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Here Comes the Sun (Weekend Recap)

Doo-n-doo-doooo! What a gorgeous weekend! I had a pretty great one, myself. Let me fill you in!

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Before I get any further, I want to say congrats to all the runners who raced this weekend (including my co-coach Bill!) and a big good luck and congratulations to all the runners of the Boston Marathon. I so wish I could be there both to run for myself and to run as part of something bigger. Writing my post last Thursday on what it felt like to DNS the Boston Marathon provided me with such a release as did reading your comments. Today, I am simply cheering all the runners on, with maybe a twinge or two (or three) about what could have been. But truly, I am so excited for all of you!

Now, let’s look at the weekend, betches (and, um, the male version of betches).

What incredible weather we have been having! You all know that I am so happy about it. I got off a little early from work on Friday (and beat the traffic home HOLLER). I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what I got up to between getting home and Alex getting home, lol. But I do know that we had Trader Joe’s Tarte aux Champignon (Mushroom Tart) for dinner, that it was delicious, and that We had a lovely evening hanging out and watching Netflix. But I did stay up past 8 o’clock, unlike last weekend.

Saturday morning dawned gorgeously clear and just the right temperature for a run. I woke up with a swollen eye (I have a lovely stye that won’t go away) and little voice (allergies/cold for the past few days), and the only Rx for that was NOT cowbell (as I didn’t have a fever) but a run in shorts and long sleeves. 

Sun's out, run's out! Gorgeous day for a run on the Lakefront Path with Team Challenge. @suzlyfe

After a carefree and fancy free run with the team and my first continuous 5k since injury, I headed up to the gym to give a clinic on meal prep for our members! It was a great session, though some of the people who RSVP’ed didn’t show up (probably due to the weather being so nice). Whatever, they missed out 😀

The only other requirement of the day was to pick up my parking clicker for the new apartment, and driving through our new neighborhood just got me so FREAKING excited to move there in a few weeks. Of course, we are completely unpacked (though I went through more of the closets this weekend), we’ll be in NYC next weekend, the following weekend (the only weekend that Alex and I will both be here between now and the move) Alex starts night float, and then I am coaching the morning that we move. 

I mean, c’mon. This is me. What did you expect? If I don’t do quiet, I certainly don’t do easy!

Gluten Free Vanilla Zucchini Protein Muffins that I baked up on Saturday are low calorie, packed with protein, and DELICIOUS! @suzlyfe

I was in such a good mood after driving around through our neighborhood (which is right next to the Lincoln Park Zoo!) and the sunshine that I decided to get my baking on (GASP) and made some off the cuff Zucchini Protein Muffins and then for dinner I had the 80Fresh Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits.

Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits from 80Fresh Healthy Meal Delivery. This is one amazingly delicious low calorie and healthy dish! @suzlyfe

OMG this was delicious. I could seriously eat this every day. I’m now obsessed with cauliflower grits. I need to know how everything about this recipe, though I don’t know if they will tell me! Seriously, enter the giveaway and use my code SUZ20 to get 20% off your purchase now through this Thursday! YOU MUST TRY THIS!

That night, I needed to get out of the apartment and enjoy the weather, so I went for a walk and decided whhyyyyy not get my first froyo of the year! It had been far too long, and it hit the spot. 

First froyo of the year!

Sunday continued the theme of cloudless, sunshiney days, and I woke up early, had my coffee and breakfast in a leisurely fashion while watching The Blacklist, and fit in a workout before having brunch with Erin! FINALLY. we haven’t seen each other in like a month, quite a change from when we used to have lunch together every week. She was sick with a sore throat, I have a half swollen eye (that damn stye is making me look like I have a black eye!), we made quite a pair. But we did get to have brunch outside. Patio season has (at least briefly) arrived!

Opposites attract: Nutella S'mores Waffle for Erin and Egg White Omelet for me! @suzlyfe

I was in charge of being the domesticated duties with Alex gone. I laughed at that and did as I pleased hahahahaha suck it. Instead, I watched TV, went through the linen closet and 2 drawers, and then went for a walk. It was worth it. 

This week will be busy but abbreviated. On Thursday we fly to NYC in the midst of one of my favorite seasons in the city. I know that this weekend is about a wedding and all… but I’m pretty darn excited about a few reunions that will be happening: Me with Central Park, East Coast Spring, and several of my closest friends from grad school. 

Oh, and I get to wear a sari. LIFE GOAL FULFILLED.

Have a great week, everyone! Thank you to Katie for Marvelous Monday.

Sunshine, froyo, friends, running, what else do you need?! #springtime #sweatpink Click To Tweet

How was your weekend? Was it gorgeous or snowy?

Have you had your first froyo of the year yet?

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