponsored posts, some guest posts. Last week, I had to put the kibosh on an opportunity that I thought was going places, but it was 100% the right move. And in the time since, I’ve been churning out pieces left and right, getting great feedback, and I feel like I’ve been doing some really strong posts recently. So while, yeah, bummer about that other thing, I have to protect myself and my friends and I made the right decision. ON TO THE NEXT.


Crazily Considering: Running the FULL Rock N Roll Nola Marathon. My mom is doing the 10k with Team Challenge, Gianna I know is doing the half, and I’ve heard great things about the full. It would be after Winter Warriors (which I just got the email for asking me to coach!) and two full months before Boston. And on the anniversary of running Phoenix. I’ve got tons of time to decide, but AM I CRAZY. Don’t answer that. 

tcm face

Superficially Pleased With: My body. I know it is a crazy superficial thing to say, but I love how I am looking right now. I know I could do with some more size in my arms, but I’ve been saying that for eons and whatever. But I love my legs, my booty, my midsection, the shape of my face, my shoulders. I feel strong, I look strong, I love my body when I am training–I gain weight when I train, and I love it–it is good weight, it is healthy weight. I get shades of my old riding booty back. I’m still petite, but I am solid. I feel like I get better and better with each marathon!

Bosu Squat Jump Suzlyfe

Trying not to think about: What will happen when I have my big doctor’s appointments two days after the marathon. I’m meeting with both of my big specialists (GI (Crohn’s) and My Fertility/Repro/Gyn), and we are going to start changing things. There is a new drug on the market that is taking the world by storm, but it would replace my beloved Remicade, which I’m not so okay with. But I have to go off of my injection in order to get pregnant, and though we are not going to start trying until after Boston next year, I have to be on my new dual therapy plan for at least 3 months before we do anything else (to make sure I’m stable). Changing right after Chicago seems like a good idea to give me plenty of time before Boston (cough, and Nola). But that means changing what has kept me healthy for over 6 years. Thus I’m CURRENTLY NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT.

Also not thinking about the fact that training with my crew will be over next week….

Otter can't hear you

Obviously, there are lots of other things going on, but I thought a State of the Suz was in order! Plus, I got to talk about a bunch of things I don’t normally. 

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Take one of the prompts and tell me, what is currently _____ for you!

What is a super obscure interest of yours?

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