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Currently (End of October)

I thought a Currently post would be a fun way to wrap up the month! What is going on in my life and (gasp) mind!?

Currently Doing: Writing this post with a puppy in my lap. Snoring. #toofreakingcute.

Hi, I'm Ridley! I am Susie and Alex's new fur baby daughter, and I was rescued from PAWS Chicago! @suzlyfe

When we first got her. She is much bigger now!

I have to get up and leave to train clients in just a moment, but it is a gross day (literally pouring), and all I want to do is eat popcorn and snuggle with my puppy. And my husband, obviously, but I know he isn’t going to be home until late because of another new class he is taking. And I already ate all the popcorn yesterday.

Edited to add: Finished writing posts after training clients. Multitasking as I watch the Cubs, drink a beer, and eat Arctic Zero, Peanut butter and cereal. #likeaboss

Current Nail Polish: Switching it. This past week, I returned to wearing one of my favorite dark grapey colors (Aubergine aka eggplant would be the proper name for it), but I think I might need to switch it up. Also because it is terribly chipped. But the color selection might need to be coordinated with my Halloween costume.

Current NO CLUE: What that costume will be. Maybe I should go back to one of the costumes of my past!

Currently looking forward to: KEITH URBAN, MAREN MORRIS, and BRETT ELDRIDGE tomorrow night. Alex, myself, and a friend (her fiance was supposed to go, but he had an interview come up) are going tomorrow night. I’m not looking forward to the traffic getting out there. 

Currently Eating: SO MUCH SPAGHETTI SQUASH. Guys, I cooked the biggest ever spaghetti squash. Well, obviously it wasn’t the biggest ever, because I grabbed the smallest of all of them, and it was nearly 4 lbs. It is an entire week’s worth of meals, and so I am freezing half. 


Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch. H.o.l.y. c.r.o.w. I’m obsessed. I might have a problem. I have so many other great cereals to move on to, but I kind of don’t want this box to end… I’m honestly embarrassed by how much of it I had yesterday. And yes, it is FAR superior to the pumpkin spice Cheerios.

Speaking of other foods that disappeared (aka I ate them) too quickly. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Cups.

I got them for Mom and me when she visited, but I didn’t open them until last week. Yeah, they are gone. 

More Arctic Zero! In fact, there might be a giveaway in your near future!!

I have fallen in love with Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts! The Cake Batter is amazing! Non GMO, lactose free and gluten free!

Currently wearing: LEG WARMERS!!!

Legwarmers game strong #win

Legwarmers game strong #win

And everyone’s favorite knit headband.

Jeana Cohen of A Sweat Life and Susie of Suzlyfe and Coach Suz Training at the Cottonelle Activation Booth at Wanderlust 108 Chicago.

Of course, I couldn’t find a pic of me wearing my headband other than this one from Wanderlust.

Currently annoyed with: My current lack of productivity. After holding on for dear life for several weeks and getting what might have been the bare minimum done but in actuality was quite a lot, I now feel like I’m getting nothing done. Also, there is a little achiness in my leg that is inexplicable. 

Currently Blowing my Mind: The fact that stores are going to be playing Christmas music starting next week????

Currently JUST realizing: It has been a year since I did the run that ended in that dull ache in my back that progressed throughout the day and then hit me like a Mack truck the next day. Essentially, it has been a year since I well and truly entered my back injury saga. What a crazy year it has been. I’ve learned so much. 

Kind of like the Cubs… 


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Pick a currently and tell me what’s up!

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