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Currently…. (Netflix, Podcasts, Savorings, Fitness, and CHOCOLATE)

Sure, you guys get a taste of my life in my weekend recaps, but it is time for me to THROWDOWN with what you all need to be watching, listening to, eating, and savoring!

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Thank you to Amanda for the Thinking Out Loud Link up and Gretchen and Kristen for What’s New With You!


Currently Watching (Netflix/DVR)

If you haven’t watched The Crown on Netflix, go and do it right now. If you have watched The Crown and need something to push forward with, get yourself on Victoria on Masterpiece from PBS. It. Is. FANTASTIC. Then watch Ladies of London, and you have come full circle. Finish out your day with Peaky Blinders

Currently Listening to (Music)

Tove Lo’s latest album, Lady Wood  (and yes, Suzy, it is just THAT) + Kiiara’s short album low kii savage. Interspersed with lady driven country (I created a station based on Brooke Eden’s “Diamonds”). I’m just loving girl jams of all kinds right now!

Currently Listening to (Podcasts)

I’m kind of addicted to Totally Laime (thanks for the suggestion, Morgan!). The first few episodes are a bit tough (as are many first podcast episodes) but once they hit their stride, I’ve really dug it. The show is over now, so it is kind of like waiting for a series to be over and then binge watching, lol.

Basically, it is a comedian/comedy writer and her husband (a music producer) interviewing/talking to their friends and fellow comedians about everything under the sun that both is and isn’t important. Sometimes the most inane conversation leads to the most profound statements, and you really start to understand how brilliant some of these comedians are!

Currently Reading

On Hoopla (a great free library lending app), I’m reading books by Blake Pierce (if you like police procedurals/serial killers with female leads, you might try these books). I’m usually a Scandinavian police procedural girl, but these are a great counterpart! The Scandinavian/European police procedurals are on my Kindle.

Currently Working on (Business)

Well, I finally spent a day working on one of eBooks. So now to keep that going…. I need to take a ton of pictures to illustrate certain exercises, but I’m still having some of my skin problems and also Alex is taken all day on Saturday doing important things. Also, I’m lazy. How do you get yourself to do the things that you don’t necessarily enjoy?

Currently Working on (Fitness)

Oh, what am I NOT needing to work on? Well, I might need to work on things, but really, I am actually just working on doing weights consistently after a month of not lifting. I have no goals other than to get some meat back on my arms and get some of my strength back. Because right now, I feel like I have arms of noodles.

Spot me Bro! Never underestimate the small but mighty!

Currently Enjoying (Life)

BRIGHTER MORNINGS!!! I would love to say that I am getting out there and running in them (see below), but at the very least, I am loving being out with Ridley in the morning and seeing sky and lightness. Also, can we talk about the fact that there is SUN??? WAHOOOOO

Currently Enjoying (Fitness)

Just moving about! All kinds–a little spin here, some weights there, and, you know it, RUNNING! Not tons of running a) because that would be silly after a month off but also b) because after my soul cleansing run on Sunday, I got whomped with the Stick of Irony and could NOT get my glute to activate during my Monday run… and tweaked my hamstring. It has gotten progressively better, so today (Thursday) I am going to try it out. I have a few running dates this weekend with two of my favorite running buddies, so it had better be good to go!

And you know I’m loving my Spyder kit. Currently wearing this hoodie with the gray and white capris, actually.

Currently Savoring (Food)

Theo’s Chocolate. Well, chocolate in general, but I nabbed some Theo’s Chocolate while it was on sale a few weeks ago. I’ve finally worked my way through my other chocolate stash, and the Theo’s is currently in play. Right now, I’m having a bit of a throwback to the holidays with the Gingerbread, but next… the possibilities are endless. I fell in love with Theo’s Chocolate during our trip to Seattle, when we toured the factory!

I know you are jealous of our hairnets.

Also, Diet Barq’s and Coconut LaCroix. The Good Stuff is back in my life and in a big way. And yes, a really fantastic craft beer here and there.

Currently Savoring (Life)

Warmer temperatures that make going for walks lovely. Not thinking about IVF throughout the day, just at times. Seeing friends for coffee and meals and even runs (if the hamstring heals in time). Reconnecting with people I’ve not talked to in years. Time with Alex. Basically, I’m enjoying and savoring connections right now. Because life is short.

Life is short, what are you currently loving?! #currently #bgbcommunity #sweatpink Click To Tweet

I was going to do a currently over moment, but you know what? Right now, I just want to stay positive. People annoy, situations annoy, life can be annoying, but I’m sure I’m pretty annoying, so I’m going to give those things a pass. 

For now.

What are you Currently… (grab one of the topics!)?

Do you do books on readers or old school books?

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