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Coach Suz Training Running Coach and Personal Trainer

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Online and In-Person Personal Training Services

Looking for Running Coach Services?

Not everyone is a “runner,” or wants to become one! But personal training is for everyone. What are your fitness goals? General toning? Figure or Fitness Competition? Training for life? Bootcamp style, yoga, strict body splits–Let’s make it happen and have fun doing it! 

First, I will assess your fitness knowledge, past experiences, and current abilities, then we will craft workout and plans around your goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Some of my clients have the privilege to work out at professional training gyms, while others are moms looking to train at home while the little ones nap. You would be surprised at how many ways you can use everyday objects! 

A la Carte Options (Prices subject to change)

  • Initial Consultation, Plan Development, and Follow Up ($25)
  • Custom-Crafted Workout (30-60 Minutes, $30-45, or upon consultation)
    • All Workouts come with 1 free revision (in case exercises do not work for client)
  • One-Time Supplemental Workouts (for injury prevention, abdominal work, and more, starting at $15)
  • Workout Revisions to Previous Workouts ($15-25)

A la Carte Training is perfect if you are in a training rut and need new fitness inspiration or are just looking for direction in the weight room, but don’t need direction for how to put together a healthy and fit life. Great for learning body split days as well as total body.

Custom Created Personal Training Plans, Weekly-Monthly

  • Custom-Crafted Workout and Training Plan (starting at $75/week prices upon consultation)

The weekly and monthly options are perfect for those who need extra help in their fitness journey. Are you just starting out? Are you training for a competitions? Or do you need help navigating the intersection of life and fitness? These plans are boutique and personal to each person and offer a minimum of 2 workouts for the week, cardio recommendations, scheduling, and consultation following. Clients will have complete access to contacting me throughout the week with questions and feedback.

In-Person Personal Training (Chicago Area)

Are you located in the metro-Chicago area and want someone in the gym with you? Why not let me work you out? I will come to you, or you can come to me. Sessions start at $60.

Contact me or fill out the contact form below.

I hope to help you discover what it is like to live beyond expectation.