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Crazy Kids (Almost 12 Months + Catch Up 1/21)


For week where I didn’t think that I had anything planned, it sure did end up being a busy one! Let me fill you in!

Last time I caught you up on the weekend with my mom!

Catch Up 1/21

1). Stroller Strides Galore and Run Ins with Crazy Kids

I could say that last week was the week of Stroller Strides, but now that I have my unlimited pass, I have a feeling that a week full of spending time at Strides and with my Fit4Mom friends will become a more frequent occurance, and I am here for it!

I went a total of 4 times this week! Monday, Wednesday, Friday at my normal location and Thursday my friend Rachel made a special trip down to pick us up and go to class in Evanston. The Evanston Strides location is at the huge, gorgeous Little Beans Cafe up there, and after class, the kids have full use of the space. The facility is really nice–there are all sorts of specialty rooms for the kids, and it is much newer and bigger than the facility that we usually go to (when we go to Broadway and Me).

Emmie had a bit of an interesting time with it, though. She has been having some pretty bad stranger danger and separation anxiety from us lately (just in time for her party and all of the people), and for the second day in a row at Strides, she broke down and sobbed in her stroller. I think she is “coming to grips” with her independence as she gets more mobile (even though she isn’t walking on her own yet), and she is wanting to hold on tighter than ever.

Then, when we went into the play area, she had finally gotten herself into a better mood and was starting to use a little shopping cart to push around, when an older kid (2.5 yo maybe?) made a beeline for her and started making moves to shover her to the ground! He also outright growled and screamed at her! Luckily, I was right behind her and grabbed his hand right before he made contact, but he could easily have shoved her down. I understand that it is a difficult age, but I was still pretty shocked. So I stayed right behind her the rest of the time she had the cart and actually had to run interference a few times.

I hope she doesn’t get that type of aggression! Luckily, Emmie didn’t get too scared because I intervened before he got to her, but she was stil shocked!

2) Dinners Out with Friends

On Wednesday, Ali, Justin, and Ryan met us at Basil Leaf for some family dinner. Emmie acted a little bit like a fool again (as she has the past few times we’ve gone out to eat) and mostly threw her food and turned herself around in her high chair. But we had a great time with them, and the food was delicious as always.

The next night was Fit4Mom Mom’s Night Out at a cute Italian place in Ravenswood. I ate some with Alex and then got minestrone and shared a dessert there. But the star of the night was the great turnout for dinner and getting to chat with my friends without also entertaining our children.

3). Saturday Snow Storm Fun

We had quite the little snow front Friday night and Saturday, accumulating to about 4-6 inches. We suited up Emmie and took her and Ridley out for some snow fun! Once we got out of the wind tunnels, everything was fine, and Emmie had so much fun watching Ridley run and jump around. She was giggling the whole time!

We ended up missing swim completely this weekend due to the complications of getting over there without a car of our own. Alex didn’t feel comfortable driving a rental sedan (no SUV’s were nearby), and then on Sunday the uber’s were $$$. And Emmie was sleeping, so we just let it slide. But we have class on Wednesday to make up for not doing class on Saturday (because of her party)

4) Emmie Updates:

As I just mentioned, we are dealing with a bit of separation anxiety at the moment. Stage 5 Clinger would also be appropriate. We’ve also dealt with some bonks to the head and threat of falls that have scared her, even to th point that she got terrified Friday night and had a really hard time going to bed and was just sobbing in her crib. I went in (Alex had put her down), and it took a while for her to calm down (very unlike her).

Now that we have she’s drinking milk pretty regularly and we also have two meals and a before bed snack that I know she will eat and that will get her a large number of calories (breakfast, lunch, and before bed snack all involve nut butter) I am feeling comfortable committing to offering her more of our foods. If she isn’t going to eat the foods that I make explicitly for her, she is going to get what we have (I have to modify them a little because of her sensitivies)!

Her first big girl treat was City Hippie Granola Banana Bread Granola! It was a major hit!

So she has had ground turkey and pasta (ate them the next day when warmed), fish and tortilla (refected buy we will try again), and a few other things this week!

Thank goodness for this pea milk. She probably only gets a max of 10 oz in any one day, but it is good for her and she likes it as much as she likes any liquid!

Random: I made the amazing chili that I told you about a few weeks ago. I have to post the recipe, because Alex was literally obsessing over it! I also made cheddar cornbread muffins to go with it!

5) Busy Birthday Week!

We have such a packed week ahead. Tomorrow (Monday), is a holiday Stroller Strides, so Alex is going to go with us! We tried to do the holiday one over the summer, but Emmie was sick. Tuesday, I have Remicade and the psychiatrist. Wednesday is Emmie’s first birthday! Alex unfortunately has to do an emergency shift cover that morning, so I am going to take Em to Strides and then they are going to do swim that afternoon. Thursday is her 1 year check up, and then that night my family arrives. Friday Alex’s parents arrive, and then Saturday is her birthday party! That means that I have to find time to practice making her cake and ice cream and put together the party favor bags (likely will sic the grandparents on that task).

So kind of busy, I would say! BUT SO EXCITING! How is my little baby potted plant one year old???

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