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Non Running Workouts (CorePower Yoga + Sweatworking + CitySTRONG)

Apparently, I like to workout. Last weekend was a great workout weekend for me, and so I thought I would look at the 5 different workout classes that I took for Friday Five!

But first? Get caught up on my posts from this week!

Thank you to Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia as well as Hea

Five Non Running Workouts That I Did Last Weekend

Return to CorePower Yoga

C1 (Intro To Power Flow Yoga)

Returning to my yoga mat at CorePower Yoga! I love the CorePower C1 flow!

Last Thursday was actually really exciting for me, in a complete mundane way. I took my first official yoga class since before I broke my back last year!

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a long time will remember that I used to work at CorePower Yoga, and during that time I practiced yoga 3-4 times a week. Yoga was a major part of my workout week and running routine, and I actually prescribe yoga for my running clients, and I did part of this protocol with a client yesterday at the gym.

Breaking my back forced me to put yoga in the back seat–split stances such as lunges and all of the hip openers directly stress my sacro-iliac joint, the site of my injury. Over the past 4-6 months, I have brought yoga tentatively back into my life, but not in any super structured way, and always on my own. On Thursday, I took my first “real” class (though I knew the structure of the class, the C1), and I will admit I was a littler nervous!

C1 is in a heated room, but the lowest level of heat and humidity, so a great gentle reintroduction to heated yoga.

The class was great, I had a marvelous time being back in one of my happy places, and I loved taking from one of my old yoga friends. I can still feel some tension in my SIJ, but it felt better by the end of the class than the start.

Hot Power Fusion

This was the class that reinvigorated my love for yoga 2.5 years ago. Monday night, I joined Ellen for a free class for Teacher Training after work!

HPF (Hot Power Fusion) is a fusion of Bikram style yoga with flowing power yoga, all to music and in a hot, humid room. This is one of my favorite “detox” styles of yoga (I say “detox” because you know my feelings about detoxes, but this is a great modality to leave your cares behind!).

And yes, it will leave you a sweaty mess. But a lighter, looser, happier, sweaty mess 😀

Sweatworking at Studio Three (Peloton Cycle + Performance Stretch)

Alex and I usually go for a long run together on Saturday morning, but even though he was home (for the first Saturday since the Run Mag Mile Half Marathon), it was gross out, and I had another fitness date in the afternoon!

Studio Three in River North Chicago is a great fitness and exercise venue with Peloton Cycling, high intensity interval, and yoga classes!

Sweatworking, the brain child of my friend Jeana, is an ongoing series of workouts and socializing at various studios across Chicago. The point is to try something new, workout with friends, and try new products! I always look forward to Sweatworking, but I can’t always go due to scheduling or my injury recovery. I wasn’t going to miss this one, though–I’ve been waiting to try Peloton Cycle at Studio Three for ages!

Peloton Cycling review and peloton computer

Verdict? I loved it! Similar to Flywheel but with a bit more of a relaxed edge, this is a great option for those who want a high tech and super modern approach to cycling. Changes in LED lighting colors help you vary your effort level (changing the colors as you launch into a new gear), and the computer screen is right in front of you on a iPad. Loved the instructor as well (Dani), and the brightness of the space (lights are down, but the place seems to glow). 

After Peloton, we headed upstairs to for a demo of Studio Three’s newest class, Performance Stretch. This class is focused on mobility, self massage with therapy balls, and using yoga to get you nice and loose! I’m definitely going back for a full class, you know that this sort of class is right up my alley! (I say this while rolling out my calf with a lacrosse ball, lol). 

Reunited with my Cottonelle correspondents!

Luna Bar, Muscle Milk, Cryotherapy, and a braiding bar were all present! I got there too late to get my hair braided, alas. But I did get to sweat it out with Sarah, who worked with Jeana and myself during the Cottonelle campaign!

Sunday Boot Camp with City Strong

CitySTRONG took place Sunday morning on the roof top of the 31st Street Harbor building, a gorgeous setting! The event benefited Creativets, which is an organization that brings military veterans to Nashville to write music (to help them process their experiences). The weather held off just long enough for our workout, though.

CitySTRONG Chicago Workout at 31st Street harbor.

PS>the girl over my left shoulder ahahahahaha

Well, I say workout, but it was more a dabbling in a workout while people oohed and aahed over Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe, aka the couple from The Bachelorette. And Doodle, their dog, who was, admittedly, totally adorable. Erin Oprea, the trainer behind the workout, tried her best to wrangle the crowd, and there was some value to the moves that she wanted us to do (bodyweight moves), but honestly, time and attention spans were not on her side. That said, it was a great stretch out for me after my double workout the day before!

CitySTRONG Chicago workout with Shawn Booth and Erin Oprea!

Kaitlyn DJ’d the workout–and drank wine, lol– and the music was pretty good, the setting was lovely, and it was honestly a fun event, if not really and truly a workout (says the workout snob). It can be really hard to do these types of events–600ish people, and only a handful of them actually there to really workout. I will say that I have borrowed a few of her combos and used them on my clients this week!

Workouts? Suz has got 5 that I can't wait to try! #fitfluential @Pelotoncycle @corepoweryoga Click To Tweet

Of course, I got running in this week for myself and lots of training in for my clients (it was a really busy week over here!). I am off to Virginia for a wedding! Have a great weekend, everyone! And good luck to all running marathons and races this weekend!

What are some non running or out of the norm workouts that you have done this week?

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