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Lyfe Restaurant Reviews WIAW

My Food Doesn’t Do Quiet Either #WIAW

I’m a colorful person. You all know this.

suzlyfe laundry day

Say it with me. #iamsusie #idontdoquiet

I also like food and things that go with food. You also know this.

spag squash pancakes wine

So you better believe that I like colorful food. Eat the colors of the rainbow? PLEASE. The rainbow WISHES it had as many colors as my diet. #iamsusiesdiet #idontdoquiet

My food choices this weekend were no different, and even without trying to (ie, no food coloring or pinterest required), I put Skittles to shame. Some scenes from this Memorial Day weekend:

My Creations:

goji funfetti protein pancakes suzlyfe

cauliflower crust suzlyfe

oats 5 18 suz

chicken pretzel sandwich suzlyfe

Grilled Chicken, sauteed mushroom and onion, spinach, tomato, (and fontina/cheddar on Alex’s) sandwiches with Pretzel buns, BBQ and honey mustard

Sometimes I Leave it to the Experts:

Post Night Float Pancakes, Take 2

Post Night Float Pancakes and Carl’s Cool Creation, Take 2 (Take 1A  And 1B)

howells cheese curds suzlyfe

Cheese Curds from Howells and Hood. Tasty, but wouldn’t recommend them. Sable’s and Farmhouse’s are VASTLY superior.


We took our friends to Cantina Laredo, which you know we love, and I had to get my ceviche… amazing.

Obviously they needed to experience the guacamole table-side.

Obviously they needed to experience the guacamole table-side.


Food should be Fun!

There was also some red wine, beers, margaritas, coke zeros, ice cream, Doritos, and Smart Food involved.

In short: GLORY.

Ok, put me to shame: What Pinterest-worthy party eats did you enjoy?

Thank you to Jenn as always!

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