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Constants + Comforts and Friday Catch Up

Let’s get caught up on the week, shall we? From Constants and Comforts to Changes to Come to Cavalia, let’s dig in.

Friday Catch Up

Posts from the Week:

1) Constants and Comforts

After all the excitement and awesome of last weekend + the anxiety-inducing changes happening in my life right now, this week has been about finding solace and security in the constants and comforts of life. Right now, that means eggs, fries, running, puppy cuddles and walks, and Crispy M & Ms. Also, I might have found Black Cherry Chunk and Cookie Dough Arctic Zero ON SALE at the grocery store. 

And before anyone cares to tell me, I know that Arctic Zero is low calorie. But you know what? I DON’T CARE. I am eating it because I like it. I have enough going on right now. Sometimes, you just need to eat something that you like and not think about how it is going to contribute to your goals. I’m getting plenty of calories in. TRUST.

2) Blueberries and More Muffins

Speaking of food, I am living for blueberries right now. They are so giant and juicy and just nature’s candy. But you now I took it to the next level Wednesday night: a certain banana HAD to be used (it couldn’t wait another day), and I didn’t want to make the same recipe as my delicious healthy chocolate chip banana muffins. I love them, but you know I like to change it up!

The result is simply spectacular–my favorite yet! I changed up some of the ingredients and changed my mixing technique, and GUYS. First of all, I could have eaten the batter as it was! Lol. The final product is moist and fluffy in a whole new way. 

Plus they were even more amazing fresh from the oven! Since I do nothing but talk about muffins, I’m going to wait at least a week before I post them, lol.

3) Infertility Next Round

Next week I start my next round of hormone treatments to prep me for my transfer. I’m not nervous about taking the medications, per se: I’m starting with pills, so I think I can handle that. But this round and protocol is going to be significantly different from the past cycles. We aren’t doing an ovarian stimulation, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have several weeks of hormones to look forward to. 

The only thing that I’m probably a bit nervous about is the fact that I haven’t taken these particular hormones before, and so I don’t know how I will react to them. My past cycles have been fine, by and large–minimal complaints. I will also have far fewer restrictions on activity. But the whole thing is just a big ol’ fashioned question mark. 

Plus, you know I have the performance anxiety to deal with. This lead in is nice, I guess, but I am too instant gratification for this process at the moment!

4) Easter Weekend

Of course, Alex and I finally have a “free” weekend… and he is working at a free clinic for the first half of Saturday, and I’m working at the restaurant for the second half of Saturday. But we will FINALLY have Sunday to ourselves… to run errands and clean the apartment. I think we need a new vacuum–I’ve had mine for 10 years (holy crap!) and when I vacuum the rug to try to suck up Ridley’s hair, there might just be more hair left there than when I started!

Also on the cleaning front, does anyone have advice for cleaning a flat top electric stove? There is this grime that I just cannot get off. 

Sunday night, we are joining friends for Easter dinner! Alex and I aren’t religious, but I still take any opportunity for celebrating friends and family and connections. 

I also want to say how truly remarkable our dinner companions are: the wife called me the other day to finalize plans and foods, etc, and she also wanted to ask me if it was ok for another couple to join us… as the wife of the third couple is in her third trimester of pregnancy, and our friend knows that I am going through a bit of moment right now. Of course, I told her that she need not worry (and she doesn’t!), but I was just floored by how thoughtful she was to have that consideration. I have good people in my life. 

I am also looking forward to Alex and I finally getting to celebrate our birthdays in a fun and unique way! Oh, and Mom, prepare to get jealous 😀

5) Next Week–Fun!

To start the week, we are going to see the Cubs play Monday night! Ridley will be rooting from home, and I will we having a dinner of Cracker Jack and Goose Island. #dreamy

We are going to see Cavalio Odysseo next Friday! 

As you know, I grew up riding horses (and I got a reminder that it has now been 2 years since I got to ride again!) and though I don’t crave horse time like I did, I still find everything about them beautiful and sacred. Alex is an animal lover, he knows that this is a major part of my past, and we all know that Cirque du Soeil will outperform your expectations in every way. I am moving my clients so that we can take the night to celebrate each other! I love our friends, I love our nights at home, but the last true date night I can remember was before my negative beta test…

Fun fact: I actually saw Cavalia with Mom during its first ever run! I want to say that I was 16 and in the depths of my horse-dom. I am excited to see the evolution of the show, and I am also excited because I remember how incredible and awe-inspiring the show was for horse-lover or novice alike. So excited!

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Thank you to Friday Five 2.0 and Friday Favorites!

Are you celebrating Passover or Easter this weekend?

Any suggestions for my vacuum or stove top debacle?

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