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Colonoscopy Prep Clear Liquid Diet Day Ideas #Wiaw


Take the guess work out of what to consume during your colonoscopy clear liquid diet prep with these tested ideas, tips, and tricks from a colonoscopy frequent flyer!



As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been “enjoying” a modified diet for the past few days (since Sunday) and yesterday (Tuesday) I was on a straight up clear liquid diet with a colon/bowel prep chaser. I’m having a colonoscopy today. 

Why I am having a Colonoscopy

I have Crohn’s Disease, as the majority of you know. New to Suzlyfe? First off, welcome! Please check out my Living with Crohn’s Disease series of posts to learn a bit more about my condition, the disease itself, and how to life your life with meaning and balls 😀 yeah, I said it!


Now, moving on, I have Crohn’s Disease, and one of the “perks” of Crohn’s is the privilege of routine scopes and imaging even when you are doing well and are asymptommatic. When you aren’t doing so well, colonoscopies are necessary to help the doctors determine the extent and location of as well as the damage caused by your disease. For example, my official Crohn’s diagnosis followed my first colonoscopy in 2001. Since then, I have had 3 others as well as a few capsule endoscopies (where you swallow a camera and it takes pictures throughout your digestive system). The images provided by these two tests (one is comprehensive but sporadic images, the other provides continuous imaging but only up to the stomach) show where inflammation is occurring, the location of past and present ulcers, strictures, and more. 

But colonoscopies are important not just for those of us with digestive illnesses. Everyone should get a colonoscopy at some point. Like going to the dermatologist to get your skin checked–even those who aren’t your “typical cases” can have abnormalities that need to be dealt with–from ulcers to cancerous polyps. Furthermore, gut health is essential to overall health, so if you are having trouble, a colonoscopy can provide some answers!

Okay, let’s have some fun with Suz not having so much fun!

Colonoscopy Prep Clear Liquid Diet Ideas from @Suzlyfe

Colonoscopy Clear Liquid Diet Prep Rules

  • Can have:
    • Black Coffee and tea
    • Fruit Juices without pulp such as apple, orange, white cranberry
    • Strained Broth/Stock (Beef, Chicken, Vegetable)
    • Water, soda, sports drinks
    • Gummy Bears (they return to water at body temperature!)
    • Plain Jello
  • Off Limits (to keep in mind with what you can have)
    • Nothing with milk or non-dairy creamer
    • Nothing with red dyes
    • Protein Powders and the like
    • Food

Colonoscopy Clear Liquid Diet Sample “Menu”


  • Coffee (decaf with a little bit of regular) x 1.5
  • Lime Jello

Lime Jello Colonoscopy Clear Liquid Diet Prep

  • Gummy Bears

Mid Morning:

Brewla Tea Blend Ice Pops Peach Ginger White Tea Review

I was given the opportunity to try the Brewla Ice Pops by my association with Social Nature in exchange for a review. Opinions are my own

I had seen these bars in the grocery store a few times and been super intrigued but hadn’t decided to try them yet. Well, now’s as good a time as any, right? When I received my coupon from Social Nature just before I had to do my prep, I thought that it would be a great flavor change in the midst of all of the jello and gummy bears. Plus, there were no dyes or pieces of actual fruit to contend with (though, because there was peach puree, I did limit myself to 1 just to be careful).

Brewla Peach Ginger White Tea Ice Pop

Verdict? OMG I LOVE THEM. So tasty. Literally tastes like a white sangria popsicle. I just wish that they were a) bigger and b) came in an adult version as well 😀

The bars are gluten free and caffeine free tea blends that are also low sugar and calorie and the perfect grown up frozen treat! All natural, vegetarian, and non-GMO verified as well! Plus, I want to try more flavors (Strawberry Hibiscus Tea, Cherry Pomegranit Red Tea, Tropical Fruits White Tea, Peach Ginger White (what I tried), and Craft Brewed Root Beer Float). Try them yourselves (for free!) here! This opportunity is for US Residents only, but there are other Canadian-only coupons on the site!

Check out these @BrewlaBars natural tea blend ice pops! #trynatural #healthy via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet
  • Lemon Lime Jello


  • Hot Tea and Decaf Coffee
  • Island Boost Passion Fruit

Island Boost Passion Fruit Energy Gel with Coconut Water Review

My girl EB and I are basically on each other’s lucky lists and are therefore snack buddies–she won my Yummy Health Snack Bar giveaway and I won her Guess the Miles for Maria contest! A little while ago, she sent me some of her favorite Island Boost fuel packets. Since I’m not a Gu-er, I was immediately intrigued, but I’ve not had a good chance to try them yet. After checking the ingredients, I ok’ed the passion fruit for consumption and yuummmmmmmm. Each of the gels seems to be a little bit different (there is a chocolate flavor that has different stats), but this one would be AMAZING for those looking for a non-caffeine Gu alternative for training fuels. Island Boosts have coconut water base (I know, I HATE coconut water, but here the consistency works!) and are guaranteed not to cause you tummy trouble! I can vouch for that!

  • Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears for Clear Liquid Diet Prep

Mid Afternoon:

  • Suprep Bowel Prep Mixed with Lemonade Drink Mix
  • 2 x 16 oz glasses of water over the following hour

I was going to take of picture of it all prepped, but then I made the executive decision to just go for it. Picture a cup and a straw and liquid and me slurping a straw for all I’m worth.

  • Lime Jello + Cinnamon + a bit of Salt and Maple Syrup


This literally saved me. I was in a place of misery until this.

This literally saved me. I was in a place of misery until this.

  • Strained Chicken Noodle and French Onion Soups x 2 (I’ve tried to go the broth route before, but I prefer soup, which is seasoned)
  • Gatorade

Not pictured:

  • a sh*t ton of water (you must hydrate when you are emptying everything out!)
  • Gum and some hard candies that were clear and undyed. 
  • More hot tea

Obviously, I am hurting for calories and for real sustenance. After the procedure today, I am going to pretend that it is post-marathon and refuel accordingly to try to make up the calories and nutrients. That means spreading out my macros as I explained in this post and this post. I am curious as to what I will be craving later–I tend to crave vegetables all the way up to the event and then following the procedure, I am not hungry but then want carbs and meat. Basically, how I feel up to and after a marathon.

So where is my medal?

How @suzlyfe handles colonoscopy prep #likeaSuz #fitfluential #crohns Click To Tweet

Have you had a colonoscopy before? Have you spoken with you doctor about scheduling one? You should!

Have you had Brewla Ice Pops or Island Boost gels before? What are your favorite flavors?

Should I go to Blaze, M Burger, Lyfe Kitchen…. where tonight?

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