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My “Couch Rest” Weekend (Spoiler Alert)


I know you all have been on the edge of your seats wondering if I would be able to lock it up and stick to my couch rest. Welllllll….. guess you will just have to check out my weekend recap to find out!

Spoiler Alert: Kind of?

I’ll give myself a solid B at couch rest.


Friday was a bit of a weird day, as Alex decided to take the day off (now that resident recruitment season is over, he will be able to do this on a regular-ish basis) AND I don’t get to do my usual workouts (which help me set up myself for the day). 

Essentially, the entire day felt like a Saturday, or even a Sunday. But it wasn’t. The first two weeks of the year for me were filled with schedules of shots, ultrasounds, labs, and walking back and forth throughout the day. This past week, it was like SIKE. All of that routine you have FINALLY gotten used to? LOL we are going to shoot that to the wind. You don’t have to get in touch with us, you have to sit still and not move more than 20 minutes at a time, you can’t drink, oh, and there is this little niggling thought in the back of your mind at all times about maybe possibly being pregnant. OHHHHHH and it’s Inauguration Day, and all of your friend groups are up in arms for various reasons.

But really, stay quiet, relax, and don’t let anything get to you! Yeah. Right. 

It wasn’t like I was super stressed or anything, but it was just a weird day. My brain never got the kickstart from my Friday morning run, it was gloomy and dreary out, and just so much angst in the world. Plus, Alex was home, so it just felt like the weekend. 

We did finally go and get our Mexican food, and I did take a tiny taste of margarita, but otherwise, I drowned myself in chips. I ate 1.5 baskets this time, a record even for me. I just kind of didn’t care. But we had a great time with our friends (Alex’s co-chief residents), and after dinner, I let them go off and earn their hangovers (which they did).


Saturday morning was the longest run of the Team Challenge Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon Training Season! 11 miles, and the weather ended up perfectly for them. Started out with fog, but cleared up by the time they were done. I am so proud of my group! I sadly won’t be able to go to their final run, but we are already planning a post-race dinner.

After the run, I met Alex at home (he was… hurting, lol), and we headed over to meet our new friends from last week for brunch at Summer House Santa Monica. GUYS. Their brunch. IS AWESOME. We had a solid, but not outstanding dinner there, but the SHSM brunch is another matter entirely.

Alex got the short rib hash (deeeeelicious).

I got the Santa Monica Omelet (stuffed with turkey and topped with tomato-avocado salsa, I also added jalapeno) with a housemade English Muffin.

And a blueberry muffin for the table! 

Basically, I want to join @suzlyfe for brunch at @summerhouseSM #chicago #yum Click To Tweet

The setting is amazing, and it really shines on a sunny day. You feel like you are in a beach house (imagine that…), and that is just where I wanted to be. 

We had such a great time with Allison and Scott, and I can’t wait to see more of them!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key. I had a brief appointment, and we just kept it chill for the rest of the day. I made nachos for dinner (I used half of the ground turkey for some Cajun turkey meatballs). I wish the picture was better. I used multigrain Tostitos Scoops, ground turkey with chipotle seasonings, TJ’s harrisa salsa, sauteed onions and red bell pepper, the best avocado ever, muenster cheese (we were out of pepper jack, which I didn’t know, and I gotten this for Alex’s French Onion soups, worked pretty well!). I had a salad alongside. 

We were all set to watch Sherlock… until I realized that we didn’t have access to the new episodes. So we watched London Falling instead, which was totally enjoyable escapism.


Sunday was the quietest of all the days. I actually slept until 7 (I KNOW), and just kind of did nothing for a while. The most exciting part of the day came at the grocery store, when I decided to make Chicken Kale soup in the slow cooker. I had the leftover pieces as part of my lunch, and I remembered just how much I love lemon steamed kale.

We had the soup for dinner (YUM) after watching the Falcons (GO DIRTY BIRDS) play their last game in the Georgia Dome (tear). But basically, I just cuddled with Ridley all day. I could have done work and whatever, but I just told myself that it was ok and instead ate chocolate and popcorn. I just needed to give myself some grace and just be.

This Week

This week is all about the long wait until we get more news about whether or not Yoshi successfully implanted. Unfortunately, the other 2 embryos didn’t make it, so the next time, we will be starting from scratch. I’m still on couch arrest this week, and I am going to continue to do my best. I’m sticking with 20 minutes of easy peasy walking at any one time + doing runner things like banded clamshells and whatnot. 

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Physically, I just feel stiff and tight. Kind of like I did a big workout yesterday, but obviously I didn’t. Otherwise, I don’t feel any different. Mentally, I am just riding along and trying not to overthink things. Some moments are better than others. Hopefully, I will know something positive soon. But I think that I will stay in a state of tension for a while, even if the news that we get is positive. 

So how do you guys think that I did? Solid B, right?

What was the last thing that you made from scratch?

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