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Couples In Love Survey and 24 Hours of Awesomeness

Valentine’s Day may have been Tuesday, but I didn’t see this adorable couples’ survey until then, so I thought it would be perfect for today! Also, I had 24 hours of awesomeness that I had to share with you!

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24 hours of Awesomeness (Valentine’s Day and the Morning After)

We’ll start here with a quick recap of the majority of my Valentine’s Day and the next morning (so, 24 hours of awesomeness, from 10 AM Tuesday to 10 AM Wednesday! A quick reminder that Alex took this week off (we opted not to travel for his vacation), thus making these 24 hours possible!

I came home from training clients to find that Alex had been busy while I was gone! It was totally unexpected, but a perfect way for him to let me know that he knows me so well: Simple, inexpensive but beautiful flowers, two of my favorite “treat” drinks, chocolate, sweet mint Orbit, and Tic Tacs! Be still, my heart!


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We wanted to go somewhere new to walk Ridley, so we took her over to where I ran with Team Challenge on my birthday last year and walked her along Lake Michigan up to Montrose Harbor. She went bananas with all the smells, but at least there wasn’t goose poop for her to consume. Goose poop is her crack. Seriously. 

The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and the air crisp. If the weather that we have been having this February is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

This is my perfect lunch/afternoon set up: a) Lunch with Alex in a sunny apartment, b) a brief nap in the sun on the couch with Alex and Ridley (it couldn’t be helped), c) a sunny walk to a cafe to do work, d) 2 hours of SOLID productivity, e) a little shopping for Alex’s present (I got him fun socks) and samples from the grocery store (on the hunt for avocados that didn’t cost an arm and a leg).

By the time that I got home, it was time to get to cooking, and I created perhaps the most delicious and filling meal I’ve cooked in a long time: Garlic and herb pork tenderloin, roasted Brussels sprouts with turkey bacon and shallots, and my famous cornbread muffins (with pepperjack shredded into the batter for Alex’s), a bottle of Malbec (given to me by one of my clients for Christmas), and numerous Russell Stover’s chocolates (that he had given to me that morning). We also played some Rummy, and I had more wine than I usually do, but #worthit 😀

The rest of the night was spent in each other’s company and cuddling and watching The Moaning of Life with the puppster on the coach. And a solid night of sleep followed!! YAAAAAS

I got oatmeal x2 the next morning: blueberry 3 minute egg white baked oats before taking Ridley out to the park to run around and go for a walk, then after a perfect 6 miles with Alex along the lake. It was gorgeous and bright and sunny and even though I had a wipe out on a hidden patch of ice (seriously, not 2 seconds after Alex said,”The ice is gone!” My response? Splat. “Nope, ice is not gone!”), I would take that run over and over again. I’m going to have a bad bruise, but luckily I slide, which distributed the fall, and I was wearing tights, so I don’t have road rash. 

After a hot shower, my 24 hours of awesomeness concluded with fresh coffee and another round of my 3 minute egg white oats, this time with strawberries and peanut butter.

Happiness is… ^^^^^^^^^^^

Ok, enough sappiness let’s keep the sappiness going. Survey time!

Couples in Love Survey

I saw this survey on Heather’s and Joanna’s Blogs and I loved it!

Who’s oldest?  Alex is! He is a year and 2 weeks older.

Who was interested first?  Alex. Funny story: We met at the beginning of the summer, but he was hiding from one of my friends and trying to avoid her (honestly, rightfully so), so I spent the night talking to one of his (now our) best friends! Later on in the summer, our mutual friend who had hosted the party texted me at 4 AM and told me that he thought I was cute. I was quasi-seeing someone at the time, but I was open to it, and after some determined FB messaging, we started hanging out. 

Same high school? Nope! We met at the University of Virginia!

Most sensitive?  We are both sensitive in our own ways. I’m more particular, plus I’ve got the whole depression/anxiety thing, but he is more sentimental and emotion on his sleeve.

Worst temper? Just guess. DO IT. 

More social? He is basically the social director of the residency. I am like… erm, come over here and we’ll have a one-on-one. Or we can just sit here in silence.

Hardest working? That’s not a fair question. I think we are both pretty hard working. He more classically (in terms of work and the “grind”), me more when I focus and lock on to something.

More sarcastic? Again. Guess.

Who makes the most mess? We both make our own types of mess! I have things that kind of go everywhere. I cover surfaces, and I am really good at doing so. I’ve made him more messy over the years. He used to be very tidy. But I like things to be clean. We balance each other out. But I make him clean the bathroom. 

Wakes up first?  Raises hand.

Bigger family?  We both have one sibling, both come from families where one side has very few relatives and the other has A BAJILLION. 

Who cooks the most? He used to cook, but now he is really good at ready made things. Also, I can be a control freak in the kitchen.


Who cries the most? Alex is quicker to cry at emotional moments. I cry during anxiety attacks and in frustration (also in hunger, and I”m not kidding).

Better Singer? Me. He will agree.

Hogs the remote?  I let him have it.

Better driver?  We are very different drivers. I am much more aggressive, he is much more straightline.


Better cook? Me.

Most patient?  Him. But I do have a lot of patience when you least expect it.

This Couples in Love Survey shows how much better of a person Alex is! LOL #love #socute Click To Tweet

How would you spend 24 hours of awesomeness?

Take a survey question and answer it!

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