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Coaching, Margaritas, and Candied Bacon: Weekend Highs and Lows

Telling you about this weekend was proving to be rather difficult, so I decided that I would capture this weekend through the highs and lows! So much to recap, I’m just going to jump right into it. Don’t forget to enter the mega Skoop giveaway going on right now and look out for the next big giveaway later this week 😀 But now, let’s launch straight into what was and wasn’t so Marvelous about my weekend.

Overall high: Finding out that I’m going back to Blogfest next year!!! 

Suzlyfe Collage with Fellow Blogger Friends Met at Idea World Blogfest
And for those that applied and didn’t hear back, don’t worry! They are doing rolling admission, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

High: Having a doctor who not only emails me to check in, but then skips his lunch hour to see me because of migrating pain so that I wouldn’t go through the weekend without seeing me.

Low: Having to miss lunch with Erin because of it.

High: Having my favorite egg white scrambler and a biscotti at Meli Cafe as a treat to myself for missing lunch with Erin (we love to go there for brunch) while listening to the Criminal podcast (Yep, drank the podcast Koolaid, and yes, I’ve listened to Serial).
  The Egg White Scrambler from Meli Cafe in River North Chicago is one of my favorite dishes!
Low: The headache coming back full force that afternoon.

High: Having dinner with Alex at home, and getting him to give me half of his fries and then watching UVA basketball win their first season game. Then taking an in/out nap, giving me a brief reprieve from my headache.

Lowest of Lows: The massacres in Paris. Paris is incredibly close to my heart. And even if it was not one of the most special places to me in the world, the violence, hatred, and greed for power in this world just terrifies me. 

Alex and I at the Eiffel Tower during out stay in Paris during our honeymoon.
High High High: Open house at Fleet Feet South Loop for Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors. Eating my bodyweight in chips and pouring margaritas for the participants at 9:30 in the morning.
  Open House for Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors season included margaritas, chips and salsa!
Returning to a place that has become another home for me and being surrounded by people that have become family to me. And above all, finding that there still is a role for me even though I won’t be running (more on this later this week). 

Low: Feeling like someone is playing grab ass with me with a relish and hot poker. It’s just rude.

High: Working on my new Coach Suz Training logo and sending training schedules to MY FIRST CLIENT!!!

Low: Being trapped inside on a beautiful day.

High: A fantastically indulgent evening that started with drinks and an appetizer at Doc B’s (um, they give out CANDIED BACON as a free bar snack!!!!)
  Candied bacon is the bar snack of choice at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen in River North Chicago!Candied bacon is the bar snack of choice at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen in River North Chicago!
and then an INCREDIBLE sushi dinner with good friends at Yuzu Sushi and Robata Bar in Wicker Park. ZOMG. Ate way too much, but I’m not giving it back. 

High: Getting lovely note from a friend saying that she was dedicating her run to me. 

Low: Wishing I was running outside on a perfect day (notice the trend!)

High: Lunch/brunch at West Egg with the boy. Which we SCARFED down.  



High: Going to see Spectre at one of our favorite theaters (giant reclining seats)

Low: Not being so impressed with it. Too many storylines for the movie and not enough character development. Skyfall was way better, IMHO.

High: FINALLY getting the stank out of  some of my gym clothes that I never thought we would be able to get smelling fresh again! Erica introduced me to a new athletic-clothing detergent called Vapor Fresh, and we started using it upon getting back from Grand Rapids. I like the fact that Vapor Fresh is free of fragrances, dyes, softeners and brighteners–making it safe for our athletic clothing and nicer clothing as well as for our skin. We’ve been using it for both regular and sports laundry.

Win a year's supply of Vapor Fresh Sport Laundry Detergent! It is hypoallergenic and gets the stink out of your active wear!
This weekend, we put it to the test with a few of our older but beloved garments, and I was pretty darn impressed! In fact, you can enter to win a year’s supply of Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent (starting at 9 AM EST). So fresh and so cleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Erica gave me a sample to try, the folks at Vapor Fresh reached out to let me know about the giveaway. And now I’m letting you know what I think!

Low: The line at Trader Joe’s. 45 minutes. Not kidding. We probably could have gone elsewhere, but we were stubborn. And not quitters. But I almost opened some of the wine while we were there (my spine was playing grab ass with my butt again).  I would have taken a picture of the lines but I didn’t want to give it the satisfaction. And we we won, anyway.

High: Making my creamy pumpkin sauce over zoodles (vegan, gluten free, but I did it with chicken) for dinner with our spoils from Trader Joe’s. Another reason we decided to stick out the lines.

My gluten free vegan creamy pumpkin sauce over zucchini noodles is one of my family's favorite recipes! So delicious, and this time we added chicken for extra protein. Get the recipe at!

Overall High: Spending time with Alex. This injury and the ups and downs of my moods as a result of it have been really tough on him and, to be honest, are not easy on our relationship. But he is being so understanding and lovely. I so appreciate his efforts, even if they go awry (and not his fault!). Love you, babe. 

Tomorrow (or in the next few days), I plan on doing an injury update for you all, but I’m really trying not to let it direct my life any more than it already is! This morning, I am getting the second of a series of iron infusions at the hospital before going to the specialists. Then to work!

Have you seen Spectre yet? What did you think?

How do you get the smell out of your sports clothes? Other than copious amounts of Febreeze, lol

Earliest in the day you’ve ever had an adult beverage?

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