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Currently… April 2016

Now that I am back to my regular blogging schedule, I thought it would be fun to update you all a bit on my life with a currently post! Buckle up, ’cause you know I don’t do quiet!

Currently Blog Survey April 2016

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Currently reading:

Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited. I’ve said it before,  I’ll say it again, I love this service! At this exact moment, I am reading a Sherlock Holmes book. 


Currently listening to:

The hilarious mix of music at the gym. In any one day, I can hear everything from Rihanna to Elton John to Africa to Coolio to Bon Jovi. And then podcasts while I am lifting. Hopefully, I’ll have some podcasts while running coming up soon!

Currently watching:

As I said on Monday, Alex and I watched Gone Girl and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. What I didn’t mention was that Alex is also on a Disney kick, so we/he watched Mulan and then Anastasia. I say we/he because I fell asleep during both. I didn’t even know that I fallen asleep until I woke up to the start of him watching Cosmos. As in, after finishing the other movie. 

Zoe Cat Nap

Currently wearing:

I drank the Fabletics Koolaid, and I really like the leggings that I got! Leggings are 100% necessary, otherwise I would freeze my bum off at the gym. That said, I have a few new legging reviews coming up! Stay tuned!

Tiffany Box by OPI is an amazing blue nail polish color!

Also, fun nail polish. It is keeping my nails intact.

Currently coveting:

A new phone. Mine is a POS and barely works. I have my upgrade due at the end of this month. CANNOT WAIT. Thinking about getting the Samsung Edge? Thoughts?

Currently sipping:

All the warm beverages. Again, it is chilly in the gym. Right now, I’m enjoying a decaf hazelnut vanilla coffee. Thank goodness for the coffeemaker being in my office!

But first, coffee. @suzlyfe

Currently eating:

Trying to expand what I am eating a bit. Alex and I had stuffed peppers for the first time in ages the other night, and I had veggie chili for lunch the other day. Working on it!

Currently dreading:

Going outside and being surprised by crazy weather. Packing up our apartment. Trying to figure out what to do with our junk that we don’t want! Our credit card statement at the end of this month.

Currently anticipating:

MY BERFDAY. JK I don’t really care we basically celebrated this past weekend.

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia's parting shot.

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia’s parting shot.

Our trip to NYC! So excited. I haven’t been for longer than a few hours since I graduated, so I am LONG overdue for a visit to one of my favorite cities and to see some of my favorite people!

Packing up our apartment. I actually don’t mind the packing, I just wish that I could start on it already!

Longer runs 😀

Currently working on:

Reviews for the blog, training programs, getting more gym clients… businessy things. Trying to being a real person. Not falling asleep at 9. The struggle is real.

Currently craving:

Walking it out in Nike Zoom Elites, Tiux Compression socks, and my favorite running gear!

WARM runs outside!

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Take a category, and tell me a currently!

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