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Crawling and Colds (38 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 10/19)


Even on the “lighter” weeks, we manage to find the excitement! Emmie hit a major milestone and then had a major stumble. I’ll fill you in on the Friday Catch Up.

Did you read the Weekend Catch Up? Man, was the weekend packed!

Friday Catch Up 10/19

1). Crawling!!!!

I knew that crawling would be imminent on Saturday morning, but still, you never know! Then, on Monday, I texted Alex and the Gma Squad that we would be crawling within the week. I figured that Landon might get the first crawl the next morning when I went to Remicade, but Emmie let Mama see her first go! I even caught it on camera.

And, yes, that is the dog bone that she is crawling towards. USE WHAT YOU GOT.

She was pleased as punch with herself, and we were super excited to show Daddy when he got home, even though it was soon to bed afterwards. 

She has improved each day! Wednesday, I realized that I was having her do 2m repeats with a sitting recovery (aka going the length of the rug and then sitting for a rest between lengths). #runningcoach lol.

Question for caregivers: are there any tips for crawling on hardwood with slippery pants? Or just keep her on the rug?

She is also getting better and better about transitioning seated to prone and back. 

She has definitely made a HUGE leap over the past 2 weeks–both in the way she sees the world to the way that she uses her body and her coordination. EXCITING TIMES.

2) Pictures

We already got back our pictures from our Bella Baby Photography photo shoot! Carol De Anda was amazing with Emmie during the shoot, and she did amazing work with our pictures. Here are just 3 of my favorites, though it was nearly impossible to pick.

I HIGHLY recommend Bella Baby Photography for photos throughout all stages of the parenting process–maternity to newborn to old kids and family. I have nothing but positive comments! And I definitely recommend Carol 😀

We know that we will be using them again, for certain! We got HIGH quality downloads of our pictures that we can share, and a slideshow to download as well. 

I had used Bella Baby for our Newborn pictures, and I was offered this shoot in return for the previous review. All opinions are genuine and my own!

3) Birthday Party Planning

After Max’s birthday party on Saturday, Ali got me started researching my options for Emmie’s birthday party. At first, I thought it was WAY too early to do that, but then I realized that there are only so many Saturdays, suitable venues, etc, and SO MANY babies, so why not?

I’m actually glad that I got on it. The theme is already a given (you can guess) but venue is a real question mark. Our apartment is far too small, and we can’t impose on our friends as we did for our amazing baby shower (thank you again to Landon and Ramsey!). We can’t have it outside (hello, January in Chicago), and we need to have an eye on the budget. I have it narrowed down to 4 options, and then the rest of it can wait.

4) Colds

Of course, after an amazing start to the week, there had to be a fly in the ointment! I started out the week so productive, with taking packages to the post office, doing some cleaning… and then WHAM I got hit with a heck of a cold, and then poor little Emmie got it as well. She had a cough in April/May, and of course she has had a few fevers (like the one 2 weeks ago), but this is the first time that liquid has just poured down her adorable little face.

It started at noon on Wednesday, and by that night, poor little thing couldn’t breathe when she tried to sleep. Alex and I decided that we would take shifts, and he would take the first so that he could sleep before work. She would sob, we would get her to sleep, and then 5 minutes later she would wake up screaming. I had to body swaddle her in the dark after she had a meltdown in the tub, and I just wrapped her up in my arms with one of her blankets and held her. Ultimately, we got her back to sleep (shegot wired and had to play for a little bit), and I went to bed for a little bit. 

I took over from Alex at 11, and apparently, he had just been holding her upright as she went into and out of sleep every 15 minutes. With me she slept in hour-hour and a half increments, but we made it through.

When you can tell how sick your kid is by how flat her hair is…

I at least got a smile when she woke up, and we were able to go for a run and she did fine. After a nap we headed to lunch with Erica, and then back down for another nap. I’m hoping tonight goes better, particularly because Alex has his late class… And I hope that she feels better tomorrow! I am taking her to Broadway and Me, even if we have to use our own toys and sit on a puppy pad to be there!

5) This weekend

This weekend is oddly clear, but I really want to go through our clothes (which I had planned to do this week) and we need to return more things (that didn’t fit or didn’t work). 

I’m hoping that her face stops draining, or we are going to have a very snotty unicorn next week!

Have a great weekend!

If you have kids, where were their first birthday parties?

Good remedies for babies with colds?

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