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Couch Crib Clinger (Weekend Catch Up 5/21)

The conclusion to the couch dilemma, a big change for Emmie, and a big weekend and week to come for all of us! Weekend Catch Up 5/21

Get the lead in to the weekend here

Weekend Catch Up 5/21

1) Because I know you all were VERY VERY CONCERNED about the couch situation, I am pleased to tell you that I got the couch sold/removed Saturday morning! I ended up selling it on Facebook Marketplace! Craigslist got no bites, and I had several people contact me through FB. I ended up making basically no money off of it, and even was “negotiated down” from my original price, but considering that they had to get the darn thing out of our apartment and down the stairs because it was too big to fit in the elevator, I’m fine with it. The new couch gets delivered today!

I’m going to miss that couch–it was insanely comfortable and was also one of Alex’s and my first big purchases as a married couple. I’ve spent many a night sleeping on it (you know how I do), and much life was lived from it. But the new sofa bed couch will give guests and Alex a place to sleep when needed. Ridley might not forgive me, though. She loved that thing.

During the weekend, we put the air mattress out, and Saturday evening, after too much just enough margarita + being totally exhausted, I used it as an air mattress and passed out. At 8.

2) Saturday was an exciting night for Emmie, though–her first full night in the crib! She gave us some trouble at first when she was melting down and we couldn’t really figure out why. Finally, she ate for nearly 40 minutes and then passed out until 4:30 AM! Then she went back to sleep from 5-6. So a full on success! 

She also continued to #killit at tummy time, and even is getting closer and closer to rolling back to front. Happy Baby pose is to thank for that! Rolling front to back is getting more consistent, but I don’t think she really understands it yet. She also gets really mad when she can’t flip herself back over. It’s kind of funny, honestly. 

She is also really growing right now–we bought her some PJ’s a month ago that were WAY too long for her (but supposedly her size at the time), and she fits well into them now! 

The growing and mental development means that I get either a very happy happy Emmie or a very fussy Emmie. Like when Alex and Zack were here last weekend. Or yesterday…

3) Emmie and I had biggish plans yesterday (Sunday) to go to Mommy and Me yoga at Athleta with my old friend and yoga instructor Tanya and her adorable 8.5 month daughter (also an IVF success!). Emmie had a great morning, but she didn’t want to eat (she gets distracted very easily at the moment) and didn’t want to poo before we left. I knew what was coming, but hoped that when she slept in the stroller for 30 minutes, woke up and was all good, that we might have a little time or at least a happy kid. 

Nope. She finally got it out and then lost her marbles. To the point that if I wasn’t holding her with her rattle in her hand, she was crying full on. So we watched and sat and enjoyed others doing  yoga, and then enjoyed kiddo music after. I think it was just a lot of stimulation all at once + Stage 5 Clinger thanks to the Wonder Week we are going through. 

After the event ended, I put her in the stroller and took her to meet Lauren for brunch. During the wild goose chase that ensued of us trying to find a brunch spot, Emmie passed out and stayed asleep for 2.5 hours. She still wasn’t so interested in eating after waking up, so I did what I could and then let her play. 

It was so great to see Lauren, who was here for the NOW Foods Blogger Immersion (remember when I did that 2 years ago?). I hadn’t seen her since Chicago Marathon weekend (when she qualified for Boston, which she then ran this year in those terrible conditions), and it was great to catch up. Unfortunately, she came on a weekend that was COLD and rainy and gross. But at least she got some time in the city and some donuts, lol. 

4) I mentioned how tired I was Saturday, but honestly, it has been an ongoing thing. I think I need to go and get some blood levels checked, because I am really dragging most days. Yes, I’m a mom, but I get enough sleep that this shouldn’t be a problem. Yes, I am increasing my activity level to an extent, but not really, and not enough to wear me down like this. And it isn’t like I just started nursing, and I haven’t decreased my calorie consumption (if anything, it continues to rise!). So I think that it might be time to look into some answers. But that means doing things and I would rather not.

5) This is going to be a busy week, and historically so! 5 years ago on Saturday (it was a Sunday that year), Alex graduated from UVA Medical School. That week, we moved our stuff to Chicago and then flew to Atlanta for our wedding weekend! This week, I have the couch delivery, Stroller Strides (I hope), Emmie’s 4 month check up, dinner with Landon and her small group from church, and an appointment with my psychiatrist. Not tons of stuff, but just enough to have a reminder or appointment on my calendar most days of the week. And then our 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday!

Have a great week!

What are you up to this week?

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