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Life Hack: The Coffee or Caffeine Nap


 In honor of my lunch with Sara last week, I’m reviving Tried it Tuesday.

LSR-Tried-it-Tuesday-300x300Get ready to have your mind blown and your day saved. 

The Art of the Caffeine Nap Suzlyfe

The Caffeine or Coffee Nap

Caffeine Nap? Those are a real thing?


Yep! A coffee-fueled power nap might just be the answer to your major midday slumps. And I seriously could have used one or two of these this weekend… and yesterday.

A long time ago, I thought there was something wrong with me. Shut up, I know there are a number of things wrong with me. What was awry? I would take a Ritalin (Yup, ADHD kid up in here) or drink a Diet Coke/something with caffeine, and there would be times that I would immediately fall asleep for 15-ish minutes. 

Me on the Eurostar on the way to Paris during out honeymoon.

Me on the Eurostar on the way to Paris during out honeymoon.

But while there may have been something wrong with me, I would wake up and feel pretty much refreshed, or at least not groggy. Perhaps a superpower? Among my others, obviously. 

Well, slap me with a noodle, I have since discovered that, in this case at least, I am not superhuman: I merely was taking a “caffeine nap” (also known as a coffee nap). And then Alex had to go and confirm it when he got into med school and they were talking about caffeine and strategies for staying awake and alert. 

Life Hack Number 2: If you actually want to stay alert and are truly flagging, your best strategy is to have a single cup of regular drip coffee.

Caffeine Comparisons of Popular Beverages

  • Regular Drip Coffee: 150-200 mg per 8 oz
  • Espresso has 75 mg caffeine per shot (a tall has 2 shots)
  • Red Bull has 80 mg per can
  • Diet Coke has 45ish mg per 16 oz bottle, Coke Zero is a bit less.
  • Black tea (including most iced teas) has 35-50 mg
  • Green tea about 15-30 mg
  • White tea 5-10 mg.
  • Decaf coffee/espresso/tea is generally about 5 mg
  • Herbal teas are 0 mg

This part might be a superpower, as I did this from memory. I went through a period of incredible sensitivity to caffeine, so I started learning all the caffeine counts of things. 

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow

What is a Caffeine Nap?

A caffeine nap is when you consume caffeine, lay down and nap for 20 or so minutes, and then wake up. 

Benefits of a Caffeine Nap

  • A quick reset and refresh, but without so many jitters or the opposite, sleep inertia (essentially, being stuck in sleep brain).
  • Avoid the post long nap lethargy that so many of us get.
  • Combo of benefits of a quick rest as well as the caffeine.
  • 30 minute restart!
  • You hit the peak of the caffeine’s effectiveness, and might even maximize it.

According to the Huffington Post:

Caffeine’s alertness-boosting effect typically peaks about 30 minutes after the stimulant is consumed. So by sleeping for 20 or so minutes of those 30, you can reduce the amount of adenosine the caffeine has to compete with. And voila, the caffeine has a greater effect.

Set it up Correctly:

My favorite coffee/caffeine naps are in a sunny-ish, warm area with a comfy place to curl up. Like a car after lunch or a sunny couch. Otherwise, turn off the lights, turn on some ambient music, and pass the quack out. 

zoe alex napping

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you have a place to take said nap (otherwise, what is the point)
  • Don’t overuse the caffeine aspect! You can still get addicted to caffeine like in normal situations, plus if you use too much caffeine, you will start to need more and more and might not be able to actually nap. (again, what is the point in that case)
  • Sleep during the day can have an adverse effect on sleeping at night! 
  • Make sure that you know why you are tired before trying this strategy.
    • If you are just bored, get up and get your blood flowing and see if that helps! Don’t just rely on shortcuts. 
    • If you are really tired, take a caffeine nap early enough in the day that the caffeine won’t interfere with sleep later on, and look at your sleep schedule and such to determine why you are so tired.
  • Make sure that you have a back up in case you don’t wake up!

So next time that you know you are going to be flagging, set aside some time and give the caffeine nap a go!

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Two Year Meowzer-versary

While this post is in honor of my lunch with my Lake Shore girl, this post is also in honor of everyone’s favorite cat-napper, Zoe.

Two years ago today, we rescued this little trouble maker (then named Precious, which, coincidentally, was also the name of my first pony when we bought him! Both time, names were immediately changed), and Alex totally morphed into cat dad and learned that not all cats are evil. To say that Zoe has been a vomiting mess brightspot in our lives isn’t even fair. This kitty is our furbaby, a true member of our family, and we have learned so much from having her.

Post Long Run Snuggles with Zoe Marathon Training Suzlyfe

Happy Meowzer-versary, my little Zo-ttles. As much as I hate that you had to spend 5 years with someone only to be given up for “allergies,” I like to think that the transition and 5 months you spend at the Anti-Cruelty Society were worth it to find a home that absolutely adores you and your insanity. And will NEVER let you go.

zoe studying


Even when you jump on, vomit on, or yowl at us in the middle of the night. You are worth all of the hair in our food, stains on our carpet, and scratches on our furniture. 

Caffeine Naps: did you know they were a thing? Have you ever taken one?

Do you know your pet’s ACTUAL birthday?

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