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Currently: One Hell of A Week

Part of me just wants to crab and go on and on about the various pieces of my life that are beginning to unravel. Part of me wants to focus on the positive so that you all don’t think that I am a melodramatic depressed person. I’m going to keep it real and be myself, as usual, so you are going to get a mixture of both. 

Well, the week started off with a Big Fat Negative, though I tried to keep it positive. While I so appreciate that you all think that I am keeping it positive up in this brain of mind, I must say that often, that positivity is as much for me as it is to hopefully help others out of their funks. Monday, I was just deflated, emotionally spent. Luckily, I have the amazing support system that I can never thank enough (including you), and a puppy and a husband who love me and a cat that tolerates me and that helps so much. 

Your feedback on my post from Tuesday really did help so much. I had a couple of epiphanies that I want to work on developing as thoughts before sharing–I think there are some nuggets there that could really help people, or I hope so, at least.

Tuesday was a bit of a cluster, as I woke up to a dog wretching and vomiting bile and refusing to eat or drink anything. Luckily, I was able to reschedule my client that morning (after the day before was the first time that I had ever done so) and clear the morning to look after her. She didn’t get much better, so basically, looking after her involved worrying about her. 

I could have taken her to the vet earlier, but I knew that I needed to go to therapy. I’m honestly not sure how much this particular session helped, but I am glad that I went. I am dealing with emotions more, rather than just shutting them out, and that is healthier, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable. We both agreed that right now I am dealing with some situational depression, but I am just going to self monitor for a bit before I ask to change the dosage. 

Then it was time to take Ridley to the vet. The poor thing hadn’t touched anything all day, and when your crazy dog that needs as much exercise as her owner (and that is a lot) won’t get off the couch or touch anything, you know something is WRONG. Zoe had pulled the exact same behavior last summer, the week before we got Ridley, actually, so I wasn’t too worried, but I knew that it could get serious and expensive quickly. They gave her fluids and anti-nausea meds, and we came home. Today (Wednesday) she is eating some, but not tons, but keeping food down. I just wish she would drink more water. 

Pupdate: Ridley ate this morning like normal and drank some water last night. She even chewed on her antler this morning! Things are looking up!

There were some other idiotic things that happened this week: exploding oatmeal (frick, and after a weekend of not having issues), e-filing my taxes and the next morning realizing a totally stupid mistake that I made and having to amend my Federal returns (but because they were e-filed, I have to send in the stuff). The clouds were out, I’ve been crabby. 

My hamstring got angry again because I ran one mile more than the amount that I knew I should cut it off at. Running will wait, though. I’ll just be patient.

I haven’t had a night without severe night sweats in nearly a week. I’m tired of middle of the night showers. 

But I am so lucky. 

I am so, so lucky. So many people (including many that are very close to me) don’t ever get the option of IVF. We have a frozen Yoshi in the bank, and I am talking to my doctor today, I hope. I just need to know where we are going with all of this.

I am trying to give myself grace, but I need to know what the game plan is, so that I can welcome the changes that will come as a result.

Let’s throw a few Currently’s out there:


Currently Listening to: Totally Married Podcast. I finished Totally Laime and have moved on to this. I have to say that I don’t generally agree with their thoughts, but it does give me food for thought. There is another podcast, Totally Mommy, but I will be honest… I can’t listen to it right now. I am too scared about the future, and right now, I am too raw.

Currently Jamming to: Daily Mixes on Spotify, specifically ones created based on “City Girl” by Ryan Hurd and “Feels” by Kiiara. Very different, but “City Girl” is both a great song and mentions a Chicago intersection right near me, so I lurve it. 

Currently Reading: The “Fens” series by Joy Ellis. It is a crime procedural based in the UK, is on Kindle Unlimited, I like the characters, and I like the writing style, with isn’t as formulaic as some others. 

Currently Watching: Game of Thrones and The Secret Life of Pets (kind of opposite ends of the spectrum).

Currently Buying (necessary): I bought new snow boots to replace the non-waterproof ones that I used to rely on. If you saw them on IG, I got a different color, but I’m excited. Also, Sorel is having a great sale!

The French Quarter in New Orleans is completely enchanting! Especially after Mardi Gras, with the beads hanging from balconies! Find out more about my trip to Nola at

Currently Buying (Splurge): A summer getaway for Alex and I. We are going to New Orleans! I had such an amazing time last year, he has never been, we want to go somewhere that is affordable ish, warm/hot and just the two of us. So we are heading there in early June, and I can’t wait to go back to some of my favorite New Orleans restaurants, stay at this adorable bed and breakfast, and explore even more.

Currently Considering Buying (Splurge): Chicago Lakeshake Festival Tickets. I’ve always wanted to go, Alex will be off during that time… the line up is incredible (Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Dan and Shaye, Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, more), and I just want to go so badly. 

Currently Drinking (alcoholic): I drank the last of my Spotted Cow on Tuesday. 

Currently Drinking (nonalcoholic): Diet Ginger Ale and Bai coconut (any of the flavors). I feel like my LaCroix obsession has run its course!

Currently Eating: I don’t want to say how fast I am going through the various banana breads that I made this weekend. I’m having to fight Alex off of them. But let’s just say that I made a lot, and there ain’t much left already.

Currently Contemplating: my navel running the Shamrock shuffle or a nearby race. Just for the heck of it. Obviously, it will depend on what the doc and I and Alex decide.

It may be a hell of a week, but Suz has some Currently's worth checking out! #sweatpink #infertility Click To Tweet

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe that you must try as well as the Friday Catch All!

How is your week going? 

Take a currently and inspire me!

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